what will you do?

guys this is just a set of some question which I liked to ask you guys ,nothing more than that,to clear the concept or base of my questions ,I giving a explanation to you.in most of the serials the heroine or the hero will sacrifice their love for the sake of their friend,sister or brother.like …….(you can fill the serial which you like ).and the story takes a drastic change after that situation of changing the lead couples.we people will get confused and see the show after that for more than 19 episodes but cannot understand the question behind it .(we people as a person with a little heart will expect some other pair ).and even then we see the show because we love it.on seeing such mahan character in the lead couples,I usually gets a doubt in my mind,this question first arises in my heart when I saw the dubbed version of Uttaran in Tamil as Sindhu bhairavi.In that Iccha will sacrifice her love to Tapasya due her deep indebt towards her on seeing the episode I for a million dollar question.that will a girl sacrifice her love and life for a friend who acts selfish .But our iccha sacrifice. And in such a way I usually gets many question in my mind.I am asking you the same question which I think while seeing that serial.you guys think you in such a situation and just give me your answer with some explanation supporting your answer.the above example if uttatan was just my example,if it hurts someone in any way,I will show my deeper apology to them.
the question are
1.what will you do if some one forces you marry for giving certain amount to your papa ‘s operation,after his revealation that he won’t let you live happily (serial Madhubala )
2.What will be your reaction if you come yo know that your dadi sas is not liking you because your are darker complexion ?will you remains silent to all those problems which she creates.(Suhani so ek ladki)
3.What will be your reaction when your husband tekks that he just married you for revenge .(kumkum bhagya ).
4.what will you do if you own sister betrayed you for a sake of a man (any serial you wish ).
5.what will you be your feelings when you are blamed always for someone’s deed in your family (any serialbevause every ibe shows the same )
6.what will you do if a friend like tapasya asks you give her your Veer(uttaran).
7.just guys tell me something whether will you run to attend a competition on the day of you own marriage .
8. What will you do when you come yo know that the girl /boy you are marrying is your brother/sister’s lover?
9.what will you do if you mummyji is doing some mistake ,will you accept or make her understand?
10.what will be your reaction when you as a husband or wife finds your partner in extra marital affairs ?won’t you spare them .(kya hua Teri vaada,Kumjym bhagya)

the above ten question arises in the mind when I saw or read that particular story.it is just for fun.you guts give me the answer for that question if you can or just give me aykeadt one answer and think deeply the fact that no one of us will behave in the way our lead couples behave in serial.they say that this serial and cinema are a part of our life and adaption from daily life.in any real life is this things happens,give you answer.and if you want to explain more facts just do it .

Guys it doesn’t mean that I hate all those serials,I love them very much especially Uttaran and Suhani si ek ladki but when etching the serial I finds some times like slapping the people for their over genuineness. Tell me wat you felt on seeing the particular scene and wat will you do if such situation arises .sorry if my article has hurted anyone’s mind,my idea was to wriyre just the question but I wrote this para because I need to share my thoughts .sorry if I hurted you .

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  1. guys give your answers to my question

  2. what the f**k purvi ka such kisi ko pta hi nhi wht the hell is going on…..?

    1. I cannot understand but thinks that you are talking about kumkum bhagya

    2. faraz tellme the answer for the question.

  3. my answers for those questions are:
    1.well i would accept coz for every girl her father is her first love no one would leave theri first love to suffer and when it come to the sufferings of mine one thing i would like to change his mind or i will treat him the same way.
    2.nothing coz they are not important only those who are close to me are important i won’t care for anyone.
    3. hypothetical as i am not ready to answer this
    4. i won’t value that relation because sister’s relationship is more valuable than hus’wif relatio.
    5.i won’t accept that because i didn’t do anything wrong then why should i accept? i will fight until it is proven that i did not do anything wrong.
    6.here also i don’t have answer for this.
    7.yes of course.
    8.stop the marriage immediately by not hurting anyone who are involved in that marriage.
    9. i will make her understand because no one in this world is perfect and one shopuld try to accept their doings whether it is right or wrong.
    10.yes for sure i won’t spare him i have given my life leaving my home leaving my parents for him.

    1. vaishali that was just hypothetical ,the thing I am saying is that then why these leads are behaving so weird.

    2. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      i like your thoughts

  4. Ur Questions Was Absolutely Right Because We

  5. Because we have only one life why we have to sacrifice that

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s not hurting yaar….Do u really want answers ????

    1. I cannot understand ,

  7. I have answer for all the question which I will post it

  8. #janani I don’t know the answer but I have question no:11.

    11) what will you do if you come to know that in your marriage the groom or bride is changed?

    eg: thapki, kalash, choti bahu, bhaagonwaali.. etc etc.

    and also it happens only in Hindi serials. πŸ™ :'(

    1. I don’t know how will be my reaction,it is really bad.

    2. I will cry for sure..!! I will see their end who are responsible for that, I can’t keep that relation anymore not even a second, I will complain police for sure n not remain like that dumb thapki..

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    My Answers ….
    1 – I will accept it…Bcoz I love my father soooo much…..I can’t see him in pain…..He Suffered a lot for my happiness…… As a daughter ,its my duty & love ….to make him happy…..I can bear any pain for my father’s Health & happiness…….
    2 – I don’t care about that….what she wants to do….she can…But if it hurts me more…..I will react very rudely……I will manage till a limit…if it explodes ,I will react ……………..
    3 – First ,I will upset by hearing that….But I will not allow him to spoil my life…..I will tell the truth to all & get rid from that stupid relationship………. I know it not easy for me….But I will do….
    4 – I won’t value that Relationship………
    5 – I will not accept it….Bcoz I know that ,I am innocent & didn’t do anything….If I am not Wrong , I don’t want to bother for these rubbish things……
    6 – I will not sacrifice my love for a friend like her……
    7 – No way……I will not go………
    8 – I will stop that marriage for their happiness & love…..That’s most important for me……
    9 – I will make her understand…. surely…….
    10 – Of course, I won’t spare him……I trusted him & come with him by leaving my own family….How can I leave him for this ??? I won’t spare him……As a wife,she can bear any bad quality of husband…. But no onewill bear it…..
    It’s my genuine answers for ur questions……. It’s only from my views……….

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      i accept your views

  10. these are my answers
    1.I would first go to press inspite of marrying such a person,if circumstances arises I will assure about making his life a little bit more complicated,but surely not so genuine.
    2.I won’t value her,I will give my answers.
    3.I will tell the truth to the person
    4.I don’t know what will I do but surely not like these girls in serial.
    5.I will just ignore them
    6.I won’t sacrifice my life because it is a type of betrayal to my partner.
    7.I will tell my family and then leave,wen its more important than my own marriage,if so it won’t be like Vishaka or like our Simar .
    8.I will stop the marriage genuinely.
    9.I will explain her.
    10.I won’t spare him
    OK this is my answers are some our answers but what these girls and think about our heroines action in thus situation.Is it replicating our true life.people may day that I am not talking about good situation.I am just telling that some of the situation are exaggerated.☺☺,thanks for answering .

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      agree sis…………

      my answers:

      1. I wouldn”t accept it…………. for every problem there is n+1 solutions……….. so i m damn sure that this will not only be the solution to save my father…………………….

      2. I seriously dont know because both my grannies arent like that and i m also not dark complexed so no probs………………. but if i had been i would have made her realise her mistake and would have loved her after all she is my granny…………..

      3. Straight away divorce………… OR make him realise his mistake if he is a bit good hearted like abhi………..

      4. For this SWARAGINI FILLS the question exactly………..
      My answer:
      Not possible with my own sis because we have a huge age differences so i can never love the one she loves nor she love mine…………. but i do have cousins of my age so when they love……………… actually before i confess my love to the one i love i will ask my family members opinion personally………….. so again i wont do blunder here…………

      1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        5. Well that often happens in my home because i m a naughty girl………… but it happens for small small things and my mom has complete trust on me so for sure she will support me………. and of course it pains when they blame when i have actually not done but truth always win so…………………..

      2. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        6. Well i am not indebted to any such persons……… and i know very well about friends………. if i seriously love a person i cant give up but at the same i cant give up friendship……… as i have mentioned already i will first ask my family and friends before i propose a guy…………… so again no probs for me

      3. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        7. That sounds cool buddy……. i would love it…………..

      4. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        8. answered already in Q.4

      5. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        9. Obviously i will correct her because my has always been optimistic and broad minded

      6. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        10 Straight away divorce but before that he will pay for betraying me………

      7. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        for seventh one after my competition only i can marry and it would be trilling to have two most important things of my life on the same day

  11. I usually dont comment but what u,have asked is a true fact to which i wanted to answer
    1:actually to this question i really dont have an answer coz my papa is not my first hero……i myt find anyother way to help rather ti put myself in hell(coz i really do love me..)
    2:i ll juz try to make them understand…. If they dont i ll juz make sure that we never cross each other paths that wud be the best soln
    3:give him bak wat he wants to give to me…..
    4:first thing i ll cry….i may even loose hope in relations…..
    5:first thing i wont shut my mouth bcoz my self respect matters the most to me….i ll not stop until i prove my innocence
    6: its a perfect NO
    7::obviously NO if i had decided the competition is more important than marriage thn i wont havng both on the same day
    8:i ll make my sis/bro as the bride/bridegroom….ter is no point in marrying a person who loves ur sis /bro
    9:if my does anything like that i ll never accept it…i ll make her understand if she doesnt understand thn i ll need to make my way out of her life…(obvious it is not gonna happen in my life..)
    10:if he really has a extramarital affair..thn that wud be best time for me fight for what is mine…(if that person is worthy for the fight else i ll leave him on his way with a DIVORCE)

    1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      agree completely

  12. I am really sorry if i had hurt anybody’s feelings….. Its juz my thought.. I am being practical thats it….so no harsh feelings…

  13. 1) yes, i love my father more than anything in the world….. coz when i was small he took care of me and full filled my needs n wishes with out expecting anything in return !!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) Nothing coz in real lyf also my own grand mother doesnt lyk much ….
    3) say my parents of his revenge motives and get divorce …
    4) first of all no sister would do it !!!!!
    5) i will fight πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ my parents say i am gud in arguing …. LoL πŸ˜‰
    6) she is friend n friends have limits , they are not blood relations… if it woulf be my sister i would !!!!!!!
    7) coz nothing is more important then my wedding . Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding n wont ruin dat day by going to some stupid useless good 4 nothing comp … unless my family wants me to do so …..
    8) i will say this to my patents and get them married .. but not on d day of my wedding … coz it will tarnish family reputation … we all know we live in indian society !!!!!!
    9) i will make her understand in a appropriate manner cos firstly she is elder ….. secondly we are suppose to correct our elders wen they are wrong
    If it has nothing to wid me i wont bother
    10) i will make his life a living hell … i wil black mail him i wil treat him lyk a servant ….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    These are my thoughts !!!!!!!!!

  14. Lol…!!! Even I’m in itch to answer your question… I’m curious to others comments but let me answer first read others next.
    1.my dad is my hero, if I’m helpless u have to accept it bcuz I’m sure I can handle him, rather soft or rough.
    2.I will simply ignore those sort of uneducated fools n u will surely give a nice reply.
    3.I will take revenge from him instead.
    4.I can’t take revenge bcuz she is my sister, but I will end my every connection with her.
    5.let them do whatever I will love my life ignoring them.
    6.no I will not. I’m not that Mahan.
    7.funny, is competition more imp than marriage. Lol.. I will marry him at competition place.
    8.I can’t marry him. Will surely slap him.
    9.I will make her understand.it’s my right.
    10.pakka.. divorce, no chance to other thought.

  15. 1. Of course every girl should accepect that offer. Bcz she love her father … But after her marriage he didnt alow her to live then i try to correct all hardly … But it is not corrected by me then i try to give him money back anyway. Then live my life my own way.
    2. Ofcourse it is hurting me. But i try my best to change the attittude of saas. If it is not changble…. Phir bhi meine ussse pyar karunga. Kyum ki muje pyar karana saas ki attittude.. Bt meine usse hamesha pyar karunga.
    3. It is very confusing question in all relation ie is after arrange marriage there is no strong relation ship.if the hus is angry on me phir phi meine usse pyar karunga.usse change karneka koshish karunga.
    4.it so hurtable…..
    5. Ido something to prove my truth…
    6. I try best to comeback before marrige
    7. I never do that..
    Ididnt want my sis in pain.. Aur kisi aur ko pyar karne walo ko marriage karane ko kya phayada hudkushi ki same hei woo
    8. Ham maa ko sab kuch batha sakthe ho isliye uski galathe kyu nahi bol sakthe…
    9. I dont know what will i do.. Kisi bhi ladki ko bhi apni hus ki iss harkathe ko maff nahi karpatha…
    It is the most painful ecperience in life according to me ….
    I just my thought about this question. I dont know it is galath ya sahi…

  16. Well they r just serials that’s y I don’t take in a serious way but in actual if those things happen with me then I’m not gonna spare any of that Bullshits. For1.I’ll marry that person bcoz jo bhi hai usne mere papa ki jaan bachaya .Main apne family keliye kuch bhi karnae ke liye tayar hu
    2.I don’t tolerate any of such situations. As said in serial insaan ko Surat dekar nayi seerat dekar parakni chahiye.
    3.In this case I’ll give a tight slap to him n will expose his truth to whole society so that he don’t play any such cheap games with any other
    4. I don’t want a sis like that.Jo ladki apne pyar ko pane ke liye apni hi behen ko dokha de sakti hai vo iss sis vala relationship ke layak hi nahi..
    5.I don’t tolerate that .In fact sab log apni awaaz untani chahiye .Jo galti ham ne kabhi ki hi nayi uske sazaa ham kyu bookte.
    6.In this situation if both love each other then I’ll leave him bcoz kabhi bhi do pyar karne walaoko alag nayi karni chahiye.
    7.9,10 .I won’t tolerate that.
    8.I’ll make my sis sit on mandap n will explain to every one that we should not separate lovers.

    Anyways this is reel life n real life iss se bahut alag hai.Agar zindagi main asi situation a bhi jayi tho hame himat se kaam Lena hoga n hamesha sach ka saath dena hoga kyuki jeet hamesha sachayi ki hi hoti hai.Guys these r not any filmi lines TRUTH ONLY WINS AT LAST.agar aisa nayi hua tho vo anth nayi hai

  17. these are serials… i personally enjoy these scenes… wont go much more than that…

    Yeah there r many unbearable evil things that r shown everyday… which cannot be possible in real life…still thre r dream scenes .. very cute scenes which we wish to happen in our life but its also near to impossible.. eg.. to madly love a person… sudden sudden surprises.. sisters affection(ek hazaron mein meri behna)
    Cute joint family ( kggk)
    caring mother in law (yrkkh)

    So my view is to ignore all… watch the serials just for fun…
    I dont have any answers for ur qiestions… yeah.. ine answer i have…

    If these situation comes in my life.. i wont do anything that r shown in serials…

    And i hope none of these situation should come in anyone’s life… it wont.. thats impossible…

  18. Sorry if i hurt anyone.. this is my personal view… and janani.. nice post based on all serials… i know everyone will have the same questions while watching thse unbearable scenes…

  19. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    all comments are seriously superb……………
    i agree with reethi, deepthi, karthu and zayan…………

  20. I will not spare those who hurt my my family and wiΔΊl show them their right place and can do any thing for my family but cant spare those selfish one whether they are family or friends
    My family is everything to me but cant spare greedy one

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