What do you think about Ravish’s exit from Satrangi Sasural?

Zee TV’s Satrangi Sasural had the female lead Mugdha Chaphekar’s exit some time before. The character of Aarushi was ended and a new character Kaira was filled in lead’s place. Vrushika Mehta is doing the new female lead Kaira’s role. The show initially started with a novel concept of having seven mothers in law. The concept was about a daughter in law fulfilling expectations of her Satrangi Sasural and making a love bond with her in laws. Aarushi was from a middle class family, who gets married in a rich and big family. The show premiered on 3 December 2014, and then last year on 21 September 2015, the show took the four year leap, marking the death of Aarushi. The show shifted to evening slot after the track changed.

Now, the show is going to have the male lead changed. The track got non progressing with Kaira and Vihaan’s love story. Ravish Desai is playing double role in the show. The character of Vihaan will be dying in a fatal car accident. Mili will be bringing the lookalike clone and impersonating him as Vihaan in the family. The clone will be living with Kaira and family, while Vihaan’s character will be going towards its end. There will be new male lead in the show. Rahul Sharma will be playing the new lead and his character will be related to Vihaan’s family. He will be fighting with the clone and don the hero cap. Rahul Sharma earlier played the role of Aakash Garg in Star Plus’ TV series Ek Ghar Banaunga and Raghav Roy in Sony Pal’s Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi. What do you think Ravish’s exit from Satrangi Sasural? Do you like this replacement? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. They should have ended the show since Mugdha left/was thrown out. The show has never been the same since then. End this drama!

    1. Agree..I like the when arushi is around..but now is the worst drama..

      1. I only like Arushi and Vihaan together. Not the way it is going on now

  2. This Jadu Tona should stop in all of Zeetv shows. The show has become really boring since all this has started, it should just end

  3. Just end the goddam show

  4. The change in characters definitely affects the show. Arushi and Vihaan were fantastic together….not that I have anything bad to say to the new comers in the show but its best if its ends there than to prolong.

  5. Its better if they end this shw. These blakmgc and all is really stupid.

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    They should end the show…. bhut ho gya satrangi sasural

  7. Why don’t they just end the show, was one of my favorite show and was a crazy fan of satrangi sasural till they killed arushi. I really like mugdha chapekar’s acting a lot I m a big fan of her and I also loved the chemistry between virushi , and m happy that its ragdha in real life too 🙂 , hate this show a lot now I like Kyra and her acting but the story was way too bad I wish someone writes a fan fiction on virushi


  9. who cares, after arushi died ,many stopped watching..me too and after mili’s ghost drama bid bye .No worries who enters or exit from this. Already seven mothers are not shown, then.Waiting for this show to end and new show to get started.

  10. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Yes yaar after arushi exit this show last all fans it holds a trp of 0.5 bad trp and when arushi track was there this holded minimum trp of 1.6 how is it? First of all I just stopped watching it I am reading only by updates but after vihaan exit this show trp will come to 0.2??????

  11. I don’t like the show anymore since arushi died

  12. Jolique Nicholas

    Nooooooooo i love the relationship between kyra and vihaan don’t kill him off

  13. Only watch bits and pieces of the show now while waiting to watch Tashan e Ishq.
    Vihaan is the best character now but the withchcraft is the worst thing to happen to the show

    Should end not change the actors

  14. End this show now it has too much magic now u guys will kill Vivaan so end it

  15. Satrangi Sasural was my number one favorite show since Arushi died I stopped watching that show it should of ended a while ago.

  16. Arhaan was the best jodi for me. But when aarushi died I stopped completely to watch Satrangi sasural. Now karvi and twinj is best for me.

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