Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 22nd January 2013 Written Update


Today it was Ragini Khanna aka Suhana’s turn
> She made Shahi pulao, tomato concasse and flourettes (didnt really catch the last one) and paan ice cream
> Her mum came to help her though she didnt break the rules by touching anything.
> First guest to arrive was Nigaar Z Khan, then Sanaya after that Andy and last but not the least Manoj ji – funny enough no one knew where the bell was
> Ragini served everyone starters
> Nigaar and Ragini were not in the best of terms
> Everyone found faults in the food
> They had entertainment with a sing along and Manoj ji playing a tune.
> Sanaya and Andy scored Ragini 7’s where as Nigaar and Manoj ji scored her 6’s


The show starts off with the recap being shown of the previous episode. In todays episode it was Ragini Khanna aka the beautiful Suhana’s go. She will be hosting for the other 4 celebrities who are Sanaya Irani, Nigaar Khan, Manoj Tiwari and Andy.

Ragini tells us a little bit about herself and she tells us as a chef she makes whatever she can very well. She tells us that her food will be like typical home food and that whatever she has learnt it has all be because of her mother.

The first person to get the menu is Manoj Tiwari and then Nigaar too. Its on a towel sort of thing. Everyones wondering about the paan ice cream. Manoj says that the paan is supposed to be spat out not swallowed.

Ragini rings her mother and asks her to come and help her understand as she is not getting it across the phone. Her mum comes and surprises her. She tells her not to touch anything. No one is understanding the menu and Manoj says if they had sent the menu in hindi then he would have understood it better.

Nigaar is wondering where the meat is. She says shes going to have to make do with vegetarian food again. After 6 hours of preparation Ragini’s food is finally made and she says that she hopes no one says anything bad about her food.

She makes assorted Indian dishes. She prepares to welcome the guests and the first guest is Nigaar Khan. She says she hopes that today she wont be going home hungry. Ragini opens the door and Nigaar says shes sorry she knocked because she couldnt find the bell. Ragini shows her the bell and Nigaar says its so far back. Nigaar says that the way she would greet her guest and make them feel welcome Ragini did not do that. She gives her some kind of crackers as Ragini had said she is lactose intolerance. Ragini tells her she can chocolate however Nigaar says according to lactose intolerance the person can not have anything which has milk products in it. Ragini asks her what she would like as a welcome drink and Nigaar says she will have water.

The next person to come is Sanaya and she brings chocolate brownies. She says that she wanted to bring them for Nigaar because she had added rum in her desert the day before.

The next person is Andy – he is dressed in traditional indian wear ( i quite liked it too) he reads Ragini’s mums name wrong on the board everyone compliments his dress.

The last person to arrive is Manoj who tries to flatter everyone. Everyone teases him because of that. Ragini says she thinks he wants to make everyone happy because he comments on everyone’s food.

Ragini insists on Nigaar to have the ‘jal jira’ and Nigaar said she would have it after her food for digestion. Manoj and eveyone have a conversation and everyone teases him and want him to talk more.

In Ragini’s first starter these is curd and Nigaar asks her if shes lactose intolerant or that she just doesn’t like milk. Ragini takes it the wrong way. Manoj then walks away as he cant take mushrooms. Andy walks up to Manoj with the mushrooms and annoys him. Nigaar goes and stops them.

Nigaar asks for green tea and she Ragini goes and makes her some. She says that theres not very much water in the cup and that if there’s less water then the green tea becomes bitter. Ragini tells her that if she wants she can go and make it herself. Nigaar says this is very good hospitality by the host. Ragini then goes in to the kitchen and gives her another mug however Nigaar says that shes okay with the mug its just the amount of water in it.

On the other hand Andy and Sanaya go to Ragini’s bedroom. Sanaya says that since yesterday they had gone to her room she thought she would visit Ragini’s.

Ragini then serves the food and Manoj finds a hair in the food. Ragini says that Manoj cant say anything good about food. Sanaya says there are too many dry fruits in the rice and she doesn’t like the combination of dry fruits and rice. Andy finds that the cauliflower has been burnt.

Nigaar says that along with there being no non veg there was also too much oil in the food. Manoj says how can someone like ‘jali hui gobi’? Ragini says that Nigaar and Manoj like to find faults in everything. Ragini tells Manoj that she has a surprise for him and she goes into the kitchen and cuts up a tomato for him.

After everyone finishes their dinner Ragini goes to get the desert. She says that she very confident with it. She takes it out of the freezer and see that the ice cream has not set. She quite upset about it. No one is able to eat it properly so Sanaya saves the evening by going and getting everyone brownies.

Nigaar then wants to have the ‘jal jira’ and Ragini says that she doesn’t want to give it to her as its spoiled now.

Ragini puts on a game where they all do a sing along. Ragini sings first and then Sanaya. Manoj then finds an harmonium and he sings a song on that. Everyone enjoys it and Andy and Ragini dance to it.

Manoj – 6

Sanaya – 7

Nigaar – 6

Andy – 7

Total 26

Tommorow is Andy’s go

Update Credit to: -Babycakes-

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