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Episode 2

Let’s start it

Ragini thought for sometime. And then she gains some courage and started to tell . seeing her now laksh had already thought that it was really very much painful for her. He keeps his hand on her hand.

Laksh – now tell me.

Ragini saw his hands on her hand. A drop of tears came from her eyes.

Ragini – laksh i love someone.

Laksh – then why you are marrying me?

Ragini – first listen to me. .

Laksh – okay.

Ragini started to tell her story.

Fb starts

It was my second in the medical college. I was very much nervous because i learnt from my friends that second day we’ll face our senior . Means ragging. I was really very much scared. Then i entered the college. I saw all of my friends turn was already over. That time i wasn’t looking like today. That time my world was just with in my family and my study. I was a boring girl. When my turn comes my seniors ask me to dance but i politely replied them that i don’t know. Then they told me that i have to go and propose someone for dance and they point out on a boy. When i saw him his back was only i can saw. I went near him and proposed him and ask him to dance. You will not believe laksh my other friends were crying because with whom they were dancing they were dancing with a wrong way. .Seeing them i was shocked. When i ask that boy for dance i was just feels attracted to him because he was really handsome. Then he ask me for dance and we started dancing. He told me in my ear that he’ll dance for maximum one minute then he’ll leave and he’ll take me out. So i also agreed. But in the middle we heard that his classmates were comenting like they will come and teach us how to dance on a romantic song. He told me that he want to hold my waist otherwise his friends. … So i allowed him. And then we dance.

Seriously for the first time i was liking a boy. I like him for his simplicity. After some day i saw him in the road he was helping a poor. Again i fell for him. Then slowly we became friends and then after one year he proposed me. And that’s also on my bday. I feel that it was the most beautiful bday of my life. I said yes to him. Then we became a happy couple. All other girls were jelous of me. And they should because he was the heartrobe of our college. We were in a relationship for six months. After coming from summer vacation suddenly everything changes. He changed alot. Now he wasn’t even picking my call. First i thought may he was having exam pressure but i enquiry he had no exams. I didn’t understand what happened. One day i went out with riya for shopping. That was worst day of my life . I saw him with one of my classmate. I was shocked but then i told myself that she was his friend and that can be possible . then i thought i’m behaving like a typical gf.

I ignored that. After two months i couldn’t control more. I ask me the reason behind his ignorance. He told me that he love that girl. I told him that he love me. But he told me that whatever happened after i came to college it’s all for a bet that he got from his friends. Yes, laksh some day before i enter the college his gf left him. But seeing his attitude his friends bet him to make a gf from the new batch entering the college means our batch. And unfortunately i was the girl. I was shattered laksh. I hold his legs also that please don’t leave me because i love him truly but he simply throw me in the road and went away. I cried hard. His words were only echoing in my ear. I forget that i was sitting in the roadside. Some of my friends bring me back to hostel. Then i left everything even my studies. When my marks goes down my papa ask me the reason. But i couldn’t answer him. He cried because always from my childhood he want to see me as a doctor. I couldn’t lose them also. So I promised myself that I’ll study more . And see now i’m a doctor. But i never forget him. My Raj sorry his name was Raj (role played by yuvraj of tashan e ishq ). Yaar now he want mine sorry.

Fb ends. .

Ragini wipes her tears. And saw towards laksh.

Laksh – so till now you love him.

Ragini – yah but he was already married.

Laksh – seriously.

Ragini – don’t know i heard it from my friends.

Laksh – if he’ll want to come back in your life then??

Ragini – impossible. Because now onwards I’ll definitely forget him. Because i don’t want to upset my parents. Laksh i told you all these because i don’t want to start a new life with a secret. I don’t know now you’ll marry me or not. .

Laksh – I’ll definitely marry you. You are really a courageous girl.

Ragini – now tell me about you? Do you love anyone?

Laksh – noo. I don’t love anyone.

Ragini – that’s really good. Okay you come i’m going to call maa . network is not here.
Laksh – i’m waiting in car.

Ragini – okay then. And she left.

Laksh sits there for sometime.

Laksh pov

She was already feels so much pain. When she’ll know about me and Khushi she’ll breakdown. But i can’t tell her now otherwise maa will. .. noo i can’t let maa do anything wrong. I can’t lose her. After our marriage I’ll tell her everything. But that time she’ll fell again betrayed. I don’t have any choice. She told me everything but i can’t. …

Then he went to his car.

Ragini calls riya.

Riya – what happened?

Ragini- I told him everything about Raj.

Riya – what??

Ragini – and now also he want to marry me.

Riya – it’s really a great news yaar. I told you na god wasn’t that much bad. See he send laksh for you. You will see, he’ll give you soo much love that you’ll forget that idiot and heartless Raj.

Ragini – hope soo…

It ends with Ragini’s hopefull face and laksh ‘ s guilty face .

Precap – raglak engagement and something more!!!!

Guys i typed now only. Please forgive me if you find any mistake please. And hope you all like it. See you soon. Till then bye and take care. .

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