What do you think about Kumkum Bhagya’s current track?

Zee’s Kumkum Bhagya got the sorrowful separation track yet again. While the show is famous to repeat the tracks of leads separation, this time Abhi himself makes Pragya away, just by suspicion fed by Aaliya in his mind. Aaliya and Tanu get unsure about Munni, when they see her keeping the fast for Abhi. Pragya had cleverly stepped in Munni’s place to get back in Abhi’s life. Pragya doesn’t reveal him the truth. This thing goes against her.

Pragya misleads Aaliya and Tanu, after seeing them follow her. She confirms that they are doubting on her. Pragya reaches Munni’s house to prove she is Munni. Aaliya gets convinced that Pragya is Munni. Tanu still doubts on Pragya. Pragya waits for Munni’s return. She assumes everything will be set right once Munni exposes Aaliya and Tanu. She plans to make Munni admit the truth in front of Abhi. Pragya and Abhi miss each other. Misunderstandings get high between them. It seems the show will drag this track for more episodes. What do you think about Kumkum Bhagya’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Disturbed Fan

    Bull shit.. Same thing over and over again… In this serial the main lead is getting degraded every day.. Alia and tanu get away Scott free inspite of committing such grevious crimes.. Is this how we portray India and Indian women.. Abhi is he a Rockstar becos anyone walks in and out of MM as as if it is some roadside Lane. Above all jab shaadi hui thi pandit ne kahani tha horoscope ekdum ache se milte hai… Is this what acha is…. Getting separated all the time. In this serial too much negativity… EVIL ALWAYS WIN. BAS KARO YEAR.. ZEE TV you need to revisit the content of the serial since it is being watched by all the family members together and also it is a global show, please you are representing INDIA.. Show that evil does not always win.

  2. I think the track with the memory loss was good, we did see more of the true character of Abhi, and the part after Pragya’s accident was good too for just few episodes, so it’s only naturel to be expecting much of him (unfortunately it didn’t happen, and the use of Pragya’s look like should of been more fun at the expense of Aalia and Tanu… little disappointing but I really hope this part can bring something for the lead characters especially Abhi.

  3. BHEJA FRY no XXXXXXXXXXX………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pragya needs a backbone and Abhi needs a brain transplant…for two such characters that have amazing chemistry this show’s writers and producers simply do not know how to showcase this, let them be happy and consummate the 3 + year marriage..why are Indian soaps so afraid of this?

  5. ChandaMaya

    In the West soap operas are more like a daily life episode like Young and the Restless for instance, so you see the characters almost as a lifetime growth, but Indian serials are unbelievable, melodramatic, romantic Bollywood nonsense . . . . Fake tracks all the way. I guess the evil fantasy world and sick characters are a new fascination for the Indian public television viewers. Wait some years and the he t generation will become what they look at, yes sick and warpec. This soap shows no upstanding example of living. Old or new track, whatever it is, it is still the same is anxiety all viewers feel. All the other Indian serials are following the same recipe to get viewers hooked but the smart people lose interest fast and checks the serial from time to time for a panoramic overview of what is very little change.

  6. zulekha patel

    bakwaas show n track, i just watch bcoz of pragya and abhi

  7. in kumkum bhagya all tracks are worst and startind this serial is good but not now if dis serial is continuing justbecause actors acting worstscript writing

  8. a very stupid show is Kum Kum bhagya. The Indian writers themselves are abusing Indian traditions.
    making a mockery of the married life of people and the sindor of women. shame on the writers for writing shows that have no point to them at all or a way to teach viewers about the good and bad in life which the westerns shows do. The Indian writers really do need to take classes in the west to write good characters and soap operas. Not Garbage like KumKum Bhagya. I bet you Kundali Bhagya will become garbage shows as it goes on.

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