What do you think about justice track in DABH?


The track was much hyped in Diya Aur Baati Hum. Star Plus has aired many promos to create curiosity of Apradhi Kaun for Mohit’s murder. Once Sandhya and Sooraj got some peace after setting Lalima with her old friend Pramod, Mohit got mad to get after Lalima. This track was running since long. Everyone got the hint by Bhabho’s behavior that she has killed Mohit. Even then much investigations and doubts on everyone were seen, which just bored the audience and added many number of episodes in the run.

Bhabho has given the murder motive in the court. She killed Mohit to save Lalima’s respect. While the family believes she did the right thing and are apologetic to Lalima, Sandhya is stuck between her duty and family yet again. Sandhya does not want to see Bhabho behind bars and knows she did justice with Lalima. Mohit was killed accidentally in defense by a stone hit, which was just meant by Bhabho to stop him. The justice track will go on for few more days till Bhabho gets life imprisonment and then gets freed by public protests and much media involvement. Diya Aur Baati Hum has similar plot like shows and movies presented before. The real to life acting by the cast makes every scene watchable. The track touches hearts of the viewers. Does this justice track look sensible fit in the show or just any unwanted plot drag? You may leave a comment with your vote in this poll.

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  1. Total irritating track of Mohit Murder. It is a great insult to judicial system and police department. Bhabho charcter as mother is a total failure. She can kill her son to protect Lalima, but she can do injustice to her daughters-in-law in many occasions. She is talking about moral values now, but what did she do to teach moral lessons to her son Mohit and only daughter Chhavi who turned out to be liers and criminals?

    Because of her stupidity, Bhabho got shot in the plane hijack drama and lost her kidney and made Sandhya’job more difficult. Sandhya donaed her kidney to Bhabho but Bhabho never appreciated.

    Her behaviour was very selfish in Ved/Vansh drama, Garjana Drama and Karva Chauth Drama. Suraj in fact kicked her out of the house to satisfy Bhabho and Babassa.

    Now, Suraj is asking sympathy from IPS Officer Sandhya for her mother. What did he do to protect his own wife who was being tortured by Bhabho? The title is not justified at all. Only selfish behaviours of Raathi Family.

    Any IPS Officer cannot perform his/her duties honestly and efficiently while living with bunch of selfish and criminal minded people.

    It is still hard to believe that Bhabho killed her son to protect lalima knowing Bhabho to be very very ignorant towards her own sons and daughter deeds throughout her life.

    1. Hello praful u hav a stupid eye ,thinking,vision and all that’s y u c all of them stupid. And u like the stupid word more.ur thought is negative.u r a stupid person. DABH no need ur stupid comment…. Stupid

      1. I was expressing my opinion and no need to go personal attack using words ‘stupid”.

        You could have used some decent language,

        I’m not upset about your comments , but I’ll be expressing my honest opinions without attacking personally.

        Thank you.

  2. O plz dabh fan Praful is not saying anything wrong of u like dabh so it doesn’t mean that everyone likes it so please 🙁

  3. nonsense

  4. Praful is right Bhabo is selfish when Mohit left hme she did not question him on his return or asked Emily to marry someone else but Sandya came back she wanted Sandya to leave and Suraj must marry Lalima Bhabo forgot sandhya sacrifice of donating her kidney Even Laima is wrong no unmarried behave the way she behaved

  5. plz end this unwanted track

  6. Well i want this to end….dnt kno abt juctice

  7. Praful is right. I am agreeing with him.

  8. Me 2 agree bhaho did wrong its kk if she kill her son for saving lalima after she has tosurrenderr and also punishment should not only given to bhabo ,surah and lokesh are also culprit. This is crime yr to hide truth.sry dabh fans if I hutted u

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