Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 24th January 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the recap of yesterdays dinner hosted by VJ Andy. They show how everyone enjoyed it and the end where everyone jumped for the desert.

We see Nigaar who tell us she likes to call her self ‘cook from the book’ she enjoys cooking and that she would say shes the perfect host. She also tells us that she cares about what people like and dislike.

The menu is delivered to eveyone as a scroll and everyone finds it hard to pronounce the name of some foods and drinks and some try to figure out what is what. Nigaar is preparing the food and she says that her style of cooking is like ‘Muglai’ Sanaya says she loves shami kababs. Nigaar tells us this is the 5th time she is making biryani and the 1st time shes making chicken biryani. Sanaya says the food tastes nice and Ragini shes she wont eat it.

Nigaar makes some mistakes whilst making her food and she hopes that the food doesnt get ruined. Ragini says that she doesnt like bindi and Nigaar says to keep her happy she hopes that people eat what she made. Ragini says the reason Nigaar was so bothered about her being lactose intolerant was because she wanted to make desert which had milk in it.

The first person to come is Ragini whose looking beautiful in red. Nigaar welcomes her and does something with a bracelet made of flowers and puts some perfume on Ragini’s hand. Ragini later says that she didnt like the smell of the perfume. Nigaar asks Ragini which drink she would like and she asks her what is what. Ragini says that it felt strange with the drink being a green colour.

Next person to come is Andy and Nigaar tells him that he isnt number one there is someone else who came before him. Nigaar asks Andy what he would like and he says he would like the amrood drink. Next to come is Sanaya and as Nigaar goes to receive her at her door meanwhile Andy tries the drink and he doesnt like it Ragini also tries it and starts coughing. Sanaya says as she was coming in she didnt know what was happening but Ragini was coughing. Manoj is outside and he says in the last couple of days he’s become very good friends with Nigaar and how the feelings stay.

Nigaar says that she tried Ragini’s ‘jal jira’ and that she didnt care about the taste or anything she just wanted Ragini to be happy. Manoj is welcomed by Nigaar and Ragini says that needs to go to the bathroom. Andy says that he would like to go too. They both wash their hands to get rid of the smell of the perfume.

Manoj tastes the thika amrood drink and he says that he didnt find anything wrong with it at all and that those people who did only they would. Nigaar gets offended when Andy says her house is like a ‘kota’ Ragini says that she gets offended very easily and that if they ever did become friends she wouldn’t come to her house because she feels very uncomfortable.

Nigaar serves the starters and Sanaya says its very nice however its a bit spicy. Ragini says she doesn’t like spicy things at all so she won’t eat it. Nigaar goes in the kitchen and Manoj follows. Everyone wonders why he keeps going after her in the kitchen. Manoj says that it seems like Nigaar was being picked on and that he felt bad for her.

Ragini says that they should all say one good thing and one bad thing about everyone. Nigaar starts and next is Ragini. She says that Nigaar tries to take care of everyone and she says a bad thing would be that she isn’t very flexible with her thoughts and how if someone want’s to stay with her they would have to live the way she wants them to. Nigaar asks how could she say that because only that person can say that who has lived with her.

After passing a few words between them Nigaar goes to heat the food. Sanaya says that since the beginning Nigaar and Ragini haven’t gotten along. Nigaar is in the kitchen and shes crying. Shes hurt by Ragini’s words and she says that how can she just judge her like that? Shes only known her for 3 days and she can’t just say that shes not flexible. She’s not the one who lives with her. Only the people who live with her would know what she is like.

Manoj comes into the kitchen and he consoles her. He says he sympathises with her because it seems like shes being attacked. Nigaar serves the food and everyone serves themselves. Andy sneezes and the plate falls out of his food. He then goes and gets another plate and he praises the way the food was cooked. Nigaar then brings the desert and says the first time it had gotten spoiled however she then made it again and Sanaya praises it saying it was very tasty.

The entertainment is dancing and singing. Something like Ragini’s entertainment however this has qawwali’s. Everyone enjoys that. Nigaar has a sky lantern and she says that everyone make a wish together. Everyone lets it into the air together.

Nigaar says that she will always remember them when she sees a sky lanter.

Everyone says the evening was great and that she had put a lot of effort into it expect Ragini who said that she finds Nigaar very fake and she doesn’t like people who are fake.

Sanaya – 8

Manoj -8

Andy – 6

Ragini – 1

Total 23

Tomorrow it is the go of Manoj Tiwari…

Update Credit to: Babycakes

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