What is love?


there are many answers to this question and many aspects to i
,some believe in love at first sight,some believe in building love slowly.
some associate it with passion,craziness some relate it to self discovery and direction of life
some believe in sacrifies to be in love while some believe in being the way you are and freedom to be the way you are
some say that unconditional love never loses,some say its based on trust some say it has a spark.
there are many meanings of this simple four letter word and its said that the more u try to find it the more it gets away,also its said that love coes in your life at an unexpected time,but i always feel love was there always,love only doesnt mean the love between a girl and a boy or between homos*xuals.love always wraps us,the love of nature,the love of parents which is sometimes not obvious or eaily felt,love of our friends,love for ourselves,love is a way to strengthen your life,make you feel complete,i always feel that romantic love has always been showcased and shown as the most important thing.that often makes us believe in fantasy love,have unrealistic expectations and what not!
there are so many things in life like crush infatuation rebound etc etc which have similiar resemblance to love but its not easy to distinguish often when u end up in such a situation.
but i strongly believe that as long as we are truly confident that we will not regret anything then all our decisions are correct
please share your views on love and life,practical or dreamy or whatever u feel is welcomed!

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  1. In my words love means trust…. if trust is not there i think it is not love just infactuation ……

  2. my view about love is different , I won’t agree to the serial type love which starts with a awkward fight and ends in a beautiful love .It is said that Opposite poles a tract each other but what about life .If two person who fought with each other marry after finding their love .Itis suitable only for a serial which ends with their marriage but in real ,love is a feeling of heart ,I gives us he freedom to do to thngs as per our wish.it is a attraction between like minded person. I personally believes true love means passion to life together in all circumstances ,I doesnt mean a unexpected encounter with fight cannit become a blossoming love but what. mean is that such encounters cannot: become s love in all situation as that in this films and serials . as a girl even I expect. a partner to should support me in a problem ,this is true love .Mutual love. and a believe that. am always there for you is love . I thinks that Love at first sight and hate a first fight cannot be a true love.
    this is my view if I have hurted anyone’s feeling, plse forgive me .

  3. in my openion love is trust,nd understanding nd that serial type love ahhh and films tooo they mislead the youngsters and they are away frm reality,,,,,,,,nd it shud cm 4m both the sides,,,

    1. also ur r ryt tia love can be between ant1 even animals or human or animal…. any1 just any1

  4. I do believ in opposit attract but nly in some cases lyk, a man is short temprd , bt he wil lov nly a gal hu is calm n composd , not a gal hu is short temprd lyk him. .

    Lyk tia said, der is lov btw evry person. . .bt the way of feelng n expressing it is diff. I nvr fell in lov til date, nt bcuz no 1 proposd me or am nt gud. . . I knw its a diff feelng wich no 1 can xplain or teach. . . Bt i am waitng for a ryt person, hu can change me, hu can change for me. . .hu can fell for me lyk i fell for him and that one wil b my nly lov in whole lyf n he wil b my Husband. ,Nt any men lyk v c in dis serials. . . 🙂

  5. Well…Tia..In my view Love means feelings and it is whole heart related. I believe that love can’t be in first meet. Cause to love anyone at first we need to understand The person.
    And Love has many types. Person’s love for person, person’s love for animals are totally different.
    We the girls really wait for that one who can hold our hand lifetime, can give us security, can make us smile and many more… Anyways.. Hope we all gets our wanted person…SOON…

  6. Heyyy… I don’t knw much about love but i feel love is a bond of little understanding, respect, trust, care, craziness etc… Love is a pure feeling.. I want such a person who would understand me, support me when needed.. Point out my mistakes and recify itttt.. I tooo don’t beleive love at first sight or like serials.. I don’t knw whether I would find my love or not.. Its my point of view only.. Sorry if I hurt anyone

  7. I agree with hayathi
    Love is about trust
    I don’t believe love at first sight
    How can people suddenly trust person at first sight
    I can’t believe this its just infatuations and attraction
    Iove is about trust understanding …

    1. Yes deepu dr love at first sight it is an attraction thats it…. u know if trust is not there na then oh hamare pyaar aur hum kisi aur men se baat kiya na oh galat letha hein…. agar trust ho tho aisa nahi hotha

  8. I believe in love..i feel if u love sum1..its ur responsibility dat he should nt get pain..bcoz of ur love..i fall in love at first..sight…nt actually in love..bt ya..a strong attraction to knw..him..to..b wid him..his innocence..made me his fan..bt I already knw..dat we two cant b together bt still I love him..dats love..seeing him smile..seeing him..sleeping..with a smile…

  9. Love is what makes u comfortable. It might not b beautiful or might not bring u power or money. But just simple things that can bring smile to ur face. And make life joyous and happy.
    Love is not first sight. Its just infatuation. Love means trust, caring, being in each others problem, and most of all being best friend to each other.

    U can’t love an unknown person. But when u fall in love with a known person uwill feel whats difference between infatuation and love.

    U would love the each and everything about them. Even their flaws. And u even find it cute. No matter how many times people ask them to change them( even their parents) but u won’t like a hair on their head to b changed.
    Loving is unconditional.
    Pyar ka anjam kisne socha, hum to mohobat kiye ja rahe he..

  10. fr me love …
    it is just whn two souls meet in heaven and find their way in luv

  11. Wow im hapoy to see so many views on love go ahead and share more#
    Does anyone remember the dialogue of srk in kuch kuch hota hai,”pyaar dosti hai”!

  12. hello dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    Tia-Explain different kind of love confused , of friends , animals ,parents , infatuation lets check out dear. come

    Brity my cutie, hayathi liya, janani, richa, ishrat, navya, richa,rishi, shona deepu.rekhavaghela

    Hello dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees . Wooooooooooooooooow so many definitions of love.

    Some are practical, some are cute, soulful.

    Hayathi: yes , dear Love is trust , trust is what we need to love someone.

    Janani: Practical thinking but true if we love somebody we always expect him or her to be with us in difficult situation if one not stay then he or she doesn’t love us.

    Richa; yes love means trust and understanding too . Love develop and grow with trust and understanding . and do agree tat love can happen with animal or any human.

    Liya: opposite attract each other. Yes do see some couples feel the same feeling opposites really attract.

    Brity-Brity your comment is just like u my cutie. Yes, seriously Love means feelings or what can I say whole heart relation . Beautiful.

    Ishrat: Wow ishrat so many meanings of love in ur thoughts respect love care craziness . So many definitions what identify what love is .

    Deepu: Doesn’t beleive love at first sight True. and love is about trust.

    Shona- Hey shona ur definition is just so intense and romantic just like you. First sight love is also not forgetten But it coems with more responsibility.

    Rekha Vaghela- Wow , Love is what makes us comfortable its not beautiful . but just small things can make us happy.

    Navya- Just likke ur name Pure and sacred luv happens when two souls met. Beautiful.

    Rishi: This one is for u dear Shahrukh Khan in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    Pyar dosti hai … agar woh meri sab se achchi dost nahin ban sakti, to main usse kabhi pyar kar hi nahi sakta … kyun ki dosti bina toh pyar hota hi nahin … simple, pyar dosti hai

    So dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Loving all your definition.

    What is love. finally.

    Well we see so many films , Tv serials love and they are beautiful so what do you think they are fake. Well somewhere yes and somewhere not.

    In my real life too , i see couple happy why they are because

    What love is

    they care for each other

    They are angry on each other for each other because they feel responsible for each other.

    Love is also trust but what trust ., trust what we made trust is built with time and care.

    We are born in life with so much love by all our family members. But what we built in our life with the unknown persons which we don’t know the person that is love .

    Which need so much care and support.

    jUst like Ek maali apne garden mein plant lagata hai , use paani deta hai Roz thoda thoda

    uski care karta hai

    Love needs time to built with so much care and responsibility.

    But yes , I do agree first sight love also happened. I do see that also. It start with infatuation for sure . but the love which is passionate need to bear so many difficulties

    It depend upon the partners they have the courage to make it reach the heights because these kind of love has to bear many hurdles but kya wo us pyaar ke kariyaa ko paar karne ki himmat rakhte hai

    Agar haa to wo Pyaar tak pahunch jaayenge
    Aur agar naa to unke pyaar mein kuch kashish ki kami baki thiee

    So deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees this is my vision of love.

    Well I respect and happy to read so many writing on love really love u all by heart.

    and I do try to understand this relation more what love is by A story of mine.

    Naadan Dil Ki manmarziyaan. Musical Journey of Love

    Try to create the magic and reach the journey of love


    Love u all my dearireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees REally happy to read so many definitions of love and spend time with you all.

    Love u keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. hyy nisha dr ur r ryttt absoolutely ryt LOL tc

  13. Frinds I liked you views about love… they were very nice…

  14. Love is a waste of time :PPP
    Aaj ka generation ka love is all about time pass,rarely Truelove happens as importance of values is decreasing!!

  15. Hmmm Love is a waste of time :PPP
    Aaj ka generation ka love is all about time pass,rarely Truelove happens as importance of values is decreasing!!

  16. Dats true….
    I totlly agree at what you say…
    But there is also other type of love..
    Love is in every relation like father mother with child, plants love, animals love etc.. not to consider only love couples of todays generation

  17. Hey guys which ffs do u like the most??
    I have a long list from old authors to new ones!
    But the most diff story is promises to keep
    Do u like promises to keep?
    U should read once n u will love abilakshi for sure!

  18. Hey wow i wish we had a lot of discussion on this topic n waited for more comments to have a great discussion.but im happy too!
    So many ppl took effort to elaborate their point! N i wish some of the most loved tu writers like kfar thena saba kashish bhgi sorry if i missed anyone as i dnt read a lot of ffs
    And yeah rishi even i love abilakshi n wished they would give their opinion.and the rhing is love about them is that they are sensible!very sensible n i will surely let them know !

  19. guys in my point view all say that love will happen to everyone but I experienced that Love cannot happen to one its just an infactuation Love means fake

  20. well rini what makes u say all this.love is not what they show in tv,love is care and trust infinite

    1. Tarun thats what I am trying to say love at first sight etc etc we all know we will get our soul pair and love him but I saw a woman who has no love in her life after her marriage. So thats y say that Love is all fake and it is just an infactuation

  21. first I should meet him and become friend by seeing his good attitude I must love and then I want 2 marry him then till my end of the life I should love very much this all must happened 2 me I loving a person who have all this but not married but he s perfect 2 me in all my ups and down he s just holding my hands forever this things happened In my life

  22. Hey richa love u a lot dear . Tight hugs for u dear.

  23. love is completely different compared to other feelings. I can’t really explain it in a fancy way… but it’s when your heart beats faster when the person is near you. It’s when your mind tells you to be with them and do what they’re doing. It’s when you think about what he’s/she’s doing or what he/she would do. It’s when you look at the other (not creepishly…) and wonder how to get noticed. It’s when you’re desperate to watch what they’re doing but when they look at you, you turn around. Love has so many different meanings depending on how a person looks at it, but this is what happens when you truly are in love. Thanks so much Tia for telling me about this, and we are very glad you got a lot of comments! 🙂

  24. Hui guys I think and I feeled love just a miracle which I can feel his heart beat I m always naughty in going things but he never ask me 2 change my character he always protect me support me when one day I have gone 2 my real hometown I really missed but next day I saw him near my house tat time I realize love s just enjoying r anything else I cried seeing him without my knowledge tat time I really realized my love fr me we loved fr 6 years before 8 months he died due 2 an accident I m totally collapse tat time I realized love tat which can make over enjoy but love become die means all in my lives died I committ suicide fr 3 time fr I leaved now I’m thinking 2 change my place from here I’m going take orphan as my child I m going 2 give the child our both name my real name is Hema and his name is arun so plz if we don’t get our love forever means don’t fed up plz lead the life by other while writing this I’m crying tarun is right by watching TV r serial don’t CME 2 take always love s super in something love by feeling love I have sweet pain I m going 2 live my lives with his memory tat 6 years I really very happy tat happy days is enough fr me 2 lead my remaining life I’m going take a girl and boy with name girl s runa and boy name s marun bye I m feeling still in love him and forever by reding this don’t imagine love s always wrong but experience I’m saying love s always right bye deara

  25. hema i felt really bad on knowing about you,may god bless you and hope love of your children will fill your life with happy colours

  26. very interesting ideas

  27. these are very good questions

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