What do you find best in DABH currently?


Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum is living upto expectations of viewers in terms of providing enough entertainment. Lalima was not seen much in the show, when track was to highlight Mission mahabali’s completion. It was great to see an ordinary guy Sooraj helping a trained police officer Sandhya in the mission. The action scenes got over followed by Sooraj and Sandhya’s remarriage scene. It was thankfully winded up in a single episode. The marriage scenes were shown in a short and sweet manner. The viewers knew Sandhya’s journey back home will be full on dramatic. While the mission gave a good dose of entertainment, the next dose of family drama got high with Bhabho’s decision of bringing Lalima home as Sooraj’s bride.

Sooraj’s pairing with Sandhya and Lalima is the new twist in the show. While Lalima was shown as completely positive character and regarded a Devi by Sooraj, now her character is shown grey. Lalima is ready to go to any extent to make Sandhya away from Sooraj. She loves Sooraj, and stopped being selfless. Lalima confides with her brother that she will become Sooraj’s wife by sending Sandhya away from him. Lalima’s track will add on more drama to Sandhya’s troubles. Bhabho sides with Lalima, which makes Sooraj and Sandhya vulnerable to problems. The show is going on good pace with good coverage of emotions, Bhabho’s lesson to Sandhya, and Lalima’s character change. We would like to know what do you find best in DABH currently? Let us know in this poll. You may choose upto two choices. You may also leave comment about the current track and your fav. Choice in the poll.

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  1. sepration trak was bettr thn lalima trak

    1. True say…???

    2. This is 100% right i do agree for this

  2. Now lalima track was nice… Now bhaboo get good lesson after refuse Sandhya as daughter in low…?????

    1. Dam wating for that scene.. When bhaboo get know lalima’s real face… Now just wait and watch….?????????

      1. s.sathyanarayanan

        What Varsha said is correct. We will wait for when Bhaboo comes to know the reality of Lalimas intention. There after she will accept Sandhya as her Daughter-in-law.

      2. Me too waiting for this ….babho want to know her real face

  3. correct richa

  4. I just hate bhabo and lalima ! She has no right to separate his son from his wife when they both r in immense love and have a little child!! Who will b suffering more when his parents are sepereted !

  5. Sandhya will find about lalima soon….. And both will challenge to win bhabo s heart…. Let us see the drama…..

  6. Sandhya is an honest trustworthy personality. She had done a lot to Rathi family. She will never leave rathi family. Her True nature will save and make her win her lost respect in rathi family. The only thing is she should find Lalimaz fade colour at the earliest. She should sense just one loop that is all she will conclude and make Lalima exit cleverly. Mohit should also be sent out from rathi family. Bhaboo after realizing her parvarish she herself should make Emily marry Zakir even though she is not fit to that. I hate that she also never supports sandy. God should definitely help sandhyà.

  7. Sooraj-sandhya relationof love and devotion have always been the highlight of this serial. Sandhya has always risen to any occasion and sorted out problems in “Rathi parivar” Bhabho has forgotten the values inculcated in her parivar, and Mohit also has forgotten.
    All is well that ends well, and so it will be in Sooraj-Sandhya’s life.

  8. s.sathyanarayanan

    You will know Sandhya will become Suraj’s wife after Lalima’s attempts make failure.
    Then Bhaboo realises her mistake about Sandhya whom she has parted and given divorce papers to Sandhya to make Lalima as her eldest D–in-law.

  9. s.sathyanarayanan

    The fake drama will comes to an end.

  10. I want Sooraj to find out Lalima’s truth.Bcoz in this track Sooraj’s heroism can improve his importance in the show.His heroism is acceptable too.

    1. Ya fine I totally go with you friend.

    2. You r right @ad i too agree with u

    3. Yeah that’s true ! @ Ad

  11. Sooraj-Sandhya togetherness & Ved parts are the only + points of current track.

  12. I hate this lalimaa track…

  13. finish this lalima track

  14. Actually bhabho should know about mission mahabali then she will get to know about sandhya and her sacrifice and mohit should be sent out of the house

    1. Even then also she wont praise Sandhya. Instead she threates Sandy
      as you are the main cause for Sooraj getting shot . So you go away
      from his life. She screams that because of you y son had faced
      so many difficulties . etc.etc.etccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  15. i think bhaboo should get kidnapped by a dangerous terrorist organization, so police give sandhya the duty to save her, so bhaboo will know value of a police officer to society and also experience fear of dying from a bomb or a gun.

    1. She should not be kidnapped by terrorists. Only Lalima should kidnap
      her and give tortures to the core. only then she can analyse Sandys

  16. I accept the comment of KD its true Bhaboo should get punishment and also Mohit should be sent out of this drama Emily should marry Zakir

  17. I don’t want to see Laleema in the show. I want to see Sooraj’s new hotel and how Sandhya, Suraj n Ved enjoy their life as a family.

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