Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. Thanks for all your coments and support. Sorry because i couldn’t get time to reply you all. Okay let’s start it.

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Okay let’s start it

Ragini became shocked hearing Ap. She saw towards laksh and when he saw her he bends his head. Then Ragini saw towards her mother and she saw a smile on her face indicating that she should accept it.

Ragini – aunty you are kidding right.

Ap – no beta I’m very much serious. I really want to make you my daughter in law.

Ragini – no aunty it’s not possible.

Ap – why beta? if you love some one. Tell me frankly.

Hearing this ragini saw towards riya she signs her to say no.

Ragini – no aunty nothing like that. Aunty please try to understand …

Ap – then what is the problem.

Ragini – she helplessly saw towards her mother sumi.

Sumi – beta you can tell us later but we all are happy with this relation. If you want then go and talk with laksh then whatever your is your decision we’ll agree with it. But just try once for us beta.

Seeing her mother Ragini ask for sometime. All leaves from her room except riya.

Riya – ithink you should talk with him once.

Ragini – you also. .

Riya – Ragini you have to get married oneday right then talk with him once may be you both will go forward. Aunty is not preesurizing you. Talk with him.

Ragini – but he was a celebrity and there is many difference yaar.

Riya – you know na opposite only attracts. Now go and talk with him.

Ragini – okay but he was a sadu. You remember our first meeting with him.

Riya – yah but now go.

After sometime Ragini and laksh went upstairs . It’s already 10 min since they were sitting silently. Ragini feels more uncomfortable. Because she was very much talkative.

Ragini – god he was so silent. I think i should start it.

Ragini – hi laksh i’m Ragini. And she forward her hand.

Laksh – he also handshake withher i’m laksh.

Ragini – why you are such a sadu.

Laksh – what me?

Ragini – and how can you be so silent.

Laksh – wait why you called me sadu.

Ragini – when i met with you for the first time you remember what you had did with me.

Laksh – are that. …

Fb starts

Ragini and her family were on a family trip to Mumbai. In the temple Ragini had seen Ap for the first time. She get senseless that’s why Ragini brought her to their hotel room and treat her. When Ap regain sense she told about laksh. So Ragini went there where laksh was shooting for his serial. She waits for him. When laksh came there he talk with her rudely.

Laksh – I know you are an obessed fan right. And how dare you to take my mom’s name. I know these are a tric. Now get out.
Ragini – oh hlo i don’t even know you. And fan my foot till now i had never heard about you. And i came here only because your mother needs you. Whatever now i’m going when you’ll realise it na….

Laksh – now get out.

Ragini – she left from there.

Fb ends. …

Laksh – sorry thatday i told so many things to you. I thought you are like other girls.

Ragini – if you thought I’ll joke in the name of my patients. I never did that.

Laksh – okay look sorry for that day and thanks alot because you saved my mother.

Ragini – it’s okay. If you want to do this marriage?

Laksh – don’t know but i’ll because my mom was very much happy with this relation and you?

Ragini – actually I have some questions. Look you are a celebrity and I’m a normal girl. I don’t know how to maintain in your society.

Laksh – don’t worry at the starting i had also faced alot. I’ll help you.

Ragini – okay but if you love someone. I mean i had heared about Khushi and you so I’m asking if you love her .

Laksh – he thought for sometime and said that was a rumour.

Ragini – okay then we can stay as friends right. I’ll say yes only for my family.

Laksh – okay same here.

And then Ragini left.

Laksh – i’m sorry Ragini but i can’t say you the truth that i love Khushi otherwise. ….maa will hurt herself but i’ll tell you very soon. Now let’s see what will happen in our future.

It ends with laksh sad face. .

So guys here is next part . I know you all want that i should be regular but now i can’t. I have some personal issues that’s why. Hope you all understand me. And hope you all like it. Okay till then bye and take care.

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