Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Today’s Host Celebrity was Andy the VJ. He stats that he is a very different person who possess a strong sixth sense. His third eye is always awakened. He likes to cook so he sometimes enter his kitchen. If he has to rate him as a chef’.he doesnot think he is a chef (he said while chopping tomatoes and onions).
He doesnot like cold food. Even his bread (roti) needs to be served from the tawa (pan) itself.

“wig out with VJ andy” was written on his menu card. The first one to read the menu was manoj and second was Nigar. Nigar read out his menu card where it was written that the guest needs to wear a wig and come and size does matters.
In starters he had Fig & Feta Insalata (which means salad in Italian). Sanaya had hard time pronouncing the same do was for manoj. Manoj ji also said it was insult after reading the name.
Welcome drinks he had planned Bucks Fizz + Crostini Capo.

Andy started mixing his salad when some dropped on the floor. But he picked it up and placed it in the bowl. In ragini’s interview she said that she hopes he makes the food after washing his hands.
In main course he had planned Tagliatelle Alla Funghi, which is a mashroom dish. The voice over said Manoj is having a hard time reading the menu.
In dessert he had planned banoffee, which is basically banana and toffee pudding. Ragini was pretty excited to know the dessert as it claimed she loves it.

Andy prepared the dinning table and waited for the guest to arrive.

The first guest celebrity to arrive was ragini. She waswearing a blonde wig and andy was extremely happy to see her. Andy was wearing an orange half pant and an African wig. And he was truly looking like an afircan. Andy served her the welcome drink after making her comfortable on the sofa.
The next one to arrive was manoj who looked a little grumpy. The did not wear a wig so when andy opened the door he immediately asked him why is he not wearing a wig. Same question was asked by ragini.

The actual fact was he was wearing a wig which did not seemed like a wig. The whole idea was to dress up in a weird manner but manoj spoilt it by wearing brown colour which almost looked like hair.
The next one to arrive was sanaya. She was wearing an orange coloured wig. Andy was super happy to see her. Andy mentioned that Sanaya and ragini were his most liked guest. Nigar turned up a little late.

Andy complemented nigar for her stunning outfit. Though she was wearing a natural wig but still andy praised her.
When everyone settled down andy announced that he was yet to prepare the food. The also explained how he liked to serve them the hot food to which manoj got offened. He thinks a host should be prepared with everything before his guests arrive.

While andy went to prepare his salad ragini asked nigar that she role her R’s. and she talks in accent. Ragini find it weird when Indian talks in an accent. Nigar explained that she studied in pune and she had many christan friends so she had learnt it from them. She tired to defend herself but ragini was not convinced. Ragini chocked her drink during the conversation.
Nigar further added in these three days she has known sanaya pretty well but ragini is still a question mark for her. Ragini also said nigar is a question mark for her as well.
After pretty heated up discussion between the duo andy invited them to the dining table and served his salad.

Sanaya hated to eat the cheese as she doesnot like the taste. Manoj took out all the lettuce from his salad. Nigar seemed to be the only one who enjoyed the salad.
Sanaya and Ragini went inside andy’s bedroom to talk personally where ragini confessed that she did started liking after yesterday but today it was back to square one.
In the dinning table ragini tried to talk to nigar regarding her taunt yesterday where she made fun of ragini’s lactose intolerant issue. Ragini appologised for the green tea issue that they had previous day and was a little sad that nigar did not understand and accepted her fault.

He served the pasta next which was mad up of mashrooms. Manoj took offened and left the dining table and sat on the sofa with his plate.
After few minutes andy served him some Indian dish to which everyone rejoiced and felt happy for manoj.
Andy shared a very sad story of his life. How he lost his father when he was just 13 and after that the whole family went through a financial crisis. His father was detected with cancer. He used to clean rooms in the hotel to continue his schooling. His mother was his strength thoughout during the bad times.
Next was the dessert time and everyone literally enjoyed the dessert.
Andy’s introduced his friend to all and then his friend entertained everyone by singing a song unplugged. Manoj’s view was that a guest himself should entertain his guest.

Scores: Manoj gave 7, Nigaar gave 8, Ragini gave 9, Sanaya gave 10
Total 34

Update Credit to: Indy

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