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Episode 4

Okay let’s start it

Ragini was shocked to hear the truth from laksh. After hearing Ap voice laksh release Khushi . And he stands up. He saw ragini was crying. He knew that one day Ragini will know the truth but the way… It was wrong. He had thought that once the reception party will be over he’ll tell her the truth but seeing Khushi he forget that.

Ap – what is this laksh?what is this girl doing here.

Laksh – woh..

Ap – and what is this why Ragini is crying?
Ragini thought Ap didn’t know anything about Khushi. She thought if Ap will knew about Khushi she will breaks down as she promised her parents that always Ragini will be happy in her rest of life. She quickly wipes her tears and went near Ap.

Ragini – no maa nothing happened. She was laksh friend. And she came here to congratulate us for our marriage. And don’t know when i came here while talking. And laksh came to call me. Now let’s go. Guest will feel bad. Laksh please come fast i’m leaving with maa. And saying this she went from there with Ap without waiting for more question from Ap.

Riya stands up and went near laksh. She slapped him hard. She was crying.

Riya – why you did it Laksh. The day you came to see Ragini i asked you about Khushi but you told me that it’s a rumour that you loved her. Ragini had told her past right then why you again detached her. It was very much difficult that she started believing on boys again you did the same thing that idiot had did. You are a celebrity that doesn’t mean you’ll play with someone’s life. Chi today I’m ashamed that once you were my favourite. And saying this she left from there.

Now only Khushi and laksh were present there.

Khushi – how dare she laksh?how can she slapped you?

Laksh – just stop it Khushi just stop it. I don’t want to anything from you. Why you came here haan

Khushi – laksh i love you and when i came to know that you married to an other girl i can’t stop myself from coming here.

Laksh – she don’t know anything about us. Then why you tried to kill her. She is innocent.

Khushi – sorry laksh after seeing her with you i can’t stop myself. ..I’m really sorry. And saying this she runs from there.

Laksh remembers about ragini. And he also left from there and stands near Ragini. After sometime the reception party was over. Ap told riya to take Ragini to room as it’s their first night. Riya wants to oppose Ap but Ragini holds her hand. So riya takes her to the room. Riya doesn’t know what to tell Ragini now. She helps her to seat in the bed and started walking from there but..

Ragini – you’ll also leave from here leaving me alone.

Riya – she runs back near Ragini and hugs her tightly and cried. I’m really sorry Ragini. I doesn’t deserve to call myself your best friend. I’m really sorry i couldn’t save you again.

Ragini – hey stupid why you are crying. I’m fine. And you are my best friend. It’s not your fault riya . It was my fate that I’ll never get love in my life. Raj and laksh both were same. Don’t worry now it bacame my habit to bear these.

Riya – I can’t stay here. I’m going from here. Plz Ragini. .

Ragini – yah you go I’ll also leave from here after some days. Bye and take care.

After riya left laksh comes inside. He can’t seeing Ragini as he know he did wrong.

Laksh – Ragini i’m. .

Ragini – she stands up and tells what now you will tell that you are sorry. I don’t need that. And you know what you did the same thing that Raj did. If you boys think that by saying a sorry you will heal all the wound. No, others have also emotions. I asked you soo many times about Khushi but you always divert or refuse to have a relationship with her. Oh now i understand before marriage whenever i called you you never received it. Instead of that you simply send a message that you are in shoot. I was a stupid that i believe you every time. But now i don’t want to become a fool again.

And saying this she slept on the couch. Laksh also went and sleeps in the bed.

It ends with Ragini’s crying face. ..

Precap- Ragini came to know that riya had a accident and she leaves to her work place if laksh will able to stop her. .

So guys here is the next part. Hope you all like it. I know you all want that I’ll became regular. Sorry guys due to heavy work and I’m having my exams also so please give me sometime. I’ll became regular. Okay then see you soon. Bye and take care.

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  1. Raglakholic

    Its outstanding update
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    Nd precap seems so interesting
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

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    feeling bad for ragini

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    amazing feel bad for ragini and love how she talked to lakshya,,,he deserves it xx

  5. plzz try to become regular plzz next part soon

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    Nice story 🙂 waiting for next part 😀

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  8. feeling bad for Ragini! Waiting for the next because now you nailed it yaar! fantastic and emotional too 🙂

  9. i know laksh did wrong but i cant blame him he also lost his love and trying to move on wid rags as well i just cant stop feeling sorry for my ragu she twice got betrayed she obviously will have her own insecurities
    waiting for next 1

  10. Mind blowing

  11. Asw

    Nice feel sad for Ragini keep going

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    awesome dear…feeling bad for my poor ragu…u r strong sweety…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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