What’s my fault??…… A omri os …….By dhar

Hii peeeppps , u remember me , this is dhar here with another os ????i know that u all will be very very angry at me for not posting​ my ff but i will surely try to post it as soon as possible. So enough of my bak baks we’ll directly go to the episode.

Plzzz do ignore the grammatical errors and typos.

Let’s rock
Here gauri and om have the same misunderstanding,gauri has met shivika and is very close to shivru . Real Svetlana was found and is with shivomru . But no 2days wala drama . I will mainly portray gauris pov over her difficulties.

It’s 5am in the morning. A girl i is silently shedding her pain through her eyes.Gauri standing in the garden, shedding silent tears remembering her past . She’s not hating om nor she’s angry with him as she knows that om has gone under heartbreaks many times so it’s not easy for him to trust anyone especially a girl who in his thoughts is a house breaker. Shivru knew that om did not accept gauri as his wife from heart , he was just acting to show Svetlana. Here in the garden those pearl like tears were flowing continuously. Shivaay liked gauri from the beginning , he didn’t know why his brother hated her but this tym he was sure that his brother was wrong . He was not getting any sleep cause he was worried about his first child, his oms life , he wanted om to I’ve a normal life but life always played tricks with his brother. He wanted some fresh air so he went to his balcony, he saw gauri silently ​wiping her tears. He went towards her . The tym he was moving out to the garden , a person saw him moving out, so he followed him .
Gauri felt a hand on her shoulder, she saw her shivaay bhaiya standing there , she wiped her tears .
Shivaay(s) : gauri , what happened, u call me ur bhaiya na then tell .E what’s the matter , who dares to bring tears in my sister’s eyes. Did om say something, I’ll scold him u don’t worry
Gauri (G) : no bhaiya, nothing like that om ji didn’t say anything and u don’t scold him, it’s nothing, something went in to my eyes.
S : no don’t lie to me , i know that something is bothering you plzzz do tell me , i think u don’t really consider me as it big brother otherwise u would have told me .
G : bhaiya plzz don’t say anything like this I’m only upset because of my past , i remembered all those incidents.
Here a man is standing near the tree and listening to their conversation. That man is revealed to be om , he saw shivaay moving out to the garden, he was going to call him but he didn’t listen ​so he followed him .
S : gauri if u Feel like sharing , then plzz do share it with me .
G: no bhaiya I’ll tell u .
Om (thinking) : now she’ll cook up another story for sympathy, but i know so let’s see what she’s gonna cook up .
G: bhaiya is it bad to save ur mother . Is it bad to protect ur mother . U know what when i was in barailley, there was a goon named Kali thakur .
S: he’s the same one na from which om saved u
G: yes the same devil who controlled my life , if he said anything then it was like the final verdict
. He was like a god for everyone, but he was a devil from inside . He saw me in a fair , he wanted to marry me though he was married , he wanted to marry me . I knew that he was married so i refused to him . He started blackmailing me . He said that he will kill me if i don’t marry him . I was strong so i also said that he can try it cause i will never marry him , i was ready to give my life, instead of marrying that devil , but he …..he found out my weakness he knew that i loved my mother to the core , and i had no one except her for me . So he started attacking my mother , doesn’t he know that mother’s are so special for their children and how could a child see its mother dying in front of her eyes . So i agreed to marry him, he tortured me day and night for not agreeing with him to marry early, he used to take out all his frustration on me . He tried to force himself upon me , i couldn’t let that happen so i told him if he touches me then I’ll end my life. He didn’t want to lose his toy so he agreed, but he placed a condition that i must smile all the while , he said that a single drop of tears touches the ground it will act as a sword for my mother and pierce her heart for real . I was scared , he totally controlled my life . He made me dance in front of everyone, he made a dancer , i love dancing, dancing is my passion but dancing in front of a crowd who’s there just to check u out and pass , immoral comment on u is a insult to the art ,but i was compelled to choose between my mother and my art . That day i had a chance to save myself from that devil , i had taken the Mobile phone secretly but some one stepped on it and broke all my hopes. This is not all , i convinced myself that I’ll live my life being insulted by him just for my mother at least by marrying him i knew that my mother was safe . He was using my helplessness, he started beating me and i was a not even allowed to cry U know bhaiya that a girl has many dreams about her marriage, but look at my fate i was chained and brought to the mandap , can u imagine he chained me , am i a dog that he chained​me and pulled me to the mandap , i beared all his tortures for my mother. But he was not satisfied by troubling me this much he wanted me to marry his brothers, means I was going to become a bride for many grooms, don’t i have any self respect, doesn’t my self respect matter , i made my decision, i ran from there , i tried to break the chain but it was very hard , i tried very hard that it got marks on my legs . But it had become very late Kali came he took a big saw and said that he’ll cut my legs . I was shivering. He nearly reached me his saw touched me but my little friend came and saved me , i ran away from there and the rest is known to u .
Gauri controlled her tears, she didn’t let them flow. Shivaay didn’t know what to say he knew two strong ladies who faced soo much in life yet here they were smiling and spreading happiness, one his paanika and other his gauri .
G: is it very bad to be a girl , is it too bad to protect ur family members. I don’t know anything Bhaiya, i don’t know.
Shivaay hugged gauri to console her , she silently started shedding her tears on his shoulder.
Om couldn’t believe what he heard, everything was like a puzzle which was solved all things which he missed to see was told by gauri. Everything was seemingly to be put in place .
Oms heart was convinced by gauri but his mind still had the fear of being cheated again. He silently left the place.
He was confused, his mind and heart were in a war against each other, he decided that he will not hate gauri nor he will trust her completely. He would try to trust her .
The whole day was peaceful at OM without anyone​ troubling them , and a perfect obro moment, when Rudy spilled oms colours on his shirts, and as a result he was given a punishment to iron his clothes . Shivaay saw Rudy ironing some clothes on enquiring, he got to know about his baby bros antics, to which he added some more paint on his intense bros clothes, when om came to check on rudys work he saw his big bro spoiling his clothes with paints and behaving like a 5 yr old. He coughed to gain his brothers attention, the big bro as well as the small bro both were terrified to see their brother​standing at the door . Om started laughing and poured paint on his brothers, which made their mouths to turn into a perfect curve . Anika made an entry to the room and was terrified to see a colourful gang dancing in front of her .
Anika : what on the hell r u three thinking to do , as much i remember today is not Holi . Then why on the hell are u three like this , she was annoyed , taking advantage of the situation, omru pointed their finger towards the great shivaay Singh oberoi who now was standing like a bheegi Billi in front of his Billi . They were amused to see their brother scared of his wife .
They couldn’t control and started laughing, which resulted in anika paanibaaziing on all three of them . They had a ray of light in this dark ,deep tunnel . The night arrived om entered his room he saw gauri humming some song under her breath. He went near her and heard the song it was the song maaa (taare zaamen par ) the pain was clearly seen in her voice . Om made some noise to make her realise that he was there . Gauri saw him , she wiped her tears and started to move out .
Om : gauri , where are u going .
Gauri was pleasantly surprised to witness her husband call her by her name and that too in a sweet way .
Gauri : I’m just going to the washroom and i remember that i have to act before Svetlana.
Om did not feel good , but he let that be like that
Next morning svtlana attacked gauri and trapped her in the icebox (same as dbo) .
Om was searching for gauri as he wanted to discuss something, after some time everyone​got to know about gauri being missing , a pain began to weld up in oms heart , he didn’t know​ why but the pain was unbearable for him .
Om was shouting like a mad for gauri as no o e had seen her moving out . Gauri moved a little as she gained her conscious. Anika heard the noise and took her out of the box . She was afraid so she hugged her tightly, their relation was completely based on their love like sisters for each other . Everyone reached there , om picked her up in his arms and took her to the hospital. He assured the others that he will surely take care of her .
At hospital
Gauri was being checked by the doc , the doc came out . A shock was awaiting for om .
Doc : thank you very much Mr for bringing gauri here at the correct tym , otherwise i would have lost her , but by the way how do u know her ??
Om : wait a minute , u know her ?? How come
Om was waiting for the doc to say something about gauri s health but this came as a shock for him .
Doc : hi , actually i am pawan , I’m her bestest friend.
Om : I’m her husband , she’s my wife.
Om was shocked as he himself called her his wife , om didn’t know why, but he accepted her as his wife .
Pawan : so u r the lucky one….. But really once again thank you.
Om : I’m not able to get u , why what happend to her , plzz do tell me , i need to know .
Pawan : so u really don’t know anything about her past , didn’t she tell u .
Om was looking at him with confusion. Pawan understood that she has not revealed anything to him .
Pawan : i don’t know if i should tell u this or not cause this is her right to tell u .
Om : i won’t say anything to her ,plzz do tell me.
Om was confused, he didn’t know why he was so eager to know about his gauri . Perhaps he wanted to trust her , perhaps he wanted to believe her .
Pawan : i will tell you about her past but promise me that u will never reveal that i have told u this , if she opens up with u then keep it a secret that u know it already.
Om nodded his head and promised him .
Pawan : actually……..Gauri ….. Gauri..She was a drug addict .
Om couldn’t believe his ears , that this girl was a drug addict.
Om : what r u saying, i know her she’s not weak like me that she used drugs .
Pawan : u were also an addict? Does she know about it .
Om does not say anything. Pawan understood that she didn’t know .
Pawan : so u can understand her pain , actually she didn’t know that she was an addict , that Kali thakur gave her drugs , he tried to misbehave with her but she saved herself.
Drugs were forcefully given to her . But u know what my gauri is a very very strong girl , without anyone’s help she came back , she never let her mother know that she had been given drugs , my gauri is very very very strong, I’m so very proud of her. The pride which pawan had on gauri was clearly seen in his voice. Om was feeling​very awkward when he heard my gauri from pawan’s mouth .
Om bid goodbye to pawan and thanked him for revealing gauris past to him .
Om entered gauris ward , he saw her resting with all the machines attached around her . He didn’t like her sleeping like this , he wanted her to wake up and fight with him for his mistakes, fight with him for her rights, he wanted to tell her that he wanted to give this relation a chance
He sat near the bed . After a few hours she gained her conscious. She saw her husband sleeping near her ,. She wanted some water so she tried to move she didn’t wake him up as she didn’t want him to take any difficulty for her . She winced as she was injected with heavy dose of antibiotics. Om got up . He held her as she was feeling dizzy . They had a pleasant eyelock . They broke their lock and composed themselves.
Om : do you need anything, he asked with utmost care and a hint of love .
Gauri : hmm .. water .
She never expected om to be sweet with her .
He gave water but due to the heavy medication her hands were shivering. She tried hard but she couldn’t do it . Tears welled up in her eyes as she couldn’t move her hands . Om moved towards her and gave her water with his hands , he wiped her tears.
Om : gauri , i know that i have not behaved with u properly and i have always insulted u , i made a bad pov about u without knowing the other side of the story . I want to give a chance to this relationship. Will u support me ??
Gauri was in tears , she managed to nod approving him that she is always there for him.
The next day they went home and announced their decision to everyone. They kicked Svetlana out of the house , they were starting to fall for each other , though they loved each other , they never confessed it , but it was seen in their small small gestures. Months passed with innumerable eyelocks, many hugs , some accidental kisses ,land Rudy boys special timing and his entry . Shivika knew that they didn’t confess to each other. They wanted them to make their confession. Anika came to know about pawan. They wanted om to be jealous of him and confess so they called him and explained him the situation, he agreed to make him jealous. The next day pawan came.
Shivaay: gauri come down i have a surprise for you .
Everyone came down gearing shivaay shouting for gauri.
Gauri came and saw pawan , she ran to him and hugged him . Om was burning with jealousy, he never thought that his gauri would run to this pawan and hug him . Shivru gave the famous, something’s burning wala dailoug and received an angry glare from om . Gauri introduced pawan to everyone. Pawan and gauri would spend as much as tym together. Pawan always hugged her , if murdered could be done with eyes then this pawan would have been died a thousand times. Oms eyes were throwing daggers at him .
Om pov
How dare he touch my gauri, she is . Mine , only mine ,and why the hell is he always sticking to her and she also allows him this is not at all done , i have to do something.
He was burning with jealousy.
Everybody saw him jealous except for Gauri.
The same evening he saw gauri resting on pawan’s shoulder. This became too much for him. He called her to his room . She reluctantly agreed as she wanted to spend some time with her only bff .
Gauri : what has happened to u , i was talking to pawan , then y are u calling me here . I have met him after so many years. U know what he is the bestest​.
She started praising him . She didn’t notice a burning figure standing and staring at her. Om went towards the door and locked it .
Om : gauri can stop ur pawan puran plzz , and why did he hug u , how can u allow him to hug u and then u r resting on his shoulder. How can u do this .
Gauri : I’m not understanding why do u have a problem, he’s my bestest friend , he has been always there for me.
Om : no u can’t do this to me , u r mine only mine , i won’t share u with anyone, u don’t co.e and hug me like that, u never rest on my shoulder.
Gauri understood that her husband was full on jealous. She liked this jealous mode of her husband.
Gauri: why does it matter to u , who am i to u .
She tried to provoke him.
Om : u r my wife , only mine and it does matter to me as i love u and i can’t see u with anyone else .
Om didn’t realise that he had confessed to her in his jealousy. When realisation struck him , he saw a tearful gauri standing in front of him. He held her cheeks and wiped her tears.
Om : did i say something, which i shouldn’t have.
Gauri : no u said that thing for which i was waiting to hear from ur mouth .
Om : it is true that i love u , and i will never let u go away from me . I will always protect u. I won’t let anyone to harm u . I trust you more than myself. I completely trust you.
Gauri : i was always urs , i am urs and i will be always urs . I love you too ,and i can’t imagine My life without u , if u r not there then i will breath not live , if u r not with me then i would prefer to die rather than living a wretched life..
The hug that followed would be there with them till death. They were happy within. Om kissed her forehead. She kissed his cheeks. They hugged and listened to their heart beats, they were in sync with each other.
Om : this heart and soul only belongs to u , only and only to u . If shivru are my heart then u r my heart beat , I’m Badly addicted to u and i can’t imagine myself without you.
Gauri : om ji actually i wanted to say something to u .
Om hummed in response.
Gauri revealed her past to om , he listened to her patiently and promised her that he will be always there for her and she will never be hurt again .

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Dhar ?

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