Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 21st January 2013 Written Update

Host Ram Kapoor gave the introductory speech by welcoming all the viewers of Welcome baazi mehmaan nawazi ki.
He further added, till today all the celebs came to the viewers house as a guest through their serial. And from now onwards the viewers will be their guests.
Each of the celebrities will welcome four guests and the viewer to their house. For the first time we will be seeing how the celebrities stays that their house, what do they eat and what do they prepare and how do they entertain their guests.

Each host celebrity will be evaluated out of ten marks. If the guest celebraties likes the entertainment and the food provided by the host celebrity then he/she will be giving her 10/10. But if they don’t like they are free to criticize the guest celebrity because in this show the winner will be the one who will be liked and appreciated by all the guests.
The first host celebrity of the show was Sanaya Irani.

They showed the clippings of her latest show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, where she was making jalebies (sweets). She showed her house and she mentioned that she is a very simple person. She likes to laugh and she likes those people who can make her laugh. Next she showed her dining space. She said she cannot cook at all because her mother is very scared of fire that’s why she never allowed sanaya to cook. She further added that she wanted to do this show because it is different. 4-5 different people will come to her house and she will get to know them (while beating the egg). But she has no clue who those 4-5 people are going to be. She smiled and said that the best thing is she will also go to their houses and eat.
Sanaya went for veggie shopping and got all the necessary items which was required for her dishes.
She planned some veg as well as non-veg items in the menu.
Four celebraties who are going to visit her were..

Manoj tiwari, who said he loves to cook and gets pretty involved in it while cooking. He further added, he maynot be a good cook but he will definitely be a good host.
Nigar Khan, she said she doesnot like fake people. She loves to win but it is all in the hands of destiny.
Andy, channel V’s VJ who used to host dare to date show. He thinks he is very different and no one can be like him. He is very particular about his dresses and his looks. He is very fussy in real life.

They all went through the menu that sanaya has provided in a card. There was no welcome drink in her menu instade she had mashroom soup. Manoj tiwari explained his hatrad towards mashrooms.
There was veg penne arabiata and chicken in wine sauce in the main course. Nigar said she is not going to have it because she prefers non-veg. and in the desert she prepared cheese cake and chocolate rum cup.

Sanaya was sleeping when niger came to her house. She was the first guest to come to her place. Sanaya welcomed her and nigar gave her chocolates.
Nigar loved her apron where it was written, “born to shop forced to cook”. Sanaya offered her water and went to change because she sleeped in her apron. She also asked nigar to open the door hearing the bell. Nigar felt a little offened hearing that. Nigar did not quite like the idea of her being sitting alone while the host goes and changes in her presence. She thought sanaya’s attitude is a little weird.

The next guest who arrived was Manoj tiwari. Niger welcomed him and confused him. Majoj thought she is from Norway. Manoj thought it is nigar’s house. Finally sanaya changed and came and nigar introduced sanaya to manoj and apologized for creating confusion.

Next guest whom sanaya welcomed was andy, she said she already new him as she viewed his programme and she used to laugh watching his show. Andy confused nigar with her sister gahur khan.
Sanaya screamed looking at the next guest which was Ragini khanna. They had known each other from Radha Ki beetiyan days and claims to be good friends.
Ragini said she is not very rigid, she keeps an open mind. She also said a perfect host should give an entertaining evening. If the food is good and the evening is entertaining her dinner party is super hit.
Ragini asked sanaya whether there is any welcome drink or not to which she said she doesnot want to stuff their stomach with welcome drink, so she had decided to give them water and serve them soup.

Manoj went to her kitched where she was heating the soup. Sanaya asked him whether he likes mushrooms to which he said no.
Sanaya then invited every one to the dining table.

Andy found the setting of the table to simple. Sanaya served everyone the mushroom soup except Manoj.
Andy did not like the soup at all. He said is was some horrible dream of a soup. Manoj ji wanted some tomato to eat instead of the soup. Ragini too said that she cannot have the soup because she was allergic to milk products.
Everyone enjoyed her brochette which she served next.
Nigar asked Manoj whether he is married or not. He said he is divorced.
Nigar asked Ragini whether she believes in marriage or not. Ragini replied positively and said she doesnot believe in live in.
He also said that he did not tell his mother that he is divorced but he thinks his mothers knows about it. He became a little emotional when he was telling his story.
Sanaya made amazing sweet dish and everyone loved her sweet dishes. Niger had cheese cake and all other hand her chocolate rum cup.
Ragini really enjoyed so did nigar.
Later everyone danced and enjoyed.
Manoj aksed her for her picture and sanaya happily gave him and bid good bye.
Points and comments
He was disappointed as he couldnot have any food made by her. But due to her sweet nature and her accepting capability he gave her 5/10

She couldnot enjoy any of her food so she gave her 4/10

She gave her 6/10 for her sports man spirit

He felt as she was he host she should he entertained them rather than asking for them to entertain her. But as she was sweet and he gave her 5/10

Sanaya scored 20 out of 40…

Update Credit to: Indy

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