Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 4th February 2013 Written Update

The New Set of celebs are
Sara Khan
Aman Varma: He has started his career with Tv and did some convincing roll in bollywood. He thinks he is a person who says black a black and white a white.
Ali Merchant: who is a Tv actor and also an ex-husband of Sara Khan, one of the participant. He believe in entertainment as he is an actor. For him coming onscreen is not necessity. If he likes to do something then only he does that.
Anupam shyam: after doing some negetive roles in bollywood, and then doing sajjan sigh on tv, he is the next celeb of this week. He likes Indian food as he is from a village. For him a compition is a compition within onceself. He values everything in life. For him mehman navazi means, the person who

is coming to his house shouldnot leave without having food.
Nauheed Cyrusi: she loves flowers.

Today’s host celebrity is Sara Khan. She is a very wellknwon face of Indian television. Started her career in a show called Bidai. She was 15 years when she was offered this show. Unable to continue her studies she had to face tough times in her life.
According to her food and drinks needs to tasty just like the way she is going to make. She will not like dolly bindra to come to her house as she feels she is too nosy and talks a lot. She doesnot want aman varma too he takes out faults in food.

Welcome Drink: Ruh Afza
Starter: Panner Chilly, Crab (special)
Main Course: Pasande, Green chicken, Yellow Rice,
Dessert: Muzzaffir Korma

Aman said he doesnot drink this particular mocktail , he is allergic to sea food,
Anupan said he cannot have sugar, he is a vegetarian.
Ali said he cannot have spicy food (hot).

The first one to arrive at her place was Ali. Sara was pretty shocked to see him. She locked herself inside a room and started venting out. She said she did not want to do the show to face her past again. Whereas ali said he respected whatever reation they both had in the past. For his she is just a contestant nothing more than that.
She always said she wanted to walk out of the show and she don’t care about the show and she doesnot want to be involved in that drama.
The next guest celeb to arrive was nauheed. Ali had to welcome her as sara was not opening the door.
Finally sara came out of the room and greeted her guests.
Aman was the next guest celeb who came in a make over (sardar) thinking no one will recognize him. But sara immediately reconginzed him.
Anupam was the last guest to arriave at her house

they all started playing truth or dare once they were all settled.
Aman asked her what is the most important thing she would like to see in her man. She answered first looks and then honesty.
Neither Sara nor Ali was comfortable discussing about their past. Sara asked aman not to ask personal questions and even ali was a little pissed with aman’s attitude.

after few minutes sara started serving the food. Anupam said he is a vegetarian so he cannot have non-veg food. Sara said everything with is prepared by her is non-veg.
there was some discussion on veg and non-veg amongst the guests and the host.
She served the dessert and everyone liked it.

In the entertainment section she asked others to entertain her to which ali was a little disappointed. He thought she will entertain as it was her house and she was the guest.

Marks and Comments
He did not like the panner and either did he have crab. 5 points
There was no talking, and the food was not that great. 3 points
He only liked the chicken. 5 points.
She felt the food was so so. 5 points

Update Credit to: Appy

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