welcome too parent hood (part-1)

A os on current track
Sanky searching laksh finally get succeed . He bring him the home. Everyone in mm is hell happy. UttRara’s marrgr also fixed . Gm werd invitrd by mm. Except swara everyonr is there.
Shek: we are very happy to see u again laksh.
Lu: sorry papa
Sumi: sorry thou ragini dena padegi.
Lak: you will not give me sry.
Rag: sry
Lak : i want to tell sryhai naa maa
Rag: i mean i don’t need ur sry or story.
San: bhbi he did a big mistake but u can
Rag: can he give back my sorrowful six month.
Can he swipe the tears of swara. No naa
Lak: pls…..pls.
Rags phone ring .loudspeaker
Rag: hello swara wat happen.
Mm were eager to hear her voice.
Swa: aftr forgivimg unlucky luvky pls come herre
Rag: pls for oncr come here i need ur help.
Swa: iss ghar ke dhahaleez sirf dehaleez nahi tumare liye yeh lakshman reka hai. Do u forgt tht i will npt come
Rag: for me pls naa swara.
Aftr 1 hr
Swara entered there head is injured. Everyonr is shocked.
Sum: wat happen?
Swa: woh maa shopping beech ek vehicle hit me
Not so serious.
Suj: she is hurted.dont u feel sad sanky.
Sanky rush and hug her.
TRING……. ….
RAG: haa swara kya hua
No voice
Rag: swara…..
Lal: put it in loudspeaker.
Swa: rag…imi aahh sa ve me maaa aaaaaahhhhh
Rag: what happen dr. Tell swara.
Swara: save me……
Sanky instantly ran to baadi everyone follow him. When enter swaras room she is lyi g on the floor . Sanky imdatly grab her to his embrace.
San: swara swara
They took her to hospital. Aftr 1 hr
Doc: u can meet her she may die at any mpment.all of them entered. Swara was awake
San: wat happem to u shona.
Swa: u told mee.. naa u will punish me soo i thi k to die. Before i feel drowsy and i go for check up. That result came at the ri8 time at which drank the poison.
Swa: i need to live sans….kaar becz im pregnsnt.
San: yeh tune kyakardiya.
Swa: i can’t bear ur nafraat. I cut all the tie with u for ignstting u to find out lucky.
San: sry shona sry but i was also damn sad.
Sww: sry …. i will die..sanskaaasr i ♥♡uiuu
After 8 month.
Sanskaar outside ot. . Pacing here and there.
Nursr: a baaby girl.
All entr the cabin
San: tq swara for coming back tht day . Tq for this baby.
Swa: welcome to parent hood.

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