Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 8th February 2013 Written Update

Today is Vindoo Dara Singh’s turn as a host . He has a chef’s hat which has Chef Amelia written on it. He says its his daughters’ and everyone in his house are good cooks excepting for him . He shows the seating arrangement in the living room and also his dad -Dara Singh’s picture who was his friend ,philosopher and guide too .He says he has grown up on eating indian food but after marrying a gori (foreigner) he has had to have different cuisines too .
He says honey —calling out to his wife Dina and his helper to help him in the kitchen .
The Menu is sent along with a boxing glove .Nauheed asks where’s the menu and asks mukka (box)khaana parega kya .
On reading Greek Salad, Aman Verma says a greek will come

to serve the salad . Vindoo says all of you pray for me that the evening goes off well and the commentator asks who will pray for the guests . Sara likes the prawn and crab salad and Aman says he is allergic to sea-food .After reading the non-vegetarian fare Anupam says whoever has called us will have to eat what he has cooked . Vindoo tries to make pasta and burns the sauce . His wife helps him to make pasta.
Finally he is done with his cooking and says he wants to get a haircut at the parlour . (the little hair he has)

Starters – Cheese Olive Crackers ,Greek Salad ,Crab and Prawns Salad
Main Course – Baked Chicken ,Veg Pasta with white sauce .
Dessert – Strawberry with ice-cream

Sara arrives first and is disappointed not to see Vindoo welcoming her . She says when she was the host she didn’t get ready at the parlour .(yes ma’am the parlour came to you – she owns a parlour )

Second to arrive is Aman who mock boxes and is surprised to see Dina welcoming him. Nauheed and Anupam are welcomed by Dina too . Vindoo has fallen asleep while getting his hair cut . All the guests get tired of waiting and serve themselves juice from the fridge and starters .Vindoo enters and everyone treats him as if he is their guest. Sara ,Aman and nauheed take a tour of vindoo’s house . He plays a prank and locks Aman and Nauheed in the bedroom to give them some extra time to get to know each other .His idea fails though .

Nauheed says there’s a generation gap between sara and anupam because they start arguing again. He says tataiya (kind of a bitter chilli ) chabaa ke aayi hai kya . She says hann ye tataiya kaat khaayegi . Anupam replies no wonder Ali didn’t come after that day (ouch–below the belt comment again ) She gets angry and tells him not to talk about her personal stuff and says that he has been married and has not had an affair like Ali .
Off camera Sara says anupam says all this thinking that he will defeat her .

Vindoo serves the main course . Crab salad and baked chicken . All are sure that he has not cooked it . Sara tells him that his wife helped him the dinner will be good definitely .Nauheed asks vindooo that since his wife is a russian ,how do they communicate . He says he finds it a problem when he goes to russia because all want to talk to him .

Sara discloses that she has a punjabi boyfriend .Aman asks her what if her boyfriend asks her to convert to hinduism after marriage ,what will she do ? She says she will tell her boyfriend that he didn’t love her in the first place . Anupam says one shouldn’t be hasty in giving up everything for love .Sara says she doesn’t understand what he says . He says he was talking in general .When asked to specify he says he doesn’t want to clarify otherwise he will be told that he is targeting someone . Anupam says that he is not on a payroll to give explanations and Sara walks off by saying that she is not interested to even know. She points out to Vindoo in the kitchen how Anupam is riling her up and he agrees too .Vindoo re-serves them the welcome drink and serves them desserts .Nauheed tells Sara that Anupam is imposing and Sara calls him orthodox. She says she didn’t like the idea of him taking Ali’s name all the time and saying that he ran away from her .Meanwhile Anupam sitting outside with the guys says that the worlds biggest joke is 2 women sitting quietly . The girls eat up all the strawberries .Aman says the girls have finished all the strawberries .Vindoo innovates the ice-cream and adds pineapple to it .
The Evening comes to an end .

Ratings for Vindoo Dara Singh as a Host
Anupam -5
Sara -5
Aman -7
Nauheed -7

Update Credit to: Anu

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