You went away – Chapter 1




“I’m telling you for the last time , I don’t want to give an audition!” I have clarified this to her for like the thousand time since this afternoon. But who can stop this annoying creature , well , yeah she is aggravating sometimes but at the end she’s an important part of my life , just the way Sam is.

“Pretty please, Radhu!” She says in a saccharine tone making me sigh. “Please Mehru , I can’t” I reply back in a doleful tone , leaning onto the couch , letting out a huge sigh. “You can! Okay , fine. Come to La cigale café” she hurries in a quick tone and before I can utter a word she hangs up. God! She’s cracked. I settle my bag strap over my shoulder , heading towards my car.


I clear my throat for like the 100th time as she doesn’t respond. “Mehreen! It’s the last time I’m talking to you. If you you don’t respond, I’ll go back” I clear out to her as she moves her hair dramatically. She sighs , taking my hands in her hers as I look on awkwardly. “Radhika…” she whispers rubbing my knuckles softly as I look on weirdly. “Umm..Mehre..” I begin but she gives a light squeeze to my hands.

“Shh! Let me speak. Stop doing this to yourself , share your pain with me. Forget about the world , forget about everyone. They won’t let us live in peace. We both love each other. Marry me!” she says her voice sooth and calm as my eyes widen in awe and astonishment. I back of my hands , horrified and she cracks up. “Oh..Oh G-God…” she says in fits of laughter making me roll my eyes at her.

“Idiot” I mumble leaning against the chair. I sip on my chocolate frappe , admiring the allure. This place is my favorite , the art and simplicity , the eloquence and fascinating atmosphere gives me inner peace. “Are you there?” Mehreen snaps her fingers in front of me causing me stop the admiration. I nod leaning my elbows on the table. “So?” I ask wiggling my eyebrows as a smirk pops on her lips.

“No! No! Just stop thing what you are thinking right now and stop assuming that I would go for that stupid audition” I spat and she frowns , shaking her head in disbelief. “Please! You are fab at singing. Give it a try. And I know it was your dream…” she mumbles softly making me sigh. My muscles tenses up of even thinking about it. “Plus, your voice is so good. Try once , for me? For your mom? Or Sam?” she asks , a hope in her voice.

I lean against the chair and shut my eyes, relaxing my mind and pondering over her words. She’s right , till when will I live my life like this? I have to do it. For her , mom and Sam. “Okay..” I finally mutter opening my eyes. She jumps over to me in happiness looping her arms around my neck. “Thanks..”

Oh look at my etiquettes again! Who’s Mehreen ! You probably must have known her due to her silliness. Mehreen , one of the world’s most annoying and chirpy best friend ever. But she’s my life , without her there’s no me. She and Sam have been the one, like my pillars that didn’t let me break. “Radhu!” someone yells making me come back to the reality. “I’m so excited! I hope I can win hearts with my voice too!” she winks at me making me smile.

Yes , we both are going towards the world’s biggest show called “Destiny” Well , to be honest call it my childhoods dream or so. Destiny is the show that shapes you up. I have been working as a managing director for our company but I’m tired of this life. And now I’m gonna live it. Fingers crossed, let’s see how the audition goes…


I impatiently and nervously play with my fingers and Mehreen grins at me. I groan leaning my head back on the chair and relax. “It’s my turn after this” She yells and everyone snap their heads at her , assuming she has gone mad. “Sorry..” she mumbles taking her seat back. “Hold on to your horses, girl” I tell her and she sticks out her tongue at me.

It’s been 20 minutes since Mehreen has gone inside. I hope she does well and I’m dying right now. What if I faint seeing the huge crowd over there and the judges. Oh God! Okay okay! Calm down Radhika , inhale and exhale , inhale and exhale , inhale and exhale, inha- my therapy is stopped as Mehreen comes out of there. Her gaze lowered and her eyes red. What happened!

“M-Mehru…w-what happened?” I ask tears forming in my eyes. She gives me a quick hug and sobs lightly. “You are freaking me out” I tell her rubbing her back. “I’m in” she whispers as I push her back. “You idiot. You almost gave me a myocardial infarction” I say dramatically , my hand at my heart as she laughs. “Sorry…I’m hell happy!!” she yells again , and I swear the others are gonna kill her for her extremely blustering voice.

We wait there as my crazy heart doesn’t accept to slow down. “Radhika Mishra” Oh my God , it’s my turn. Help me , God. I walk with the crew girl in the thin hall as suddenly the bright lights hits my faces and I shut my eyes to prevent that stupid light from causing me blind. “Hurry up , go there” the crew girl points towards the stage and I sigh. She’s so rude!

I slowly walk towards the center , my heart throbbing inside. “Hello , young lady” an old voice hits me and I look up. “Hel-“ and before I can complete my hello , my gaze stops at the person sitting next to the one who greeted me. Everything seems to disappear and I can only hear my heartbeat ‘Lubb-Dubb’ and ‘Lubb-Dubb’ and so on. I feel the whole stage gonna breakdown any minute. Or maybe I’m gonna collapse right now.

“Are you okay?” Paul Cullen , one of the judge asks me and I look on blankly. I blink my eyes rapidly , trying to prevent those tears. “Y-yes” I reply in a trembling voice and he smiles at me. I try not to look at him , else I’ll breakdown any second and Mehreen , I’m gonna kill her. Couldn’t she tell me that Arjun was there. Huh! “So , From where do you belong?” Diana John , the second judge asks and I try to clear the lump forming in my throat.

“India” I smile brightly and they nod. “What are you gonna sing?” She asks , showing her 32 teeths to me. “Same old love by Selena Gomez” I say trying not to look at my left , because that’s where he is. “Great!” she exclaims , motioning her hand to start.

“Same Old Love”

Take away your things and go
You can’t take back what you said, I know
I’ve heard it all before at least a million times
I’m not one to forget, you know

I don’t believe, I don’t believe it
You left in peace, left me in pieces
Too hard to breathe, I’m on my knees
Right now, ‘ow

I’m so sick of that same old love, that shit, it tears me up
I’m so sick of that same old love, my body’s had enough
Oh (that same old love)
I’m so sick of that same old love, feels like I’ve blown apart
I’m so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart
Oh (that same old love)

Shouldn’t he be feeling that this song is directly referring to him. Yeah , he should.

I’m not spending any time, wasting tonight on you
I know, I’ve heard it all
So don’t you try and change your mind
Cause I won’t be changing too, you know

You can’t believe, still can’t believe it
You left in peace, left me in pieces
Too hard to breathe, I’m on my knees
Right now, ‘ow

I’m so sick of that same old love, that shit, it tears me up
I’m so sick of that same old love, my body’s had enough
Oh (that same old love)
I’m so sick of that same old love, feels like I’ve blown apart
I’m so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart
Oh (that same old love)

I’m so sick of that, so sick of that love

I’m so sick of that same old love, that shit, it tears me up
I’m so sick of that same old love, my body’s had enough
Oh (that same old love)
I’m so sick of that same old love, feels like I’ve blown apart
I’m so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart
Oh (that same old love)

I finish my song , stepping away from the Mike and shut my eyes tightly. A huge round of applause is what I hear next and I smile. “That was unbelievable!” Paul says loudly and I give him a bright smile. “Thank you…” I mumble , “Radhika , you were just stunning” Diana says and I grin. “Was that song for someone?” She asks passing me a wink and I sigh. “Sort of” I wink back at her and she cracks up.

“I like you girl” she says leaning back on her chair. “What do you think , Arjun?” she asks and this time our gaze locks. He wriggled his eyebrows and I look on in those deep brown eyes that used to fascinate me all day , but now those are nothing to me. “She’s wonderful” he’s voice is still the same , and I could feel it. I look away from his intense stare else I’m gonna cry. Why are girls suppose to be so sensitive. Ugh!

Suddenly , the green buzzer hits , then the other one and then the other one. “Does this mean?” I ask amazed and surprised. “This means you are selected” she singsongs and I smile at her. “Thank you..” I mumble and begin to walk away. I feel the compulsion to look at him but can’t as that would damage me more.

“How was it?” Mehreen asks literally jumping around and I walk outside to breathe. “Radhika…” she calls out my name but I ignore her and walk outside as the warm air gives me sensations. I let out a deep breath taking a seat on the porch type bank. Why didn’t Mehreen told me that he was there? Unquestionably , there must be a reason and I’m sure.

“Radhika!” Someone calls my name in a miffed and sore tone and I look away. “At least tell me what exactly happened?” She asks oblivious to the fact that how mad I’m at her. “Why didn’t you told me that he was there?” I merely whisper and she whines. “Then you wouldn’t agree to give the audition” She whispers back squeezing my hand lightly and I smile , nodding my head in agreement and acknowledging why she did that.

“It’s f**king cold! Shall we go inside?” She asks her lips fluttering and I grin. “Yeah..” , we head inside getting back on our places. “Guys! Come on. It’s time for all of you to go on the stage” the lady host cheers and we head inside , the crowd propitious. “Look at such an abetting and ancillary crowd” the host says out loud and Mehreen gives them all a tight smile , as I try to focus on the rest but fail inadequately.

“Welcome the 18 new voice of Destiny” she says as for this time , it feels like a long time , our gaze locks and all I could do is get lost in those eyes of his , whom once I used to adore and fall for. There is not enchantment or lust for him , all that is pretty visible is abhorrence , animus and destation. I look away as the talk goes on.


“I’m so excited for this whole expedition” Mehreen cheers and I sigh , nodding at how right , I mean how wrong she is. Me , plus the other 17 contestants are settled in a large, buttoned up room. “Good afternoon , dark horses” Diana greets , getting replies from everyone. Paul and Arjun stands besides her , having those beatific and angelic smiles on their lips. “Destiny is gonna be different this time” She continues her words.

“We are gonna make teams and the teams which will go the finals , will be then splitting and then we are gonna have one winner at the end” She emphasizes on the word winner as everyone gives her an ‘Awww’ “But here’s a twist , the teams are gonna be given trainings for a month plus , in the middle of the month there’s just gonna be a sneak peak of each team. Get my words?” she asks and we nod.

“Great , so to make it more easier we have separate coaches for each team , and then another twist is that you have to stay away from your families for a month which means you are supposed to be in that place where your coach’s are” she continues and my eyes widen like bombshells. “Let’s hear the teams” Paul says and I cross my fingers not be in Arjun’s team.

“Mark , Casper and Dia , with coach No. 3” she says handing them out the tag numbers. After a couple of teams there comes my name , “Radhika , Anna and Mehreen” she says our names in that American accent of hers as Mehreen laughs. “Yes , we are together” Mehreen buzzes in my ear and I shove her away. “With coach No. 6” she finishes and we turn to find our coach.

“Who’s coach No.6?” Anna asks trying to find the one with that 6 tag and I nervously play with my fingers. “No.6?” A husky and bold voice breaks our conversation and yeah I know I’m damn lucky. “Omg! Arjun Mehra” Anna covers her mouth in excitement and agitation and I whine. “I’m such a b-big fa-fan of yours” she says choking on her own words and I see an amused smile playing on his lips.

“Great!” he replies smiling widely and I turn my face away. “Are you okay?” Mehreen whispers and I give her a warning look. “Hey arjun! You wanted them right. So, good luck” Diana whispers as my jaw hits the floor. He did it on purpose , hell with you Arjun Mehra. I grumble and cross my arms over my chest. Okay , breathe Radhika breathe.

“Seriously? You selected us?” Anna asks showing her full gratitude and I purse my lips so that I don’t burst out due to anger. “Umm..yeah” he says scratching the back of his neck awkwardly and I roll my eyes. “Come on on guys! Better go home and pack your bags” Paul yells and yes , thanks Paul for that perfect announcement.


“I just couldn’t believe that” Mehreen mumbles as we go towards our car in the parking lot. “How dare he?” Mehreen grunts and I shut my eyes. “Radhika!” we both stops hearing my name and I snap my head back to see him motioning towards us. “Let’s go!” I whisper to Mehreen and she nods. “Radhika , stop” he yells and I walk , not stopping in any possible way out there.

“Radhika” he shouts again , probably , running towards us and I stop. “What?” I yell on top of my lungs as Mehreen gives a light squeeze to my shoulder. “Listen to me” he motions towards us but I step back. “Don’” I say in between clamp teeths and he sighs. “Radhika..” he whispers but I shut my eyes. “Stay away from me. You are just my coach , no one else” I reply , bitterness in my tone.

“Okay..” is what comes out of his mouth and he turns away. Mehreen grabs my hand and drives me towards my home. Huh! The same situation in front of me , him and only him. Go away , Arjun. I don’t need you….



A long time right ???

Yes , my apologies to all.

Sorry , I know it may seem to be a long time but I was so busy these days and mind you , I still am. So , now basically , I’m gonna go and complete my assignment , that’s why I have stop over here ??

And how are you all?

Thank you so much for that infinite support guys! I’m so so so so so so so so happy.

And to those who wants to know about the suspense , sorry but it’s not gonna be revealed that soon. ?

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and it was good?

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And Destiny?

Look , density brought them in front of each other again , the show and the real like destiny both. Hehe.

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Credit to: Misha

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