weird trends in indian tv part 3 by twinju


who else beside bappi lahiri wakes up in the morning with das tola sona(bling bling)?no prizes for guessing-our tv are some ridicules things that only happen in indian tv soaps..

1)never tired of marrying and divorcing-the couples are madly in love but they cannot marry each other ..they end up marrying other people.they divorce,marry their ex lovers.again divorce.again remarry.the saga continues..

2)indian tv serials are the only place
where women outnumber the s*x ratio is remarkably in the favor of women.with 4 to 6 women for every male character there is nothing to worry about declining female population.who says india has less female population

3)rich guy duped,loses house to bad guy,but prefers to stay as a servant in the same house

4)having a baby is dangerous it will get lost kidnapped or exchanged

5)there is only 1 temple in world where everyone meets

6)during marriage the same song always play om mangalam kundli kaksha mangalam garudaswaja mangalam kundli kaksha mangalaya dharohari

7)diya extinguishes —>husband hospitalised “science of everything”

8)hero dies—> family cremates him—>his duplicate appears—> family still believes hero is back

9)News-important or not,is only shared when everyone including ramukaka to pets of house are present

10)plane crashes—>girl dies—>200episodes later —>girl back with plastic surgery—>face ,height,weight,voice changed

11)aging is for losers.we stay forever young! thnx to ekta maa jaributi

12)there is no need of having a
satyanarayan katha after a child drops milk or the whole family to get up when a diya extinguishes

13)family-lets look this from eyes of protagonist — there is great grand mother,great grandfather,the grandmother,the grandfather,mother,father,5uncles,5aunts,20 cousins,10servants and all look the same age except for the elders who have two thin white lines of hair running through side of their head.

14)yeah ok ,so the protagonist returns after surviving a 40,000 ft. free fall from a cliff.he gets a few scars on his face and is operated by doctors.he returns home but wait,his gorgeous wife,his loving mother,his disciplined children failed to recognize him ..after answering highly personal questions about hos own body ,he is eased back into the family .

15)characters in tv soaps never die. you can set them on fire ,run a truck through,push them off a cliff and they will return . bolo ekta ma ki jai!!

16)whenever women go to jail they get tailor made cloths.they give them nice fresh saree with blouse that fors them like charm.meanwhile an everyday normal girl have to make a gajillion trips to the tailor to make it wearable

17)actually the heroine is a super goddess..
she is super cook-annapurna..
good looking-parvati..
saves everyone-durga
best ardhangini(wife)-sita
fight with villans-kaali maa

on a serious note,telivision is a powerful medium and has a great responsibility of educating the massess.Clearly we dont see that happening in our country..

Time for a change?

Credit to: Twinju (Bhavika)

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  1. Laughed a lot while reading this. Hats off to u . Really characters of tv serials r immortal and by chance if they die there is always a ready made humshakal for them who found only the protagonists house in the whole world to stay

  2. 😀 😀 Its the exact point you have mentioned…Nobody here likes logic…this is foolishness at peaks.. 😀

  3. Its awsm dear….but one thing…..the bg song for marriage is a mantra used in marriage……

  4. *so there is nothing funny about that thing

    nd all others are super duper awsmm…..great work dr

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