Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 25th January 2013 Written Update

Today’s guest celebrity was Manoj Tiwari. He showed his entire house to all the viewer and took blessing touching the picture of his mother which was mounted on a wall.
He said his food style is just like him. He stayed on a village so he wrapped a gamcha (towel) around his forehead and started cooking. He thought Andy, Sanaya and ragini will faint seeing him like this. He wanted to show everyone the kind of host he is. This is why he is here in the show.

He had his unique style of presenting his menu. By making a song out of his menu he presented it to all the guest celebs.
Andy said he will be avoiding his food.

Manoj said he is cooking after a gap of 15 years.
The first item which he has prepared was ghogni.
Welcome drink was Green Tea.

In the starter had sweets.
In main course he had Lauki ki sabzi, aloo chukha, egg curry and steamed rice and roti (bread).
Andy immediately twitched hearing anda curry. Sanaya was excited hearing egg curry.
Finally manoj prepared the table and waited for his guests to arrive.

First one to enter was Andy then nigar and then sanaya. Ragini did not turn up for long time. So they decided to start their dinnig.
Manoj gave them gur (jaggery) and water in small lautas as the welcome drink to which andy was not satisfied. They said they were supposed to prepare food instead of getting it from outside.
Later andy gave manoj a gift. Manoj carefully investigated the wrapping and when he found mushroon in it he just threw it outside the house.
Sanaya while having his ghogni felt like a cow or a goat coz she was continuously chewing the matars and she jaw started paining.
Everyone appreciated Manoj’s house. It was well decorated and modern and quite spacious.

Manoj later showed his entire house to all the members. Nigar asked him to give a call to ragini. But her phone kept on ringing and finally got disconnected.
They went to manoj’s room and niger picked up his picture with his daughter. Manoj showed them his wife’s photo and said she hardly let his daughter meet him. Everyone became emotional and held each other’s hand to prayed for their wellbeing.

Everything was served in steel containers and cutleries. Sanaya was pretty excited to see those.
Everyone decided to start their dinner though ragini was missing.

Ragini entered his house when they all were almost done. Andy found excess oil in the food.
Ragini said that she missed her fight back to Mumbai from delhi that’s why the delay. She appreciated that everyone started to eat and did not wait because she never liked people waiting for them.
Andy asked Manoj whether the complexion of any girl matters to him. To which he said it does but it is not primary thing. He said her personality and her figure.

After this ragini and andy made their way towards manoj’s bedroom. Their they started discussing about nigar and her attitude towards ragini.
Nigar entered the room after few mintues and they have some arguments.
Later everyone enjoyed manoj’s entertainment. Everyone danced and finally they bid good bye.


Update Credit to: Indy

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