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Okay let’s start it

Laksh was very sad. He was standing in the terrace only. He saw Khushi was calling him continuously. He cuts the call. Then he got a call from his house maid.

Laksh – yah tell me.

Maid -sir Khushi mam was here. She is really very upset. She was asking about you. But i lied her that i don’t know where were you now. If she’ll call you from landline just don’t receive it.

Laksh – thank you very much. You go I’ll see it.

Then he switch off his mobile. And went downstairs. He saw everyone is happy. All were happy seeing him. Laksh went and sit beside Ragini as Ap told.

Ap – so sumi ji let’s do their engagement tomorrow only.

Sumi – we are ready for it but..

Ap – then it will be done. We’ll keep it a secret otherwise media will disturb you all. We’ll inform them in the marriage.

Sumi – that’s really good. But now we have to do so many preparation.

Ap – Ragini and laksh you both go to shopping and choose the ring haan.

Ragini signs a yes so as laksh.

After talking lunch laksh went upstairs. He was crying. He can’t choose between his mother and his love. Khushi was a very good girl but Ap doesn’t like her instead she loves Ragini the day she saw her. She loves ragini’s helping nature,her talks everything. Laksh was thinking how much Khushi and he tried to convince Ap. Laksh remembers something.

Fb starts

Laksh returns from the shoot. He saw Ap was smiling seeing him. She told him to change first and come as she wants to tell him something important. Laksh thought may be Ap has accepted Khushi as daughter in law. He comes quickly.

Laksh – maa tell me what you want to tell me.

Ap – laksh we are going somewhere.

Laksh – but maa my shooting. ..

Ap – you don’t worry i had already talked with the producers.

Laksh – but where we are going?

Ap – to ragini’s house.

Laksh – what? who is she.

Ap – the girl who saved me that day. You forget her.

Laksh – oh she was. Yah but why we are going there.

Ap – to fix your and her marriage.

Hearing this laksh was shocked .

Laksh – but maa I love Khushi. And i thought one day you will accept her.

Ap – i never liked that girl. I know Ragini was best for you. She is really a very good girl.

Laksh – but maa i will not come with you. Because I’ll marry Khushi only and that’s final.

Ap – but my decision was right. You’ll marry Ragini only. Laksh please try to understand she is not a good girl.

Laksh – i’m not coming with you. And you are also not going anywhere.

Ap – okay then you go and marry that girl. I’ll do whatever i want .

Laksh – maa what it means now.

Ap – I’ll went away from your life. You stay with that girl. It’s your house, stay here. But remember one thing after today never show your face to me. And from today i’ll forget that i have a son.

And saying this she turned to go.
Laksh runs to her and holds her legs.

Laksh – please maa i can’t stay without you. Okay I’ll do as you said. I promised I’ll marry her. But please don’t go anywhere.

Ap – she helps him to get up and said thanks beta I’ll never leave you again.

Fb ends.

Laksh feels someone is touching his shoulder. He saw it was riya.

Laksh – hi.

Riya – hi.

Laksh – what are you doing here?

Riya – i want to ask something.

Laksh – yah please.

Riya – you love Khushi right. I was one of your biggest fan. So i had always seen your interview, I followed you everywhere. And i had saw how much you are close with Khushi. I had always thought you loves her truly.

Laksh – no its not like that. We were just good friends. If you will be a celebrity then people will always talk about you .

Riya – are you sure?

Laksh – yah of course.

Riya – please promise me that you’ll never hurt my best friend. She had already suffered alot.

Laksh – don’t worry I’ll never hurt her.

Riya – thank you very much. Now I’m completely satisfied . Now you can go with Ragini. She was waiting for you. You will go na.

Laksh – yah you go I’ll just come.

Riya – okay and saying this she left.

In the room

Riya – Ragini now you can marry him.

Ragini – why?

Riya – are i said na Thatswhy.

Ragini – I think i should tell him the truth.

Riya – no. ..

Ragini – i don’t want to hide anything from him .

Riya – but that was your past.

Ragini – i know that. Riya i don’t want to start this relationship with a lie. It’s better i should tell him the truth .

Riya – okay then.

After sometime Ragini and laksh left for shopping. Ragini was driving the car.

Laksh – why you are driving slowly i’m feeling like I’m going in a cycle.

Ragini – oh Mr it’s not that much bored haan. I drive well. And you forget one thing that I’m a doctor.

Laksh – that doesn’t mean you’ll drive like this.

Ragini – I know you drive like a plane. But it’s not a plane. And sit silently let me concentrate on driving.

Laksh – he murmured god a doctor wife seriously she’ll not let me enjoy my life further. If maa wasn’t enough so you send her.

Ragini – if you told anything.

Laksh – no nothing.

Finally they reached .

Laksh – thank you ragini.

Ragini – why?

Laksh – because you took completely 10min to reach here. You should get a award yaar.

Ragini- laksh look we reach here safely yes or no.

Laksh – yes.

Ragini – then why you tell that you will give me award.

Laksh – because your driving was so good.

Ragini – oho then thanks for that. Now let’s go.

After selecting ring both went to a coffee shop.

Ragini – laksh it was one of my favourite shop. It’s coffee was really best.

Laksh – okay then let’s try today.

Ragini – laksh i want to told you something really important.

Laksh – what?

Ragini- about my past.

Laksh- your past?

Ragini – yes, because i don’t want to start a new life with a lie.

Laksh – okay then tell me.

Ragini- I should be strong .

It ends with Ragini’s determined face.

Precap – ragini’s past revelation and may be some romance? ??

Friends i’m really sorry for late update. Hope you all like this episode. I’ll wait for your comments. See you soon. Till then bye and take care.


  1. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    It’d totally amazing update
    Laksh sacrificed his love for his mom
    Nd Riya asking promise from him for ragini
    Nd what is ragini’s past???
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

  2. nikky

    loved waiting for raglak romance and then Kushi to separate raglak plzzzz be regular and plzzzz raglak ff write more as now days raglak ff are very less in comparison to Swasan plZzzzzzzz be regular next part soon

  3. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Let’s see what will be his reaction
    Waiting for the next one………….

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