Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 28th February 2013 Written Update

This week’s guests : Bhaktiyaar, Dimple Jhangiani, Mauli Dave, RJ Pritam, Mithali
Host: Dimple
Menu: Sent in a bottle
Welcome drink: Rosy soda
Starters: Aaloo Tikki, Corn Chatpata, Masala and Mirch Pakoda with Green Chutney
Main: Sai bhaji, bhuga chawal, kadi, undhi raita
Sweet: Jelly Custard
Theme: Disco Bar
Menu comments:
RJ: Dimple’s starter of pakoda is mirchi like her character
Dimple says Sai bhaji is a sindhi dish.

Must be the only bar where you get Sindhi dish like Sai bhaji LOL
Dimple has decorated the house in theme with colours and lights. Mauli and Bhaktiyaar appreciate her effort. Bhaktiyar gives Dimple Rs50 when given water as he says he gives money whenever he goes to a bar. Dimple offended
Bhaktiyaar decides to flirt with Mithali today. Says she has come dressed up the best as per theme (including ‘see-through feel’) He is trying to chipko to her and this drives Dimple mad with jealousy. Says she felt Mithali was sitting on Bhaktiyaar’s lap. Dimple wants to know after giving her a lecture yesterday how Mithali was happily sitting so close to Bhaktiyaar. B replies that he behaves like this with his friends and it is normal for him. Dimple upset and Mithali feels she was being unnecessarily possessive

RJ comes and pretends to be already drunk. Dimple is in the kitchen and Mauli asks Mithali why she is acting like this and finds out they are trying to make Dimple jealous. Bhaktiyaar gives a note to Mauli which she promptly tears and says she does not want to entertain him in any way **Way to go Mauli.. Bhakti thinks he is some hero over whom all girls fall**

Dimple is serving drinks and Bhaktiyaar comes and drapes her pallu on her head. She says she is not Mithali **mirchi lagi and says that was a taunt. She brings only 4 glasses, others say she is copying Bhaktiyaar but she takes Mithali’s glass and tells she can share Bhaktiyaar’s drink Mauli and Bhaktiyar do not like the drink.

Bhaktiyaar sees the torn money and says ethically money should not be torn and Mauli says it should not be given in that case. Mithali says maybe he wants Mauli to sit close to him as well. Everyone appreciates the starters. Mauli wants to open a dance and music academy. Dimple wants to get married. Mithali says it seems to her that Dimple’s relationship broke as she does not listen to others and is actually not ready for marriage. Tu tu main main between the two for that and Dimple calls Mithali illiterate for making that comment in front of the camera. Says she also had a broken relationship but she never asked Mithali about it.

Dinner ready. Today’s chipkus sit together and Bhaktiyaar feeds Mithali. Dimple decides to take Mithali’s class and says her attitude towards being with a married Bhaktiyaar seems to have changed overnight and then grills her about her breakup and that she heard Mithali was responsible.

For entertainment, Bhaktiyaar plans to blindfold the girls and have them dance with the guys (looks like he is making up for not having any entertainment at his place but does that mean Dimple made no plans??). He has special plans for Dimple which he discloses to the others.

Dimple adds a pole as prop for the dance. RJ and Mauli dance to saans mein teri, saans mili to.. Bhaktiyaar and Mithali dance to Babuji zara dheere chalo(RJ jumping up and down on the sofa). When Dimple dances with Bhaktiyaar to ‘saans mein teri’ , someone else comes in(Bhaktiyaar’s friend who is lookign for girl) and Bhaktiyaar moves away. After the song, Dimple realises the change. Bhaktiyaar match fixing Dimple and sends his friend to a room with Dimple and both happily go. The rest of the guests decide to leave after 30-45 mins when she does not come out.

Bhaktiyaar: 9
Mauli: 7
Mauli: 5
RJ: 6

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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