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Hey guys. Aash here. I am sorry for not updating my stories. When I posted “I loved him but he…” many of my readers asked me to continue it. I had no idea for the same. But now, I got a new Plot. Hope you enjoy . It’s a bit different though. Imagine yourself as the main character. Now read it and share your views.

One fine morning
I was walking through the streets alone. It was already morning. I haven’t seen this place so silent and lonely before. Usually, around this time, itwouldbe so crowded that it would be so difficult to even move around. But today, it was different. I felt like something was wrong.

All shops were closed from inside. I felt people stairing me through the half opened windows. Are they giving me the ‘sorry’ look like I was some bait for a hungry predator. Whats with those looks and why are they staying inside. Did something happen here.

I searched every nook and corner of the street with my eyes, hoping to find a clue of what was happening. The place looked like it Was abandoned for a long time. No sign of anyone. I was curious. I wanted to know what was happening.

I was nervous. What if it was some kind of invasion. Like terrorists invading a place and taking hostages. They would threaten our lives for the release of someof their leaders staying in jail. Oh My God!! Then they are going to capture me as a hostage too.

”Hey” someone called. I turned around to see who it was. There was no one. ”Hey, stop imagining things. This is not the time to make up stories. You should stay alert”. My innerself reminded me. I made myself ready for the worst. I am not a fighter though……

So how was the small intro. I will update soon.

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