Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 29th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with the host for today being revealed which is Dimpy Mahajan. She tells us about herself and her family and how they’re very special for her. The menu is then given to the other 4 celebrities along with a magnifying glass to which Giselle mistakes as a microscope.

They all are reading the menu and commenting on it. Dimpy says the reason she is on the show is because she likes it when she meets new people and they come to her house, they see how she is and her lifestyle etc. She then tells us that her menu is very special as it is all her mothers recipes.

Dimpy says that her menu tells that Dimpy Mahajan only cooks what she likes to eat. Everyone is reading the menu and Karanveer asks whether they would have to use the magnifying glass to also look for the food. The welcome drink is orange juice and Amar makes a joke about it. Karanveer asks where the starters are. Debina says its okay if they don’t eat the starter here they can have it at her house.

Meanwhile Dimpy is busy preparing the food and she says that she is that nervous that she has ended up spilling some of the rice. She then goes to the blender and ends up having the lid fall off. She then tries to light the gas but it doesnt work and then all of a sudden it does making her jump.

Amar makes a face when he reads there will be murg biryani. Giselle says it seems like shes Afghani. Karanveer says it seems like she will kill him as he can’t eat the food. Karanveer realises that the one of the Bengali girls will be hosting today.

Giselle says that if it’s too much non-veg food then maybe she wont eat. Amar says that today a Bengali girl is making Hyderabadi food and that with the magnifying glass they will be judging her. The first guest to arrive is Debina and the first person to arrive and Rahul welcomes her into the house. Debina says that she is a little disappointed that Dimpy didnt welcome her. She goes off to look for her in the bedroom. The next person to come was Amar and once again Rahul opens the door and Amar too says he was disappointed. The next person to come is Karanveer and he says that he wants to see what Giselle is wearing. He is also welcomed by Rahul. Last to arrive is Giselle and Karanveer plays a joke on her by hiding in the bath.

Giselle says that she was welcomed by Rahul and that he was welcoming her in the house. She gets told that Dimpy is getting ready and she says that even she came and she had her make up done on time. Everyone calls to Dimpy and she comes out after making the guests way 20-25 minutes.

Everyone says that she has failed the first stage and that her first impression was ruined too. Giselle says that Rahul Mahajan is a better entertainer and host. Dimpy says that she was late and that everyone upset with her but she had to look good too. Dimpy sees what Giselle is wearing and reacts – again. Dimpy goes to get the welcome drink and Karanveer says that he has a feeling the drink will be from a can. He goes after her and he sees that she cant even cut the fruit. He helps her make the drink and says that basically he is the one who made the drink. Everyone questions him about going to check whether the drink was from the can.

Dimpy then asks Giselle how she finds Karanveers body and she asks Dimpy who says its very hot. They all ask Giselle to do some modeling and they all cheer her on. Karanveer also joins her and he makes everyone laugh with his moves. He then sees someone and shouts that his wife has come there. Teejay comes and hits him on the head calling her maate. He then lays on the floor and says he was only touching her feet.

After that it was time for everyone to have dinner. Dimpy went and set out the table and everyone followed. Everyone is served and Karanveer says he won’t be able to eat any of that because he is on a very strict diet. Dimpy goes to make him some eggs and Giselle says even she wouldn’t have eaten any of that but she did because the person who has cooked it has put a lot of effort into it and that it should be appreciated.

Dimpy comes back from the kitchen and Amar says sorry they all started eating she tells them to carry on. Giselle says there are no vegetables in the biryani and she says its not vegetable biryani its just got paneer in it. Giselle says when there is no vegetables in the biryani it doesn’t taste that nice and so she didn’t like the biryani very much. Debina finds a hair in the food and Dimpy says it isnt hers. Karanveer says that the day before everyone’s plates in Amars house were full however today only Amar and Debina’s were. Dimpy says that he isn’t even eating anyways.

Dimpy brings the sweet dish and Amar and Debina really enjoy it. Giselle says that she didnt like it as when she put it in her mouth it was very ‘muddy muddy’.
Amar asks Dimpy how important looks are and she says that she doesn’t judge from looks. Giselle says she doesn’t look but she does taunt. Karanveer asks Dimpy about her first impression of Giselle. She says that she doesnt stand up for herself. Giselle then says that Dimpy is the type who finds the person weakness and attacks them with it. Everyone else then gives opinions on each other.

The entertainment is a game where there are a pair and they have to balance balloons without having to touch them. Karanveer and Giselle are paired together. They have to dance whilst balancing the balloons. When Karanveer and Giselle are dancing Amar pops the balloon with a little pin. In the end Amar and Debina won the game.


Karanveer – 8

Giselle – 6

Amar – 5

Debina – 7

Total – 26

Tomorrow is is Debina’s turn to be host!.

Update Credit to: Babycakes

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