So What’s the Big Deal OS (Kumkum Bhagya)

Let’s travel
I was in my office completing my presentation for some projects which I have to show to some of the people who will sponsor my project. I am owner of this company I mean Mehta group of industries still I am tensed as I am employee of this company my husband is dealing with his business in Delhi and I am here in Mumbai I am too tensed as I want to complete the presentation in few hours as for next one week I would not be able to do any kind of professional work as I have to leave for Delhi today evening itself because it is my marriage anniversary and my in laws and my parents have insisted me even requested me to celebrate this together and my husband also did so. So I can’t resist as it is their request so I have decided to travel to Delhi.

I was busy in doing my work just then at 6:00pm my phone rang and it was Payal my assistant she asked me that I was getting late for the flight it is at 7:00pm and it was already 6:00 so I said to her “I know Payal calm down I will be there before time you don’t get panic ok” and ended the call then I looked at my watch it was 6:05 so I decided to leave as it was quite possible that I can get traffic and get struck their so I decided to leave at that time itself I asked driver to take the possible short cut by which we can reach the airport soon and he did so but my luck It seems it was too bad because it got opened to main road where as usual traffic was but not that much it seems it will take about 15 minutes to get clear and it was 6:25 and my flight was at 7:00 pm and now airport was not that much far so I was relaxed and as I felt suffocated so I opened the window of my car and looked outside there were two persons fighting outside one was scolding the another and the one who was being scolded was continuously saying “So What’s the Big Deal” and on this sentence of him another person who was scolding was getting more irritated he was a vegetable vendor who was faced loss due to a mini accident and it was clear that it was his car only now I too was irritated because in these past 10 minutes he said that “What’s the Big Deal” about 5 times and luckily before I lose my temper over that ,traffic got cleared and we moved. It was about 6:50 yes just 10 minutes were left and again and again there was an announcement made of my name yes my name and I hurriedly showed my boarding pass and went into the flight but one more passenger was left to be arrive and so now his name was being called again and again it was Mr. Abhishek Mehra I ignored that because at that time I was busy in arranging my handbag because I wasn’t able to find my mobile and finally I got it was in my pocket of coat which I had worn but again something un usual happen the airhostess was saying “Mr. Abhishek Mehra please be seated soon we are already late” and he said “So What’s The Big Deal in that” and I got extremely shocked as it was the same sentence and same voice which I heard about 20 minutes ago and so I turned to see his face he was looking at his seat and I thought “God please he is such an irritating man don’t let him sit near mine seat” but it seems that god was also in mood of joking that Abhishek sorry that irritating Abhishek got seat near my seat but now he was so quiet and I was relieved over that and soon I got sleep as there was about 2 hours to reach Delhi so I slept and he was continuously reading that silly novel which he bought with him I think its name was something like “The cry of the Ice” gosh the worst book till now I have read but It doesn’t matter to me because I was feeling sleepy and he was busy in himself.

About one and half hour later an announcement was made it seems that plane was landed as soon I left the plane I switched my phone on and at that moment itself I got a call it was my husband he was worried for me as I was not picking up his call from morning itself he started scolding me and I said “It’s ok take It easy I agree it was my mistake now please stop shouting and yes I am leaving the airport now” I was speaking and to my surprise it was the worst day for me beside Delhi I was departed in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and being in shock I said it on phone also and now he was angry one me a lot but I managed and made him calm somehow then I kept the phone as it was necessary to do so because my battery was not sufficient and it can die anytime and I didn’t brought my power bank also with me so I off it and went to the customer help service and asked about this flight was for Delhi and we landed in Rajasthan how is it possible so they answered that because of some technical default they have done emergency landing and it will take about 2 days to recover and if I have to wait for another flight so I have to wait for about six hours and it was hell not possible for me because I have to reach Delhi before my parents reach their and my husband was also angry upon me as because of my mistake I was already on the wrong destination and now this problem Oh god how was I going to save myself then I remembered that there is cab service provided by them so I decided to hire a cab and I went there to talk about that and to my surprise he was also their yes that Abhishek he was also there and he was talking about the same issue when I asked about the cab and damn it was again shock for me everything was getting worst for me today because the in-charge said that “there was only one cab left and it was also being hired by him and when I asked the reason so he said “Mam sorry for the inconvenience but as the flight landed suddenly so every passenger has booked cab to reach their places and now every cab has booking of at least six peoples so there is no chance of getting cab so soon” and it was again hell for me I was feeling like killing him for this answer and then I got an unexpected answer that was given by Abhishek “SO What’s the big deal” and I grinned my teeth over his answer then before I was going to say but he interrupted “listen madam I have to go Delhi and you are also asking about their only so better you can join me we can go to Delhi by one cab also I wanted to resist but I had no other option so I agreed upon that and we boarded to our journey it was about 11:30 pm at night we started our journey and there was a complete silence their between us I have just talked to him and he again was scolding me but I accepted as the mistake was totally mine I just ended the call and he asked to me “so madam are you going to Delhi first time?” I answered “no it’s not my first time but these circumstances are being first time totally crap my whole mood is wasted because of it” and again I got that answer which was only expected from him and that was “So What’s The Big deal in it. These are such circumstances which are common in everyone’s life” and I answered “it’s not normal Mr I have been scolded about two time by my husband because of that and I can’t tolerate it if you have been married to someone then you must have known that what situation I am going through” I thought I have spoke something more but his answer made this feeling of mine vanished in a second to my shock he said “this Is also not a big deal because it happens in everyone’s life and you are asking about my marriage so yes I am married my wife is in Delhi I am going back to her after my concert” I asked with a shock “you are married ? and concert??” he answered “yes I am!! and concert it seems you are not aware of me I am Abhishek Mehra famous rock-star” and I said “I don’t know as I don’t have time to spend on this time pass things” and he was quiet but I was shocked inside that this big rock star a famous personality he is taking everything so much casually how is it possible and suddenly as I was already facing this much trouble one more trouble happened and to my surprise it was our car broke down and now we were in the middle of the road where even a passerby wasn’t there I was standing with one stranger don’t know what kind of personality he was I was extremely irked and shouted on my own “Damn it now this was only left what the hell all the worst things are taking place till I have departed” and he was standing calmly looking in his phone and then again that sentence spoken by him which was raising my temper a lot he said “What’s the big deal madam nothing is there in getting irked on yourself rather than you should keep calm and think about all the positive things which can take place” I said “how could you say like that and even I can say one thing that meeting you also is the worst part MR because this sentence of yours that WHATS BIG DEAL IN IT is making my mind to get blast off understand” he just looked at me and again said “There is not a big deal” I was shocked that I have said this much to him and he is just saying that what’s the big deal I thought he is mad and in anger I just stamped my feet on ground and went inside the cab and the driver said “sir, madam it will take some time about one or two hours I have called the mechanic he will be here you people can spent that time on Dhaba which is nearby when the car will recover I will call you” and I was like “what the hell I can’t spent more time with this idiot he is eating my brain by his sentence god please save me” I was murmuring but he heard and said “not a big deal you have to meet many idiots like me even more than me if you will be a famous personality now if you want to come madam so you can because I am going and if I went then you have to stay alone with this driver on this road in darkness and then anything can happen” he smirked and I had no other option so I agreed upon that and we went to that dhaba although I wasn’t interested in eating that food because I felt it wasn’t hygienic but I was extremely hungry and my branded baked biscuits were also finished so I ordered one chapatti and Dal and looked towards him he ordered almost four parathas and that were looking too heave each paratha was looking like it is equal to two and he ordered four it means he was going to eat about eight and I wondered how is this possible he said he is rockstar and he is eating this much god how his wife tolerate him and I started eating my food just then my phone again ring and it was again my sweet husband he was asking that where did I reached and I was about to answer and to my hell my phone dead at that time and I asked for his phone and he wisely helped me he gave me his phone and I called back to him and after so much of talking I ended the call and I was about to say thank you to him but I saw that he wasn’t there and I got afraid that where did he went did he left me in the middle of this way how can he do so but my train of thoughts stopped as he was coming from the front he was coming after paying the bill and I went to him I was about to say Thank you and give his phone back but god again !!as I said everything was getting worst for me I told you and it happened again I saw a cockroach and I jumped in scream to back and he said “madam easy it is just a cockroach nothing else what’s the big deal in it” I got normal after that cockroach went and then I reminded that I was holding his phone which wasn’t now in my hand and I started searching it and then he was also doing the same he said to owner of the dhaba to call once on his number so that he can find his phone and he did so and he got his phone but not in normal condition he found it in that Dal and I was feeling embarrassed as because of me it happened and he picked it up and said “oho daar ji see my phone is also liking the food of your dhaba” I said sorry to him as because of me it happened and he said “what’s the big deal in it madam no need to be sorry I will get a new one for me after reaching delhi” I asked “but how will you contact your family now they will be worried Mr” he answered “they will not as my kids know that I will be back to home as I have promised them and my wife she won’t take tension of me so there is not the big deal” I smiled at his answer and he said “Madam you wait here I will check whether the car recovered or not?” I nodded in yes and he took a cycle and went and I was wondering that it doesn’t seem that he is rock star he is looking one normal person who use to face such situations daily I was in thoughts and after sometime he returned back and our full luggage was with him on the carrier of cycle and I was shocked and one more shock to me he said “madam engine Is totally break down there is no scope of recovery before morning and they took the car by toeing it and I took luggage here” and I asked “what the hell now how we will reach home it is extremely full of bad luck now I am struck here god!!” and to my expectations he again said “so what’s the big deal in it madam we both are struck here and not fully by the way we can travel in that truck they all going towards Haryana to supply something we can talk to them they will help us for sure” and he went saying that I was feeling cry because I had heard that WHATS THE BIG DEAL infinity time all the time he has same answer and it was becoming torture for me then he again came back and said “madam I have talked to them they said that they will leave us in Haryana from there we can catch up a train or a bus to travel towards Delhi and the way to Delhi from there is just of few hours about three to four hours” and I felt somehow relieved by his answer and then he talked to the owner of Dhaba he arranged two cots for us and he slept like he had a habit of sleeping on cot and I wasn’t able to sleep because I wasn’t feeling comfortable in sleeping their because wolf were growling and dogs were barking as that was a jungle area and few minutes before the Dhaba owner was saying to someone that here sometime snakes also give their attendance ha-ha I said attendance yes it was like that only and my whole night spent in these fear only it was morning and as we were not having much stuffs with us specially that toothpaste and brush and I was feeling that now I understood why many people use to carry these basic things with them and he came and asked “what happened madam” I narrated my situation and again got that irritating answer he said “so what’s the big deal in it madam I also didn’t carried them as this time I forgot to carry them so take this water and just wash your mouth” I took that bottle and I was shocked because it was my bottle of mineral water which I kept to drink and I asked “from where did you get that bottle this is mineral water” he said “yes I know I just took it from that table it was kept their near that bag” and I asked “what the hell that was my bag and you are washing your mouth with my mineral water how could you, now what will I drink I won’t get mineral water here” and again that irritating answer “so whats the big deal madam it was just a water and I will buy many bottles for you ok once we reach delhi” and then he ordered breakfast and I also did the same we all had that and then left in that truck towards Haryana there he was seated in the middle and I was at the corner in the front of the truck with driver and he was continuously chatting with him he asked “so how much time you spent far from your home from your kids and wife your family” driver answered “sir about two to three days in a week” he said “Oh great yr you have much patience like me well do you have kids” driver answered “of course I have sir I have two daughters and my wife is pregnant also” while telling this he felt little bit shy and he said “Oh so you have two princess great yr and going to father again congratulations for that” he said “thank you sir” and asked to him “sir do you have kids or not” he answered “arey of course I have yr I have one daughter and one son they both are at the age of 13 and 9 respectively” and then he looked at me and asked “madam you have kids ?” I answered with a smile “no” he said “oh then you are married about one or two years ago right” I answered “no actually four years but we both are busy in our business so” he said “ok ok don’t tell further I understood what is the problem” and by that time we were reached Haryana and then we said thank you to the driver who helped us and gave him some money then we headed towards the railway station and booked two tickets and the train was of 3:45 evening and it was about 10:00 morning so we decided to take a small hotel to spent that time we booked one room as two were not available at that time till I got fresh n up and put my phone on charging he went out to wander and after about one hour when my phone charged fully I got a call from my husband he asked me that where I am and I answered that I am in Haryana at XYZ hotel and will be there before 7:00pm you don’t worry and he felt relax and ended the call I thought everything will be fine now but destiny thought something else it was about 1:00pm when he came back and said “Madam there is a big problem we can’t go out as local goons have a war among them so there is a curfew and It will take several hours to get clear” and I was like feeling that really I was in a hell but this time not we were sitting in thoughts that how to get rid of this place and suddenly I heard a voice which was familiar to me and as the door opened I saw him he was standing on the door I felt extremely happy and went to him and said “Nikhil you here its good you are here you know we are struck here because of curfew I thought it will take more time to meet you” and I hugged him he also responded and said “Oh Tanu you can’t even thing that what I was going through you know how much I was tensed but tell me how you reached here as I know you will never like to travel like normal people” I said sorry to him and narrated the whole incident and made him meet while saying “Nikhil he is Mr Abhishek Mehra with whom and only because of his help I reached here and ….” Nikhil cuts me off and said “hello Mr Abhishek myself Nikhil Mehta and she is my wife Tanu Mehta thank you so much for the help” he shook hand with him and again that answer “not a big deal Mr Mehta as we both were having same destination so I helped her and now you are going so I will manage myself thank you for the company” he smiled but Nikhil said “no no come with us we will leave you come with us” he resisted but on insisting again and again he agreed and we trio started heading towards delhi as now the rival was cleared and while going I told Nikhil how I made his phone eat dal and he laughed and asked to him “Mr Abhishek you should call your wife once we know she won’t get tensioned but you should do” he again resisted but on forcing he agreed and called on one number and said “Oye fuggy don’t get tensioned yr I told you that I am coming na I am on the way on the whole way you didn’t got tensioned and now you are doing so that’s not fare ok now listen I am about to reach home and this number also not mine so I am ending the call take care bye ok” and he thanked us then he made us stop near a big mansion where was written Mr and Mrs Mehra with love and he left and me and Nikhil started heading towards our home and suddenly Nikhil said “Tanu we should invite your Mr Rockstar to our anniversary after all he helped you a lot” and I also agreed but how he left now so he said to dial the number which he dialled and call him say to him that he have to come in our anniversary party I did so but to our surprise we heard a voice after dialling the number that THE NUMBER DOESN’T EXIST I and Nikhil both were looking at each other’s faces being clue less and the question arose in our mind that why he did this so then we decided to move back our car towards his home we reached there and maid opened the door we asked about him and she said us to wait we did so and after some time he came down and he welcomed us we asked him to attend our anniversary party and he agreed then with a lot of hesitation I asked “your wife is not here is she went some where?” he laughed and said “no she is here only come I will make you meet her” he took us towards one room and he opened the room and there was one lady he asked her to excuse us I asked “is she your wife?” he again laughed and said “no madam she is nurse and care taker of my kids here they are” and saying this he said to his children who were sitting on the bed near a lady who was equipped with hospital equipments and I wasn’t able to see her face as kid were sitting covering her he said to them “Antara and Yash at least now leave mummy alone go and play let her rest now go but first greet aunty and uncle ok” and his kids were so cute they said “hello aunty we are looking you first time at our home and we think that you are here to meet mummy right but don’t talk too much otherwise she will feel sleepy ok” his son said to me and I laughed and then his daughter said “sorry aunty he have habit of speaking a lot papa says just like mummy yash now come with me we have to go” I smiled over them and they left after greeting us and hugging their father and taking permission to play outside from him then we went inside with him and we saw a lady who was laying over the bed having a strange calmness over her face in that condition also and he went near her and sat beside her holding her hand in hers and asked us also for sitting and said “she is my wife Pragya I said you she doesn’t take tension see she is not my fuggy knows me very well so she never use to get tensed” I and Nikhil were looking each other with shock expressions and with gathering courage I asked “what happened to her Mr.”

He looked at her and caring her hairs he said “she is in coma from past 7 years and that was happened to save Yash he was going down the stairs and there was a glass piece broken their as Antara was playing with ball and with that one vase was broken and to save yash she rushed towards him and her leg slipped and first her head hit the staircase with full force and then that glass piece cut her forehead so it happened and when I heard her scream I rushed towards her and immediately took her to hospital but it was not of any worth but I didn’t bothered because she is alive she is hearing us and respond also you can see in that screen am I right fuggy you know she always said to me that what ever happens it is for our well being and always use to say that there is not a big deal whatever the problem is and she always stayed calm and now she is calm from past seven years and we are waiting for her that one she will get up and talk with us” and a lone tear escaped from his eyes and we both were looking each other as we both were having tear in our eyes then Nikhil said “I appreciate your feeling Mr Abhishek but now we have to leave and you have to come to our place ok and take kids also there” he nodded yes and said to her kneeling down “did you heard fuggy they are calling me in their anniversary party now don’t ask where am I going ok and yes don’t scold me also because you have heard yourself and yes don’t think that I will drink there I will not ok so I will be back after seeing them off ok and yes I have sent children to nearby park to play they will be back after sometime ok” he kissed her forehead and came to see us off and we nodded bye to him and we were driving I said to Nikhil “Now I got it why he always use to say whats they big deal every time on every situation” Nikhil asked “why ?” I smiled and said “the person who had gone through the worst ever situation of his life so every problem will be common for him” and soon our car got stopped Nikhil said “I will see” he got out of car and came back after checking and said “petrol ..!! tank empty” I smiled and we both said in chorus “SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL” and laughed.


it is not necessary to look story always from the point of view of either heroin or hero sometimes it is better to see the narration also love is not like just being together when we are all right it proves then also when you are having problems like Abhi it depends upon you weahter you face it or ignore it so i hope you will like it and i am extremely sorry if you got boared so stay happy and if you liked it then please leave comments.. 🙂

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