Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki 11th February 2013 Written Update

This weeks contestants are Rucha Gujrati , Tanaaz Iraani ,Sayantini Ghosh ,Aanchal Munjaal and Aishwarya Sakuja.

Ram Kapoor says khattey meetey rishton ko chakhne ke liye ,mehmaan nawaazi hoti hai .
Today’s host is Aanchal Munjaal .She is just 16 years old and the youngest of all .
Her menu is sent .
First Contestant is Tanaaz Iraani who says she is a very lively and warm person.
2nd is Sayantini Ghosh .3rd is Aishwarya Sakhuja who wants to show her dad that she can cook .
4th is Rucha Gujrati who says live life always

The Menu is –

Welcome Drink – Green mango exotica
Starters -Spicy grilled Paneer
Main Course – Penne Arabiatta Pasta with Garlic Bread and Italiano cheese

Dessert -Jelly custard cake
Theme – Pink

While reading the menu Tanaaz wonders whether she will be having Indian or Italian and guesses whoever has set the menu is a young person.
Rucha arrives first and aanchal’s mother her . She feels she has not come to the right house. The mother also welcomes everyone else and all wonder who she is . Aishwarya opens the door for tanaaz .

Aanchal comes wearing a mask and everyone recognises her and greets her .

She calls tanaaz, aunty and she tells her to call her mummyji . Off camera she says she doesn’t know why aunty and uncle labels are given . Aanchal asks Aishwarya how she is so skinny . She gets a reply that it is in her genes . She tells everyone that no one should feel that she is just 16 and all should be friends. Aishwarya asks for water and off camera complains that she was upset that neither water or a welcome drink was offered . Aanchal rushes to the kitchen to get water for everyone and Rucha tells her that along with water she should get the welcome drink too .
Tanaaz finds the welcome drink not mixed properly and also finds the paneer very cold . Aanchal says she is in 10th Standard at the moment and is studying by correspondence ,since she is busy shooting .
(OC)Tanaaz says she doesn’t like this correspondence idea ,what memories will a child carry. Aanchal says she was not a normal child for her teachers in school and was teated as a celebrity .Aishwarya says she doesn’t like the idea of children working because it robs them of their innocence . Sayantini and Tanaaz talk and feel that she is too mature for her age and she is not understanding the importance of the process of education .

Aanchal says her family was against her working in the film industry.That’s why her mother went against her whole family in Haryana and got her to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams .(OC)Tanaaz says that either working in the industry is a necessity or else her mom is living her life through her. Aanchal then takes them to a terrace which is decorated with pink balloons . She serves them pasta and garlic bread . Tanaaz finds it very cold . Aanchal discloses that her parents have just divorced . Tanaaz asks her if she feels her parents divorced because of her and aanchal starts crying. All console her and tanaaz realises she should not have asked her such a question . Aanchal serves them dessert .The mother comes in and Tanaaz tells her that Aanchal needs to live like a kid . The mother replies that she had a lot of capabilities but was not allowed to do a lot of things. She was married off by force and doesn’t want the same to be repeated with her daughter and that’s why she wants her to fulfill her dreams.

For Entertainment – Aanchal dances to Darling ankhon se aankhon ko chaar karne doh with back dancers.
Rucha loves it .Tanaaz feels it was above her age to be dancing with dancers Aishwarya too felt the same thing.

Ratings for Aanchal Munjal as a host (Out of 10)

Rucha -7
Sayantini -7
Tanaaz – 5

Update Credit to: Anu

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