What would you miss the most about SSEL?

Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki is finally coming to an end. It would be sad news for its fans, who would miss out the lead actors and their wonderful chemistry, scenes and moments. Suhani-Yuvraaj, and Saiyyam-Krishna’s pairings have won many hearts. The show had a long run with an inspirational story of Suhani, who never lost to any circumstances in her life. Suhani was always pulled back because of her not so lovely appearance, but she won in her life by her lovely heart and lots of courage. Suhani changed Yuvraaj’s perception over external beauty. Suhani and Yuvraaj made a great couple, who stood by each other in tough times. After facing much in their lives, Yuvraaj got killed by evil Baby.

In the show’s last phase, Suhani is seen changing Dadi’s perception. Suhani wants to make Dadi realize that beauty is not everything, person’s heart matters the most. Dadi’s character has miffed the viewers a lot of times in the show’s journey, but Dadi will be seen getting totally positive before the show concludes. Suhani will succeed in spreading the message that person should be judged by heart, not beauty. The show will be airing its last episode on Sunday, 21st May 2017. The fans of SSEL can expect some real good moments. What would you miss the most about SSEL? State your opinion in the poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. We want kriyam back !! We haven’t seen their love story develop in that detail!! We want another show just for kriyam!! Please make this happen!!!

  2. Sarita

    only yuvAni ko miss karungi

  3. Yuvani

    Will miss yuvani

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    i will miss yuVani…

  5. Ela

    Kriyam kriYam kriyam

  6. Yuvani

    Guys…please comment your favorite scene

  7. I will miss saiyyam

  8. Mithila Farzana

    Will miss kriyam a lot

  9. Shagufta Farid

    Krishna saiyyam dey r d best

  10. I think he show should end as it has already been dragged too much.

  11. I will miss kriyam
    M I’m legit ? crying.

  12. i will miss yuvani

  13. I am missing kriyam. And i want that showmaker make a love story on kriyam. I just love it. Sad news

  14. Only kriyam.

  15. Yuvraj ❤❤….Suhani ❤❤

  16. Srilakshmi-Sri

    i will miss yuvani.

  17. Inspirational story plus yuvani plus all actors specially Rajshri Sahil together.

  18. i will miss yuvani nd their chemistry a lot

  19. Mona146

    makers can do no justice to this story. itts better to close. this serial belongs to baby and dadi more.

  20. Laavanya

    Will miss the actors, Rajshri ma’am, KJ and every actor done great job. But, ya I will not able to miss Poulomi or Dadi (don’t know her real name) , their characters were too irrating.
    Also, ll miss Kriyam.

  21. will miss yuvraj n suhani, the most, a lot lot and our own Sahil sir n Rajshri mam who made YUVANI possible. going to miss ssel.

  22. At start it was too promising with freshness and young actors everyone did their job well….. And too was different how not fair people have to deal in their life….. If CVS concentrated on the storyline properly it might have been a huge acclaimed serial…. Some extent able to tolerate Sowmya but sambhav is too extent… That too rape of a girl… Whoever may be either main lead or anyone in serial won’t encourage the negative thoughts….Instead if they have shown how Yuvraj and Suhani yeh our everloving Yuvani alongwith their kids how they tackled this sambhav it might have blown many minds… But now given a lesson people who fall in love will always suffer or they will always be separated either by someone in the world or permanently seperated by god, show some positivity which will bring good trp to the show ….. The show which I admired the most coming to an end due to the weak storyline after the first leap….. Feel bad as a crazy fan of ssel

  23. Yuvani was good couple…. I’ll miss them

  24. Riana

    Kriyam ?

  25. Kriyyam.. Yuvaani

  26. Happy this drama is ending. I never learnt anything positive in this one at all. Didn’t like the way Suhani used to be weak in front of Dadi. This drama lots it’s charm so long and had many illogical things. And no Kriyyam scenes at all. Most of the actors potential was wasted. Good thing about this is Rajshri, -and Suhani how she is influencing others not be affected by color but that too is overshadowed by her dumbness.
    It’s good in a way. Wish Kriyyam act as the leads in a another serial. And pls don’t ever hire this creative head team again for any other drama ??????????????

  27. kriyam , kriyam and only kriyam

  28. RAOne

    I’m happy I am relieved from one torture….. because my mom will see one drama less….. you its party time.

    1. Hahaha

  29. I’ll miss all the actresses especially Rajishri. Some of the storylines I found very pointless and didn’t make sense and they forgotten about. Over all a good job I didn’t miss an episode in 3 years .
    If you are going to get babies on screen they need to be the right age!! Anshika was meant to be a new born but she looked more like a 6 month old baby !!

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