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Next Day morning

Ragini wakes up in the early morning. She saw laksh was sleeping in the bed peacefully. She went near him. Sun rays were falling in his face. And seeing him like that ragini went near him and sits near him.

Ragini  (thinking)- he was looking soo handsome while sleeping. And most importantly he was looking innocent. I don’t know but his caring nature made me fall for him. She remembers all the moments she spent with him before engagement. A smile comes in her face.

Suddenly she realised that now nothing was right. And the person she was loving now he was a lier. Tears comes from her eyes. She wipes her tears.

Ragini – why god? Why me? Always why you do this with me. I never hurted anyone knowingly then why you are punishing me like this. First Raj and now laksh. May be it was written in my fate that I’ll never get my love. But now i have to do the duty of a dil. And she went to washroom for bath.

In this while laksh wakes up. As usual he calls the maid for tea. But no one respond. Then he turns and saw the decoration and realises the present.

Laksh – oh god why I’m so weak by memory. Last night Ragini was very much hurted. I have to talk to her. But where is she?? Then he heard the sound of water drops. Oh she was bathing . Let her come I’ll talk to her.

After sometime Ragini comes outside. She was wearing a blue white colour saree. Laksh saw her and he gets lost in her. Ragini saw him but didn’t talked with him. After doing her makeup done she started going towards downstairs. But she feels someone is holding her hand and stopping her from going. She turns and saw it was laksh. She forcefully brings her hand back.

Laksh – please Ragini listen to me once please.

Ragini – now what left to tell laksh? Everything was finished. You kept me in such a situation where i just can’t do anything.  i can’t  leave you because of my family members.

Laksh – please forgive me Ragini. I know idid wrong but believe me…

Ragini – what you want to tell that you don’t want to hurt me but it just happened. But I’m fed of these. Why? ?why i have to suffer always because of the people i trust. Raj and you were same. There is no difference in between you two . I’m mad why I’m telling you.

Laksh – Ragini i know i don’t even ask you sorry. I promise I’ll try my best to forget Khushi. But please don’t stop talking with me. Because i can’t lose you. You are my only friend.

Ragini – yah i’m your friend. ..leave it Laksh. I’m going downstairs you go and take bath. Today it’s my first day in this house so please. And saying this she left outside.

Laksh feels that tears were coming from his eyes. He didn’t understand the reason. If it was because Ragini was crying or he was guilty?? He thought to give Ragini sometime. Then he left to washroom.

The morning some how passed. It was afternoon. Ragini was sitting silently. All the recent happenings were coming in her mind. Suddenly she thought of Riya. Because after leaving Riya didn’t called her once. But riya was not like that. Ragini called her. After manytime finally someone answered the call . But ragini was shocked because it was a boy’s tone.
At that time laksh entered the room . He saw ragini was talking.

Ragini – who are you and how you get Riya’s phone.

Person – Actually the girl you are calling she has met with an accident. And her phone was fallen here.

Hearing this ragini shattered. Laksh saw her crying and come near her. He kept his hand on her shoulder and ask her the reason.

Ragini – please tell me in which hospital you are now.

Person- sorry mam i’m alone here. And now only i came here. And no one is here to help me. If you can come then please come quickly.

Ragini – okay I’m coming. And if you’ll get any help then please admit her in any nearby hospital.

Then she cut the call.

Laksh – what happened Ragini?

Ragini – she was crying very badly. Laksh riya mets with an accident. Don’t know when it happened. Till now she was lying at that place only. No one has taken her to the hospital. Please take me there laksh. She needs me.

Laksh hugs her and paccifies her.

Laksh – Ragini don’t worry nothing will happen to riya. I’ll take you there. And they left.

After 15 min they reach the place. It was a lonely place. Ragini runs near Riya’s car and tried to open the car but it wasn’t opening. She saw riya was lying with pools of blood. Seeing her ragini understand that accident had happened last night.

Person – mam i had informed police. They will come soon.

Ragini saw laksh was standing beside her. She went near him and holds his hand.

Ragini – please laksh do something. Save my riya. She was mine only friend please. I’ll not blame you nor tell you anything my rest of life. Please save her.

Laksh went and tried to open the door with that person. At last they bring a stone and after trying many times they able to break the glass window. Then they bring riya out of the car. And they rushed to the hospital.

In hospital

Laksh was waiting outside as Ragini was helping the doctors in the surgery. He saw police has came there.

Police -hlo Mr laksh.

Laksh – yah hi.

Police -sir from the accident spot it was clearly seen that it was not the victim’s fault. Someone had hitted the car from backside that’s why the accident happened.

Laksh – okay. Just found that idiot quickly. I want that person beside the bars as soon as possible.

Police -okay sir. And they left.

Laksh – who can try to kill riya. She is such a good girl. But now Ragini was already shattered. I have to be with her.

After many hour Ragini comes out of the ot. She saw laksh but didn’t talked to him and went straightly to outside. Laksh understand that something bad happened. He wait for the other doctor’s to come out.

Laksh – Dr how is she?

Dr – now it was really very difficult to tell anything. It was very late laksh. She has much blood loss. Don’t know if she’ll able to survive or not but if she get survive also she can go to coma. Hope for the best.

Precap – Ragini and laksh became friends again. Reason behind Riya’s accident and may be some romance. ……

Guys please forgive me. Due to heavy work i couldn’t get time to update it. You can scold me but please don’t stop reading because i saw last time many of you not comented. Please if you want to give suggestions then it was also acceptable. Okay see you soon. Bye and take care.

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