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Episode 3

Okay let’s start it

Laksh was waiting for Ragini. He was feeling more guilty now as Ragini had already told her past to him. But Ap face came to his mind and he stopped himself. He saw ragini was coming out. She smiled towards him . Laksh also smiles her a little. He saw Ragini was talking on phone. And she was crossing the road while talking only. He saw a car was coming. He runs and pulls Ragini towards him and both fall down. Ragini was shocked as everything happened with in a second only. Laksh gets up and forward his hand to ragini. And then she also stood.

Laksh – are you mad haan? Can’t you see before crossing the road.

Ragini – sorry.

Laksh – what sorry? Before sometime you only gave me advice to drive slowly then what the hell is wrong with you. If i wasn’t here then can you even imagine what would happen to you.

Ragini – she holds her ears and said please forgive me i’m really really sorry. I’ll not do it again. Now I’m not going to leave you so easily Mr. You are now with me for lifetime. Now come. We have to go home also.

Laksh – yah let’s go. But i’ll drive.

Ragini – okay.

Laksh was driving the car. Ragini’s words were echoing in his mind. How she told that she’ll not leave him . all the recent happenings including Khushi ‘ s hundreds of messages. How he was hiding them. Everything were flashing in his mind.

They reached home. The next day it’s raglak engagement. Ragini was waiting for laksh in the room. Laksh reached there.

Ragini – you came. Come quickly

Laksh – i’m here only. Tell me what you want to tell?

Ragini – i want you to meet someone.

Laksh – who?

Ragini – first come inside. And she drags him inside.

Laksh saw a little girl of age 7 to 10 yrs old was sitting in a wheel chair. Laksh went near her.

Girl – you are my jiju na.

Laksh – yes. He saw ragini she was smiling him.

Girl – you have to promise me that you’ll always keep my di happy. She really deserves alot of happiness. Ragini di you go na i want to talk with him.

Ragini – okay but don’t irritate him more. And she went from there.

Girl – that day my parents left me on the road when i was only 4 yrs old. And i was crying all the way . Where ever i went i ask for my parents. And Ragini di that day saved me from an accident but my legs get paralysed. She had always takes care of me. Please don’t cheat her like that idiot Raj. Promise me.

Laksh – hearing her story he became teary eyed. I promise you ilk not let a drop of tears comes from her eyes.

Girl – thanks but take care of her.

Laksh went from there. He straightly went to his room and cried.

Why god why you are doing this. Ragini was really a very good girl. She deserves a best please i don’t deserve her. Why you put me in this situation. What was my mistake. One side Khushi and other side my maa because of her i’m going to cheat Ragini who thought me as a friend. It’s better I’ll break all relation with Khushi and will tell Ragini everything after marriage.

Then both Ragini and laksh get engaged. And after one month they got married also.

It’s raglak reception

Ragini get ready. She was wearing a onion colour lehenga with matching assosories and makeup. She was looking as an angel . and laksh also get ready . He was wearing a white and violet colour serwani. Laksh reaches the venue. All his friends were already present including media. All were congratulating him for his Marriage. Ap welcome Ragini. All were shocked seeing Ragini. Ragini was coming with riya. Laksh also stood for sometime as he was stunned by ragini’s look. Ragini comes near him. All the guest started coming near them and congrats them. After sometime Riya announced for couple dance. Laksh ask Ragini for dance. She happily give her hand. They started dancing.

Sun sathiya plays in the background. …

While dancing ragini was remembering all the things how she first meet laksh on his shooting set, how they fight,then their meet at her house,how he saved her from the accident , their marriage.

Their dance ends. All claps happily for them. Riya comes near Ragini.

Riya -Ragini how did you dance?you don’t know even how to dance then? ??

Ragini – don’t know yaar when laksh ask me for dance i can’t refuse him. When i gave my hand i feel that i was in a very secure place in his hands . When he pulls towards him i was remembering all the moments we shared.

Riya – it means you are in love Ragini.

Ragini – what no yaar. .

Riya – yes, just ask yourself you’ll get the answer yourself.

Ragini thinks for sometime. Then she saw towards laksh he was talking with his friends. Seeing him a smile comes her face. She realises that she was in love with laksh, her laksh who’ll never cheat her . He’ll never leave her.

Ragini – yes, I love him. I love him riya.

Riya – so tonight only you’ll tell him haan.

Ragini – okay now i can’t wait to tell him. But if he loves me.

Riya- definitely yes, the way he cared for you, and he support you right. Really i’m very much happy for you guys. You both make a perfect couple.

Ragini – thanks alot. And she hugs riya.

A girl come near Ragini and gives her a bouque. She congrats Ragini for marriage.
Girl – congratulations Ragini.

Ragini – thanks but I. .

Girl – i know you don’t know me. I’m lakh’s best friend. I want to talk with you. Please come na with me.

Ragini – i’m happy to see you here but all guest are here how I’ll come with you.

Girl – don’t worry I’ll take only two minutes.

Ragini – okay but what’s your name.

Girl – Khushi.

And she left with Ragini to a room . When Ragini went inside Khushi closed the door.

Ragini – why you close it.

Khushi – don’t worry one can easily open it i don’t lock it.

Ragini – now tell me.

Khushi – she comes near Ragini . Just look at this photos haan.  And she started to show her some photos. Ragini was shocked to see them . Photos were of laksh and that girl.

Ragini – what you want to tell, these are all lie.

Khushi – if you are a fool haan you don’t have any mind. Are from this pics one can easily know that how much we love each other. It were from our trip to London. How are they. They were soo lovely na.

Ragini was crying seeing them but inside her someone is telling her that these all are not true.

Khushi – everything was perfect. But don’t know suddenly from where you came. But i’ll not leave you easily.

Ragini – but it’s not true.

At venue

Laksh ask riya about ragini. When he came to know that ragini was with Khushi he runs to that room. When he reached there he was shocked because Khushi was trying to suffocating Ragini by strangling her neck. And Ragini was trying hard to get rid of her. Laksh runs near them and pulls Khushi so Khushi falls down and Ragini also. Seeing Khushi falling laksh quickly holds her and hugs her seeing that ragini was shocked.

Laksh – are you fine na Khushi. Khushi i’m sorry .

Riya enters and saw ragini in the floor.  She runs near her and holds her in her lap and gives her water. She was also shocked to see Khushi and laksh.

Laksh was hugging Khushi tightly.

Laksh – i’m really sorry dear. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m really sorry.

Seeing Ragini there Khushi hugs tightly laksh.

Khushi – it’s okay laksh. See i’m fine nothing happened to me . I love you laksh.
Laksh – thank god you are fine. I love you too Khushi.

Ap comes from behind .

Ap – laksh. ..

Laksh was shocked to hear Ap voice. Now he come to reality. He release Khushi. And saw ragini was crying.

It ends on ragini’s crying face.

Precap – what will Ragini do now?

So guys it’s the next part. Guys it’s my bday gift to you. Hope you all like it. See you soon. Bye and take care.

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