What is it in our destiny???? Prologue


Hello frnds…… sammie here… thank you so much for your support….
Okay guys as i had decided that the background of the story will be of a small town. I am wondering to keep it either PATNA or VARANASI plz let me know which city you guys want…..

Okay then guys today am giving a character sketch of the important characters of this ff.

All the characters are from middle class family.

Swara Kumar(Helly shah):- Our heroine, a 22 yr bubbly girl live each and every moment of her life, want to stand on her foot independently, keeps everyone around her happy, loves her ma, papa and her younger bro a lot, can even give her life for her family, love to makes frnds and can do anything for them.

Rahul kumar( Shantanu maheshwari) :- Swara’s bro,19 yr old loves his sister a lot but teases her all the time.

Shekhar Kumar :- Father of swara and rahul, loves swara a lot and support her always.

Sharmista Kumar :- Mother of swarah. And their support system, a very strong lady.

Shekhar and sharmistha are same as that in serial( Actually ido’t knw their real names)

Laksh Kumar (Namish):- 24,Swara’s frnd and her first love….

Shabia sheikh( Teju):- 23,Swara’s best friend, loves her a lot . They are like sisters.

Kaira :- 23,Swara’s and shabia’s childhood frnd.

Soumya :-27, Swara’s cllg frnd.
And i will tell about other characters later on when they will come in this ff.

Don’t worry swasan fans ( i m also a swasan fan) Sanskar is also in my ff but he will come later.

So this was a small sketch of the characters… and i hve decided to give a prologue today hope you guys will like it.

A girl is shown being ready as a bride. Her frnds are making her ready. She is looking very beautiful in cream and wine color bridal lehenga. She had wear matching jwellery. She is just looking very pretty. But something is missing.
She is not looking happy. She is looking lost in some other world.
Her frnd comes to her :- Swara, are you okay?
Yes the girl was our swara.
Swara :- yeah shabbi, am fine.

Shabia:- Swara, Why are you doing so? I know you are not happy with this marriage. Are you?

Swara (with sad smile):- My family is happy. And i don’t want anything else. You know na.

Shabia( in sad tone) :- Have you met him? Do you like him swara?
Swara didn’t reply.

Shabia( a little angry) :- Oh common tell me dammit.. do you like your would be husband?? Tell me swara. Do you love him?

Swara ( sadly smiling) :- I hadn’t seen himm till now. I hadn’t seen him at the time of engagement also. Moreover there is nothing to talk about this now. My family liked him and i know they will never do anything wrong for me.

Shabia (hugged her) :- Oh swara, i wish i could do something i know you dont love him how will you spend your life with him.

Swara :- I don’t love anyone na. Probably i would start loving him after our marriage.

Shabia :- Then why are you so sad?

Swara (sobbing) :- because i didn’ want to marry so early before getting any job. I am just 20 now & moreover I always wanted to do a job so that i could i give my family all pleasures.

Shomi:- And you can do that after your marriage beta. Adarsh is a very nice man. He and his family educated they will never stop you to fulfill your dreams. You will be happy with him beta.
Swara hugged her mom. :- I know ma whatever you will choose for me will be best only.
( in heart:- god am doing all this for my family please keep every one happy)
Her frnds kaira, saumya and shabia take her out for the marriage rituals.

And she get married to Adarsh Raj with all the rituals.

So guys,,,,, this was it. I am sorry if i bored you. Or if you dont like it.
Now shoot your comments fast and let me know how was it and also suggest about the city.

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    1. Sammie

      Thanks dear

  1. Nice dear…z it swalak or swasan…

    1. Sammie

      Thanx dear and about the pair it is upon you guys first enjoy the ff and then you guys have to decide whether it should be swalak or swasan. I just hope you will like it.

  2. Smiley010403

    Very nice Sammie. Make it swasan

    1. Sammie

      Thanks smiley. And about the pair i haven’t decide anything till now but i would like to say you to read the ff then decide whether to make it swasan or swalak. Thanks again.

  3. nice dear and city patna as it is my home town

    1. Sammie

      Thanks dear for the suggestion and am also from patna.

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