What’s your opinion on Shivika’s marriage track in Ishqbaaz?


Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has got many women empowerment tracks till now. Women equality, self-esteem and independence was very much part of the concept. Initially, the show got meaningful tracks to pass a lesson for the viewers. Rudra and Soumya’s marriage was shown in hurried track all of a sudden. Later, their track got aside for some time. Shivaye and Anika’s marriage was much wanted by the viewers. It was expected to have fun moments with love confessions and intense romance before Shivika’s marriage.

The makers got the big twists to make the lovers turn into bitter hearted opposing elements. Shivaye and Anika now hate each other by the huge misunderstandings planted by Daksh. Shivaye’s behavior is seen such rude towards Anika. Forced marriage track is definitely something which was not expected for the main leads.

The marriage track should have been shown some other way. There was not too much of enmity and hatred between the leads. Viewers were much appreciating the tashan between the Ishqbaazs Shivaye and Anika. On the contrary, the track of forced marriage with kidnap, threatening and humiliation was served to the viewers along with few emotions overflowing in Shivaye’s heart to protect Anika. In an intense anger stricken and tear flooded marriage from both Shivaye and Anika’s sides, the marriage track has been very much different. What’s your opinion on Shivika’s marriage track in Ishqbaaz? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Amalina

    as of now, i dont even whether i like it or not……….

  2. Rubbish…….
    They put a new track and put the old one aside they should complete d track………otherwise all mixed up mess at d last no new track nd suspense….

  3. Pls makerzzz complete a track 1st

  4. I like the tashan in their relation whenever their ego clash it’s fun to watch but all suspense is increasing too much like let shivay know how is anika good self esteem part of her then show their love hate relationship plss at least clear her image and let him feel guilty and now his love to force her and live with him as love is started budding again in his heart for anika and solve tia’s issue show tias truth to shivay

  5. Diyaa

    I dislike it because I think writers are lazy to have written this and not put in more effort into coming up with something else that was more creative and interesting.
    But I think it does appeal to a large number of audience so good business decision.

  6. i love it, because they finally got married, the rest of the problems will resolve in the upcoming episodes. i hope the love confession happens soon. ISHQBAAZ IS THE BEST

  7. Their misunderstanding will get clear only if Shivya tells Anika what Daksh has told him the fake story. And also when will
    Shivya learns truth about Tina’s true face?? When will he come to know that Rudra already got married before him??
    There are lot of questions that Shivya needs to know the truth before it become uglier…

    1. ShriyaT

      True…but its Shivaay nit shivya and its Tia not tina

  8. I really don’t know whether I like it or not. Actually it’s SHIVIKA’s shaadi so I’m super dupper happy. When think about the way it happened forcing & hurting Anika & Shivaay’s rude behaviour towards her I’m somewhat unhappy.
    I wanted SHIVIKA to get married with all respect & everyone’s blessing.

  9. Sanchi

    I am likikng it as this track sure does bring out the sensible side of Anika and ruthless side of Shivay. Cant miss the fact that both Nakuul and Surbhi doing a fine job of portraying all different kinds of emotions to top notch

  10. I thought of bridegroom change but it doesn’t happen if it happened means super. I’m happy for shivika marriage. Superb acting u both Love u nakul and surbhi.

  11. Not really happy this marriage coz its forced and shivaay did to save his reputation not bcoz he love her

  12. Not really happy with marriage coz it was contact marriage and shivaay did to save his reputation

  13. shivay did mistake by forcing anika to marry him , otherwise i am happy that shivika r married now

  14. ShriyaT

    Its nice that Shivika got married…but soon there misunderstandings should get sorted out….love them…i think pinky will be the villain in their love story and dadi OmRu and others will make them closer…..soon roumya romance should also get started☺?

  15. pragati pandey

    I think I liked this new side of shivaay and this twist in the story will be awesome….I m just waiting for anika & shovaay to be flow in love…with each other….. Fantastic job…..keep it on…….Liked Ishqbaaz………pragati.pandey….

  16. Sakhi

    its gud dat shivika got married… hate is a strongest kind of luv, if this is their destiny,then they have to accept it.. the way shaadi happened was very emotional side for anika.. but soon let all dere misunderstanding get clear, so that they become ishqbaazi’s.. love their cat fights.. nd bromance betwn ShivOmRuPri.. Rumya should realize der luv.. Waitng for Om’s opposite.. Overall diz show s very amazing…

  17. No Tia should come in between and the misunderstanding should be cleared soon.

  18. pagalpanti itne saare track ek saath krege to khud confuse ho jaege writers….phle old tracks ko complete krna chahiye itti jldi kya thi saadi karane ki and where is murder track of gaytri….lgta h writers bhul gye us track ko

  19. plzzz writers complete old tracks also(murder track of gayatri)…n thnkxx….for new track of shivka

  20. I totally dislike it… Initially whole serial seems different… But now same old story.. Forced marriage… First hate nd then love…. I mean Anika was always shown like a strong character but now again same girl suffering nd saas bahu drama… Now I can say that every serial starts with a new concept but after sometime all move to a common direction…

  21. Till now I liked Shivika’s marriage…waiting to see their hate turned love…

  22. suddenly where did this daksh creature disappear in the marriage.he specially came for the marriage and he did not attend it.
    and after all this backmailing,kidnap,humiliation what is difference between daksh and shivaay?they r torturing this poor thing(anika) for their own reasons
    and finally this twist of proclaiming tia as his wife in front of media shivaay is crossing all the limits of whatever.
    he is possessing more of villanous characteristics than that of a hero

  23. isse toh achcha hai ki shaadi hi na ho

  24. I hate they way they got married, Anika was crying so much, I felt like throttling Shivay. It’s not right to blackmail someone that way. I wonder if Anika can even forgive Shivay. It’s a serial so she might, but just think if it was you, your brother was threatened and your character was maligned, would you forgive him?

    1. I wanted thier marriage to be a big fun event. Where everyone was happy and with some Shivika nok jhok. Smh, I’m disappointed.

  25. now a days the serial is full of drama.. i love their cat fights.. please show some romance between shivay and anika.

  26. Shakaib

    Love it.

  27. Achumenon

    Itseems same like Iss pyar ko Kya nam du trak, Forced & married with hatred

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