You went away – PROLOGUE




“Go away…” I yell in affliction and laceration. Who says life is beautiful! It’s full of tenderness and spasm. “Open the door, please” Mom begs , her voice crick and cramp. I lean against the door , as the memories flashes upon my inward eye. “Open the blo*dy door” it’s Arhaan’s voice. His voice irritates me now. I can’t bear him.

I can’t believe him , despite of him being my brother he can’t tell me where he went. “Get the hell out of here , you cheat” I yell onto my brother as he grumbles twisting the knob again and again. “Radhika…” a saccharine and soothing sound hits my ears as I breathe back. “Please open the door. It’s me” Sam says I cry hard. I twist the knob , facing the pale faces standing in front of me.

“Sam..” I cry out as she pulls me for a hug. “Shhh. Everything would be okay” she tries to assure me but I let out a faint laugh. “Nothing would be okay” I try to tell her but she cries. My gaze locks with my brother’s as I grunt like a bull. “Where’s he?” I ask him , holding his collar as he lowers his gaze. “blo*dy idiot! Tell me , where he is?” I shout again as he steps back.

I know he won’t tell me where he is. “He’s not replying to me , Sam. Look , my own brother doesn’t want me to know about him” I tell her , wiping the tears away from my face. “Get out of my room” I yell at Arhaan who rushes out in horror. Sam puts me to bed, caressing my hair.



I watch the sun as it rises up, spreading it’s beautiful rays across the whole globe. It’s a beautiful view out there. I observe the colors of the alluring and beauteous scene in front me. Every single second consists of different colors that , presumably, suits my mood swings. People think I’m too harsh and grumpy. Yes , I’m. Because I don’t give a damn on what they think. Because hey , it’s my face and my mood. You shouldn’t have any problem. Am I right?

Oh Sorry! Of course , an inception right. Where are my manners? Kidding though. My late dad named me Radhika. So after all I’m attached to him So , hi I’m Radhika Mishra. A 24 years old adult , who’s not at all interested in what people think about her. I have lived in Canada for 22 since after that incident we shifted to LA. Living in a big mansion is quite boring because you usually will get tired right?

Yes , Samaira Khanna , is my cousin. My mom and her father are siblings. She lost her mom two years ago and I lost my dad when I was 5 years old ,Pretty sad. We all live together , me , mom , Khanna uncle , Aditi who’s Sam’s sister and Arhaan my brother. I don’t have the same relation with him due to what happened in the past. Oh yeah! You must be thinking why Sam doesn’t live with us.

She’s a cracked up girl , she does what she wants. She lives in LA but not with us. My phone buzzes crushing the thoughts I had been thinking. It’s the alarm. Well , I got up pretty early today. Good job , Radhika. I motion towards the dressing room changing into denims paired up with a plain white top. I quickly wear my flats motioning towards the breakfast table.

“Morning everyone” I greet them taking a seat beside Aditi. The cook places my breakfast plate on the table as I smile at her. In between midway of our breakfast our attention is drawn towards the current show on the TV. “Good morning Australia!” The Show host named lavender greets the audience as I look on focused. She keeps on blabbering at last she says something that snaps my head towards the TV.

“Are you ready for the one , for the one that some of you had been waiting since hours?” she asks in a jocund tone as I roll my eyes. Again there will be some celebrity or singer out there. “Welcome him with a huge round for applause” Lavender says as my heartbeat increase. It seems as if it’s gonna come out any passing second.

“Shut the TV off” Aditi orders the cook but I prevent her from doing so. “Don’t” I tell her as she steps back horrified. Everyone looks at me with sympathy and and mutual fondness as I grunt. “Welcome today’s leading singer , the inspiration of many people out there, Arjun Mehra” lavender yells on the show as the crowd cheers in happiness.

Some of them are crying with happiness and glee as others shout his name. There are teenagers as well as adults crying for him. Some of them have weird boards out with them. One says ‘MARRY ME ARJUN’ Gosh! She’s , probably around 14 or 15. One had the board of ‘Rock me’. For God sake! Those girls out there are crazy. Thank God! I’m in LA.

Lavender talks to him asking about his whole life and career as I feel the tears building inside me. When the people knows the real side of him then he’ll get the real respect. “You have gained so much popularity in such a short time and the fans are eager to know that woah! Look at the young man but still he’s single” lavender sighs in the end as my heart literally aches.

He gives his signature smile to the whole audience before beginning to say something. “Well there’s someone out there” he says as those words hits me hard across my heart. I shut my eyes , burying the tears and the pain. I open my eyes as I tell the cook to turn off the TV. I find Arhaan smiling , yeah he should be happy. Impossible world .



So , this was the prologue of my story. I’m nervous that will anyone like it or not. Let’s see , fingers crossed.

If you want to know about Sam’s story then you should check it out.
“Roommates (nesam)”

These two stories are related a bit. Like they have some connections. Which you’ll know in the upcoming updates of both the stories.

So should I continue or not?

Let’s see what you all comment.

Till then take care ??

Credit to: Misha

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  1. Great story dear. Pls do continue

    1. Hey suvi. Thank you so much. Yes, I’ll for sure continue?

  2. Oh god dear 😀 am jumping with happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s really awesome 🙂 🙂 so finally here my darlzzzzzzz 🙂 🙂 🙂 rads feeling oh god so sad n arjun’s word well there s someone out there”””” quit interesting 🙂 🙂 🙂 oh baby can u upload next part ASAP oh pls baby am dying to know abt rads n arjun fb 🙂 🙂 😀

    1. Hey suga. Thank you so much. Haha I’m glad you liked it. The suspense is all in that because that’s what the title says ‘you went away’.
      Thanks again.
      I’ll try to upload soon but seriously so stuck with all the stories and shopping for my uncle’s marriage. But I’ll be writing soon?

  3. Hi it’s beautiful. And I love it. If possible can u give me d link of all d roommates episodes … Plz plz… I want to read it at one go. Why r arjun and radz separate??? I need to know. U have made me curious… Plz update soon.

    1. Hey rg. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And about roommates I don’t know the links are not working. Can you just type roommates (nesam) on the upper right box of telly updates then it will help you.
      And about the separation it’s the main suspense ?
      I’ll try to post soon?

  4. Nice one dr do continue

    1. Hey Gayathri thank you so much. Yes, I’ll continue??

  5. MISHAAAAA……V ASKED 4 ARDIKA N U GAV 1…..LOVE U 4 DIS OSM PROLOGUE…….well now im fingers crossed too to know d past n lovd d part……ok now giv d nxt n roommates in quick succession asap… u n keep smiling n ri8ing

    1. Hey dev. How have you been?
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. Yes , I’ll be updating soon.
      I’ll post roommates too.
      Love you too. You should also keep smiling and thanks for supporting ??

      1. Im fine here dear

  6. awesome next update fast

    1. Hey Sam. Thank you so much . I’ll try to post soon. ??

  7. Misha babe this is just mindblowing ofcourse u should continue and i already like the plot dont get nervous everybody is gonna love this and i lyk the plots which have some suspense…
    Readers should also be dieing with curiosity for the next one… And peoplw lyk me will surely torture their heads till the next one

    1. Hey Sejal. How are you?
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m so happy you all liked it. And I’m glad I could entertain you all.
      Haha I loved your comment. Yes I love suspense too.
      Thanks for the amazing comment

      1. Trust me the pleasure is all mine.. Plzz update the next asap.

  8. Mishu plzz continue…………..I loved it…….what happened to Radhika ???? Y did she shout to Arhaan ?????? is this story continuation from any part of mmz ?????……..anyway I’m dying with curiosity to know the rest of the story……….plzz update fast………….

    1. Hey Aastha. Thank you so much. No no this is not any continuation. The shouting and all that past was before two years and after that it was after two years. It’s the suspense ??.
      I’ll to post soon

  9. nice plot misha sis.really eager 2 know rads past .pls continue n update soon.

    1. Hey ammu. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes I’ll continue and I’ll post soon

  10. Awesome story yes, please continue. 🙂

    1. Hey brin. Thank you would much. Yes I’ll continue for sure ??

  11. Amazing misha. This is so mind blowing. Please please continue and post asap.. I really loved it. 🙂 stay blessed

    1. Roshini …..can u plzz check d last epi of till that day……i ve read it …n its good…..plzz check out

      1. Hey dev 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am smiling thousand volts your view and I am superbly glad. Thanks again !!! 🙂

      2. Check out again buddy d last epi of till dat day

      3. Mention not misha.. By the way I loved your name

      4. Uh oh DEV????? ?? 🙂 😉

    2. Hey roshni. Thank you so so much. I’m glad you liked it. I’ll continue for sure and I’ll post soon. Thanks for your wishesmoney stay happy always.??

  12. u gave us a very big suspence…and u will do injustice if u dont continue…i get mad with suspences…..sooooooooooooo u must continue…..update next part soon dear……..

    1. Hey feby. How are you? Haha yes I’ll for sure continue. Thank you so much. But I think you’ll get more mad because the suspense won’t be revealed so soon ??
      I’m happy you liked the prologue??

  13. awesome episode…..please continue………

    1. Hey subha. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. I’ll for sure continue??

  14. Please continue…. I was a silent reader of roommates

    1. Hey bhabya. I’ll for sure continue. It’s okaymy I’m glad you liked roommates??

  15. Hey mishu ….amazing start yaar….eager to rads past life..pls continue u

    1. Hey susi. How are you?
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. I’ll be updating soon. Love you loads and take care

      1. Iam fine dear…pls post soon..

  16. Please do continue this is very interesting. You write very beautifully

    1. Hey Gianna. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. Thank for your lovely words. I appreciate it??

  17. Awesome…… Plz continue… and I love to read roommates….. and I like this plot also and these stories r linked……. amazing…….. desperately waiting for both the ffs…… love u… tc

    1. Hey Deeva. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. And I had started roommates long ago. Four chapters of roommates are already updated. I’m glad you liked it. Love you too and take care ??

  18. Misha its amazing dear 🙂 pls keep it going 🙂

    1. Hey gauri. How are you?
      Thank you so much. Yes I’ll keep on writing. ??

  19. Super awesome 🙂 arjun singer oh my god

    1. Hey emy. Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked it. ??yeah singer hehe

  20. Heyyy mishaa ?…u here…..I just read the story …n came below to c who wrote this….omg it’s uuu..
    Ur vocabulary us soo nice….the usage of words , …u created love for this ff in my heart ☺…..
    U know wat it is like that of a professional writer ….mi was waiting to read a ff like this …finalyy :’)
    Please do continue it. . I’m waiting for the NXT epi…
    I’m litteraly addicted to this ?

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  23. Hii.. misha. .. I have read ur ff breakdown… bt only till ep 2… n TU is nt providing others…n even commenting has been prohibited there… so plz can you give me link of break down really wanna read that..plz

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