Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 7th February 2013 Written Update

Nauheed Cyrusi is today’s host .She’s dressed up for the evening in a black sari and looks gorgeous .She says today she wants to make her guests have healthy parsi food .
The menu is sent out in a cute bell form .
Welcome Drink – Raspberry juice
Starters – Patra ni macchi ,Dhansak
Dessert – Lagan nu Custard
Theme – Black Tie and Sari
The reactions while reading this menu – Vindoo says he loves fish .

Aman says that he is allergic to sea food and usko kuch kuch hota hai after having it .On reading the theme with a very poker face he says that he has a black tie but no sari . Vindoo and Sara arrive together.Vindoo appreciates Nauheed’s sari .She serves them the raspberry juice and they

prefer her efforts as in comparison to Aman’s guava juice the day before.
Aman comes walking in Nauheed’s building with a scowl on his face . He says that he is upset with the way Vindoo and Sara behaved with his trophies. Nauheed welcomes him and he says he is not dressed according to the theme because he was tired . Vindoo remarks that award winning aadmi ko kahan dress up karne ki zarurat hai . Aman remarks that all the time why are they mentioning his awards and he didn’t like the way they were playing with his trophies. He starts arguing and gets hyped up.
Off camera he says everyone knows Vindoo only because he is Dara Singh’s son or else he has no achievements.

Vindoo asks him if has had any problems at work or something ,that he is overeacting this way .Off camera Vindoo says that maybe he is pmsing thats why he is snapping at all . Nauheed offers him the welcome drink to cool him off and he snaps that it is bitter and he had served much better drinks at his place. Nauheed tells him that maybe he needs a nap to cool off because he is becoming chidchida (irritable) and thus spoiling the atmosphere . Off camera Vindoo says Aman must have had a fight with his girlfriend and thats why he was removing his anger on them . The last to arrive is Anupam who gets a tiffin along with him.He says he is a vegetarian and he had attended 2 dinners and was left hungry ,thats why he has got his own food along with him and will make the others have it too .Nauheed welcomes him and asks him why did he get a dabba . She tells him that he had the time to get a dabba but no time to wear a tie . He says he doesn’t know how to tie a tie .He points out that even Aman has worn a tshirt . She serves anupam raspberry drink.

She says she will serve everyone patra ni macchi and Aman gets irritated at the mention of sea-food .Nauheed forces sara to come in the kitchen and sara drops the glass of juice by mistake and it breaks . Nauheed says this glass was from the time of her parents wedding . Anupam says breaking of glass is lucky .Aman says that isn’t sara too kiddish and is always behaving like one . Sara replies that she is a kid but it doesn’t mean that she will tolerate elder’s nonsense. She says she was helping Nauheed and broke the glass by mistake .Aman says if nauheed was offering to take the glass she should have given it to her . (oh aman was too crabbity today )

Off camera Sara says that Aman was bugged with her because she had played with his trophy awards . Sara has the fish and finds the masala little weird .
Anupam says that mehendi pees ke toh nahi daali .She asks Anupam if he is happy seeing them in saris today . He says yes and the other days he was unhappy and uncomfortable .She wants to know that why does he have an objection and he gets hyper .She is upset that he keeps on commenting about clothes . He says mere sanskaar (culture) nahi hai . She says aapke sanskaar nahi toh aapke ghar pe rakhiye .He says he is successful in the industry because of this sanskaar and doesnt get cheated in life . She says no gets cheated and he says then why were you crying when Ali had come to your house. (Ouch –that was below the belt Anupam ) She says thats her personal lookout and she didnt force her opinions on him-the way he does.He goes off tangent and says will you hit me with your shoes.

Nauheed in the kitchen wonders why are they fighting in her house . Sara and Anupam argue and says angpradarshan dekh raha hun kabse . Aman says age ki hisaab se insaan ka soch bhi badalta hai.Anupam says mein sataya (senile) thodi gaya hun . Aman then asks them to respect each other and not increase the argument .

Nauheed then comes with food and says in their parsi community they don’t do chillam chilli . She asks them to have food on the leaf itself and Sara says that she suddenly got a south indian feeling. Vindoo too says that nauheed should have atleast kept plates for them to choose from what they wanted to eat on. Vindoo goes to the bathroom and finds a scrabble board game there . Nauheed serves everyone custard .Vindoo is disappointed he didn’t get 2 helpings .Nauheed makes them play a board game -Twister and everyone has fun .
Anupam says he didn’t eat anything . Aman says he didn’t like the food .

Ratings For Nauheed Cyrusi as a Host
Sara -5
Anupam 5
Vindoo -6
Aman -5

Next Host – Vindoo Dara Singh.

Update Credit to: Anu

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