What happened to swaragini?


Hey guys it’s tasneem here…I hope no one be sad or angry for what I will write is just my opinion guys. ..

Ok Let’s start with the jodis….last time they gave swasan and raglak equal screen space was almost in April when we used to watch swasan and raglak scenes and the maheshwari’s life was full of peace…. We used to see swasan nok-jhok funny scenes and raglak romantic scenes it was the best episodes of swaragini and then was the parineeta track and her evil intentions…. and then the rajat-wala- track which was super irritating because we couldn’t see any scenes between the pairs… and then the memory loss track it was good in my opinion because there was scenes between swasan but it had only one problem that it didn’t have much raglak scenes…me as a fan for swasan that doesn’t mean that I don’t like raglak…

actually I wish that both pairs share the same screen space…. and we get to the curing track…. The worst track in swaragini everrrrr it’s bad from every side… First: swasan there are almost NOT A SINGLE SWASAN SCENE IN THE WHOLE EPISODE they can stay a week without getting a single scene where are the scenes that we used to see sanskar used to follow swara every where like… in kitchen… in dining room… Where he used to pull her when she was going and she fall on him and he romances with her as much as he can…. Where are the kisses that swara used to give sanskar on his cheek… everything is GONE…second:raglak..

They are just ignoring each other so much ragini only focus on her mother… but her husband NO… right now the show should be called ragMishta because nor swara nor sanskar nor laksh is given any importance only side lined….. We watch this serial only for the pairs not to see an almost 45 year old mother losses her child and swara. .. she is just following every thing ragini says she is just going with the wind….

I think the cvs should realise that they are losing almost half of their watchers by this stupid irritating track….I just don’t know what happened to our swaragini that we used to wait for it every day just to watch what will happen between our swasan and raglak…I also quitted watching it until this track is over… somebody tell me WHAT HAPPENED TO SWARAGINI!!!

and by the way guys that was just my opinion I didn’t mean to bash anyone or create any scene I’m just remarking about the cvs nothing else I hope I didn’t waste your precious time by my article…I hope you understand me… thank you

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  1. Rekhavv

    It is now misthi vs parvati track. Original leads have changed looks like from this.. Its always Sumi and her drama some dadi’s drama. And ragini caring for Sumi. And jelly busy in jdj and don’t know where Sanskar and Laksh r??

    1. Tasneem

      I agree it’s not swaragini anymore….. it’s not the old swaragini… The cvs have gone mad

  2. As a swasan fan ur POV s correct dr but last week especially friday v got gud raglak scenes..as a raglak fan I really loved it…acc to me I want a show which shows bonding wit families like sis bonding nt oly pair scenes ..wat tey dng s gud…but shuld gve equal imp to both couples…

    1. Tasneem

      I can get ur pov dr but I mean even the raglak scenes all had crying and all that….I think right now literally no one smiles the show is full of crying…. crying… crying

  3. Sanjanaagrawal

    I also hate this track … I want my swasan .. back ..

    1. Tasneem

      Yes me too….I think all of us as swasan fans hate this track

  4. U guys hace no work to do rather than creating this stupid article and wasting the time of others..does it will have any impact on the cvs..the answer is big NOOOOO..then y do u people waste ur precious time writing this stupid analysis..seriously it is damn irritating

    1. Tasneem

      I just wrote my frustration dear…. That’s only My opinion… If you have any other opinion so you’re free by your opinion

  5. I too dnt like dis track..want swasan scenes nd thier romance..on friday thier ws no swasan scene..even sanskar scene ws nt their..i rlly hate it…thier shuld b happy momnts in da family but dis cvs mkng borng..curent track is nt good..

    1. Tasneem

      That’s what I’m talking about the cvs have just gone mad

  6. Cvs papal ho Gaye hai

  7. Vyshu10

    ha yaar…even i m nt liking this track. They should balance pairs scenes with family drama. Whole last week, we didn’t get atleast 5mins of swasan

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