What is your take on Dream Girl’s current track?

Manav tries to psychologically heal Aarti. He wants to make Aarti get out of Ayesha’s shadow and get her own identity. Manav tries hard to make Aarti take a stand for herself, but fails in his attempt. He is worried about the worsening of her condition, due to Ayesha’s behaviour. Prem, Sona, Mathur and Geeta celebrate Samar-Laxmi’s haldi ceremony. Ayesha loses her important pendrive and behaves weird with everyone, to get the pendrive from the haldi bowl. Manav gets a new hope from Aarti seeing her saving Mithi. her. Prem and Manav are worried about Aarti’s suffering because of Ayesha. Sareens prepare for the sangeet ceremony.

Ayesha succeeds in acquiring Manav’s finger prints to unlock his phone and get his digital signatures. Sareens welcome the guests in Sangeet ceremony. Manav sympathizes with Aarti and encourages her to participate in dance. Ayesha takes Aarti’s place and does the Katputli dance. Ayesha impresses the guests with her stunning performance. Manav assumes it was Aarti and congratulates her. Later, he gets shocked to learn about Ayesha’s clever plans. Manav gets disappointed with Aarti yet another time. Ayesha succeeds to transfer major stake of Samar’s marriage. Manav gets another shock by a bad news. He informs everyone about film property set getting burnt. Manav, Samar and Karan rush to the spot and get heartbroken seeing valuable props destroyed. They leave for home and meet with a deadly accident. Samar would be dying in the accident, which will lead to a new entry soon in Dream Girl. What is your take on Dream Girl’s current track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Just centered on ayesha ( actress). Even gave her double role. Don’t know what’s the use of this!!! I think writers are confused as to who is the heroine

  2. They are shifting from the main track

  3. Plssss dnt kill samar…
    In d serial….it will b hell

  4. Plssss dnt kill samar…
    In d serial…. or it will b hell!!

  5. What the hell? Samar is going to die. No need of reading it’s written updates as well

    1. Agreed saran. Aarti bana rahe he ye log ek actress is serial k through. Won’t b reading written updates anymore

    2. you are right I am also not going to read its updates anymore

  6. Me and the acting Aarti got the same name anyway please don’t kill Samar but I agree it’s gone boring make it better please otherwise super drama

  7. please don’t kill Samar
    Abhi Abhi to uski shaadi hui hai

  8. even in a beautiful love story of a couple – writers do mess up with affairs , multiple marriage , breakups , separation , family difference & so not

    but this is a story of only d girl – she will have more ambitions & hurdles
    she won’t understand d difference between a friend & a husband – simply she can’t prioritized her relations & commitments
    even in friends – they will change d supporting roles with d track

    it was all expected by d immaturity shown in last few episodes
    1] her confusion about her marriage & even not sharing it with her would b husband
    2] accident track [of bechara hero ] – d concentration wasn’t on d pair but elsewhere ; also d shifting to twins track

  9. its awful and I will just stop reading its updates now…… what is happening yaar, they are going to make Samar die in coming episode…..after Samar this show is awful for sure

  10. Horrible track!
    They have completely deviated from the original storyline. They’ve always ignored Samar and Lakshmi in general and now they’re killing Samar for a new guy opposite Ayesha, that’s so pathetic..
    They keep revolving around Ayesha as if no other character is even part of the show! This show had so much potential to turn out to be a nice show but they just give so much footage to Ayesha/Aarti that it’s not even worth the watch.
    I’m not going to watch this show or read the updates after Mohsin’s left the show?

  11. Jigyasa kayastha

    Horrible track… confused writters….. why to kill samar…. they hav ruined a wonderful story…. should chng the name from dream girl to ayesha Sareen… worst writters ever…. should take a tution grom them about how to spoil a good and interesting story…..

  12. Its redicules to kill samar in the show. Why they are shifting the story from lakshmi. Where are the dream of lakshmi they show is start from samar nd lakshmi dream. Not a single they done. Not liking this at all

  13. Plz dont focus in only aayesha.. Its show about samar and laxmi.. Vo apna dream kese pura krenge ye dikhao. Plz dnt kill samar character

  14. Its a request plz don’t kill samar..

  15. Ys,i would lke 2 c nw entries nd story.fed up of watchng samar nd lakshmis kiddish love.want to c manav and aarti,karan nd a nw grl as pairs.

  16. Cv’s r not getting story line to write sth interesting…..jst centered to Ayesha without thinking that main lead is Laxmi….first season was far more better than this

  17. I really don’t believe that story.. I started watching the show only for Mohsin Nikita jodi.. How can they break the jodi ?? I’m not gonna support this one.. If you don’t continue with samar Laxmi jodi.. I will not watch the show.. Yes.. That’s my opinion.. Samar was the best male addition to the show.. Please ? don’t remove him. Please.. It’s a request please…

  18. I like samar & lakshmi’s pair,No one can replace Mohshin,Nikita,Kunsl & Khalid.love to watch them on screen.In the current trsct they want to kill the Samar’s character,Most of the viewer want ti watch Samar & lakshmi’s journey as a actor.But they are revolving around only Ayesha & useless drama,Nobody like the current tract.To watch the show now is waste of time,i have so many expectation from dreamgitl.But they like only Ayesha.Stop watching the show,useless now,

  19. pls bring back sammer.if sammer out from the show then l am also stop to see dream girl.

  20. Now its going to end the dreamgirl with Samar’s death.most expection from dreamgirl.but they ruin the amazing show.Cute & adorable pair Samar & lakshmi.Viewers want to watch them together.But they separate them.Now dreamgirl will flop.Best of luck for production house for showing the useless drama of Ayesha.Nobody will watch the show.Only the director,writter & ayesha will enjoying the show.

  21. I’m not gonna watch this show if they would kill samar as he is one of my favorite character in dreamgirl.

  22. karan or lakshmi kaya ab Jodi hoga?ya phir director na karan ko bhi villan bana daga?ab kashmi Jodi hoga to better hoga…

  23. Samar is a heart of dream girl.. Without samar i m not watching this…

  24. No samar No Dream girl
    disgusting storyline…, not anymore interested recent
    actually i will stop watching this show. Go to the hell !

  25. Are the producers cousin brothers of ekta kapoor.Same story revolving everytime.what are we suposed to take from.this serial.There is that stupid ayesha who is behind propeety and money fame and what not.U are only showing about ayesha where is the role of lakshmi and samar .Ek baartoh accident karva diya na samar ka toh aabhi chaain se jine do na lakshmi aur samar ko.Jaabhi shaadi honi waali thi kuch na kuch toh.Ayesha ne producers ko jayada paise diya hai kya ki mera roll jayada rakho karke.Do pyaar karne waale ko kyu juda kar rahe hi.Yeh serial ditto ekta kapoor ki jaisi hai ussne bhi husband ko maara wapas zinda kiya aur yahan pe bhi aaisa hi ho raha hai..Koun dekhe ga serial koi nahi dekhe ga.ek kaam kaaro producers ko produce karne do aur unko hi dekhne do.Why are u killing samar and manav unhone kya bighada hai tum producers ka.Aachi chal rahi thi story line.Agar aage nahi dikha sakte toh happy ending karke bandh karlo na finish kar lo.Itne 100crore log pagal nahi hai toh 9.30ke liye wait karte hai.Starting main kitni aachi storyline thi.Aur real life main koi heroine koi naayee jo heroine baana chahati hai itna saata thi hai kya.Ayesha ka role waise bhi disgusting hai.Bitiching and making plans what the hell.Kuch naya sikhne ko mile isliye yeh serial dekh rahe hai.Ayesha se aur kya sikhne ko mila kuch nahi.

  26. From beginning I just watch the show for Samar but if he if not there then i will just say best of luck to Samar for ur future
    Finally I am not going to watch any show of life ok
    Will miss you samar plz come back soon on a good show
    Nd love you

  27. Stop the show dreamgirl.wat a blo*dy twist by killing samat.instead stop ayesha thing fed up tat will b great twist wen ayesha will go to jail.di rector I s more concentrated on ayesha.stop the show

  28. Now i hate this show they have ruined everything i watched the show only for sar and now they are thinking that blo*dy bull shit track by giving the lead to shraddha Arya i wish that now this drama will get flop????

  29. first time ek esa show dekha jiska fochus villain par hai uske main lead par nahi.. hmesha bus aayesha aayesha. or haan sangeet samar or laxmi kai but dance aayesha ka.. first time esa sangeet dekha jisme dulhan dance hi nahi kiya. ithink ye show bnd kra dena chaiye bcz after samar death koi nahi dekha wala ese. amd one advise for director plz make a new show aayesha sareen dream girl. and then aap apna pura focus aayesha par hi rakhna. bcz ye serial to sami ke love chemistrry ka tha. but ye hone se phle hi aapne samar ko maar deya. salute for ur decision to make my fav show rubbish.

  30. Actually Dream girl has lost the meaning………….in every serial its become a trend to end the main character and get new character……….so as in qubool hai as even this serial has no head or no tail…………now its sick watching dream girl and qubool hai

  31. Please bring samar (Mohshin) back & Manav also.The day when samar & manav died I m stop watching the show.Now i lll watch the show when they returned.Please bring them back.Waiting to watch Sami & Sareenbrothers in Dreamgirl.

  32. :/ :/
    boring story starts now

  33. Bakwas serial

  34. Without sami your show gonna flop soon….

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