What’s your reaction on Ankit’s exit from Thapki Pyaar Ki?

Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki started with Ankit Bathla as the main lead opposite Jigyasa Singh. Ankit’s character Dhruv was then away from the limelight for much time, after the track shifted to Bihaan, played by Manish Goplani. The show will have a leap, which will change Thapki and Bihaan’s life drastically. There will be many transformations. Dhruvr will be seen as father of a 5 year old kid. Ankit does not want to play a middle aged character. Ankit has bid bye to the show.

Even Sheena Bajaj will be quitting the show. Sheena is seen as Dhruv’s wife Aditi. Sheena’s character is ending in the show. Even Sheena does not want to continue the show after the leap. Ankit and Sheena were the two actors, who left the show before. But, the makers got them back as per the tracks need. The actors are once again quitting the show. Ankit and Sheena will be seen in other shows hopefully soon. Aditi’s role will end while she attempts to save Thapki’s child. Aditi’s character was always positive. His character was adorable and positive when the show started. His character had grey shades in middle, but Ankit was praised for his acting calibre. Ankit will be replaced by Jatin Shah, who is most known for his stint in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. What’s your reaction on Ankit’s exit from Thapki Pyaar Ki? Let us know in this poll. You may also leave a comment.

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    I think show should end now… they are dragging it unncessarliy and more over I always prefered Dhurv and Thapki jodi.. so i think Thapki should also leave the show.. and make show end..

  2. I like the whole team members in thapki, the roles given successfully endeavour by them… but the story line is totally crap. There is lots of way to make the story better. I guess instead of artists leaving… please change the writer. Everytime Druv in mute scene… actually he do alot of things…. but the story writer ignored to use them properly. Hope no one left and change the writer. Thanks my humble request.

  3. The show was good at the beginning..
    even after Manish enter.., the story becomes more interesting.. showing good values..
    But then after Kosi’s track.. the story-line become worse & miserable…

  4. this show is getting more worse now

  5. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I think the reason sheena and ankit too in search looking for. maybe they have a problem in the honorarium. But if that was the reason his means sheena and ankit not a professional artist. Let them both out, besides its role is not so important,sorry…i not fans you both…

  6. Why didn’t the show kill shankar. Kill shankar……….

  7. Personally I feel sad because Ankit is perfect in Dhruvs character…but at the same time its good decision because the story tried to make his character as a sideline role…An kit is a very good actor and his pair with Monica is really nice.I wish we can see him soon in another programme…Sheena is also a nice actress in the role of Thapkis sister,I am not much liked her pair with Ankit…
    Anyways good luck guys…Miss you Dhruv Bhai…


  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    I haven’t watch a single episode after the first leap so how can I watch the show after the second leap. Show started on a good note, in fact was once upon a time my fav show. But now it’s high time they should wrap up this show. The trps aren’t that great either. Before kosi’s entry the show was very good but after that it became intolerable. Very disappointed with the way TPK shaped up. Can’t believe it used to be my fav show. Now I don’t even watch the show and sad to say that I hate this show a lot now but I have been reading the news of the second leap. Wasting the talent of talented actors like Manish and jigyasa and Monica. That is unnecessary , they could have showed thahaan living happily with their twin daughters and sankara exposed and end the show. Turning out to be another suhani si Ek ladki

  10. Alister La Frenais

    I agree with most of the commenters that have expressed their opinion on the ending of this serial. When the serial first started it was a very entertaining and pleasant to watch. Then for reasons only known to the show’s producers, director and writers the show has taken a nose dive and it is no longer entertaining, in fact the storylines are bordering on boredom. My advice to the show’s management, quit while you are still ahead.

  11. i would be sad if he go please ankit dont leave your exit will be very disappointing and noone of actors can not take his place never

  12. Simply dragging the show and in the process story becomes silly.Please for gods sake END the show.I was watching this till now,but thinking of discontinuing it now.

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