Its So Weird Na… (Analysis of nothing)


It’s so weird na…

I read so many ffs. But I find these really weird (in good sense)

In Fixing Broken Souls — Swara and Sanskar love each other, want to get married but they can’t. Because if Swara’s parents, Shaurya’s fake friendship, pressure from society and etc. etc. Its so weird na…

In Mr. Maheshwari and I – Swara and Sanskar are getting married. Even They love each other but they dont know about this. And Sanskar has resolved to die. Its so weird na…but so real…

Arranged To Be His – Swara and Sanskar are getting married. Sanskar loves Swara but Swara has some mysterious past and so can’t love him. But they are getting married nonetheless. Its so weird na…

I am not saying that the writers of these ffs are best because I dont like judging people and their stories. All write stories with an open and creative mind and deserve appreciation in their ffs itself. This silent appreciation from a few people is little weird because only those people are writing analysis who never commented or I have never seen them commenting.

Guys, I comment on your ffs daily but sorry cant reveal my name as I know I’ll get bashed if people read this. Dint take any negatives from this. Just telling you all what I felt.

So instead of writing those stupid analysis please comment in their ffs. This will make them happy for sure and I have also seen people giving their opinions. That’s nice. But don’t force your opinions on the writers.
Lately seen this in Love is a beautiful emotion regarding the cousins drama. Its hurtful because its all fiction so dont take all this seriously.
And don’t pester writers to unite the lovers soon let them tell the story in their own pace. Because at the end of the day its their story which we are privileged to read.

Credit to: Secret

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  1. i will not agree your opinion about fixing broken souls.. nothing weird in it.. it is a second season of fix you.. if you read it you can understood why swasan not together.. and swara is engaged to shaurya.. then how she can marry sanskar in a night? and it is really beautiful ff.. and anu and anjali are good writers.. I’m a biggest fan of Anu.. but i commented rarely.. if a person not commenting daily not means they can’t judge any ff.. ff are written for readers . so i think viewers have right to put forward their opinion..

    1. Thanks a lot Jwala. I’m very glad that u liked Fixing Broken Souls. Because it is my fanfic where I have given my heart and soul. I don’t mind people telling rubbish about Arranged because I also think its not upto the mark but FBS has nothing wrong in it according to me.

  2. I don’t mind you bashing me for my fanfics but I have no clue what’s wrong with Anjali’s ff? Its really good and realistic. Nothing’s weird or wrong with it. With the title of this article itself you made me laugh. You think her ff is nothing? Like seriously… Dear I dont want to bash you ore something but if you haven’t understand the depth of her ff please stop reading it. That would be better!

    1. anu <3 <3 don't worry…..

      It's her opinion… leave it…

  3. Who r u?…Anu n anjali r vry gud wrtrs..n ya jo lig ff analysis krte h wo sb aapni apni fvrte k baare me batati h yr..kisi dusre wrtr ko hrt nhi krti..n yeh jarori nhi ki har roz cmnt kore

    1. Rups… <3

  4. LOLOL….. I am laughing now!!!!
    Don’t worry…
    I”m not offended at all…. I literally am laughing!!

    It’s anybody’s personal opinion…

    And I already mentioned pehle hi that Sanskaar believing that he is going to die may be weird…

    And anu’s ff… I never found it weird.. It’s natural that bcos of parents, they will hesitate to get married….
    The reasons she has given are completely believable
    but that’s my opinion…
    I LOVE HER STORY!!! The raw emotions she displays… <3 <3 <3

    Again, don't worry…

    NO ONE BASH HER!!! She hasn't said anything wrong…

    I haven't taken these to heart… And hope you'll like whatever's coming ahead!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Anjali and Anu…ignore it…like i do 😉 I deserve bashing cause I don’t reveal pairs..i understand but u both don’t deserve it…so just ignore them…

  5. I understood what u told is in in support of the writers and not against them,and you actually told the ones who are analysing to read the ffs and comment there ,but I feel what you meant is the opposite of what people will understand.I understood your intention.Appreciate that you read and comment always.

  6. Are u mad???? ????? Anjali’s ff is sooooo much realistic and best…

    U didn’t find it as realistic that’s ur problem..plzzzz don’t tell anything about anjali’s ff..its the most realistic ff I have ever read…

    I agree with anu..if u don’t find its realistic then plzzz stop reading that..

    coming to FBS…its also a very realistic ff…nothing is wrong in it.. c is sooo young… sometimes I wonder how can this girl pen down emotions so beautifully…

    If u have problems WD them then PLZ DONT READ THOSE FF…There are so many who read and appreciate their ff..

    and every analysis writers share their personal view..They are not forcing it..plzzzz take those positively..

    and plzz don’t tell such things about the best ffs of TU…??? Anju and anu are gem..

    love u loads anju and anu..???

    1. And anu is r8…. ur title made me laugh like hell..???????? lol..

      1. Hahaaa.mmujhe v yrr..kiya title h wah

        N i think wo jealous h Anu n Anjali se…pgl

        RE kabse prblm hone loge 2mhe.?sab kuch kitna accha chal raha tha yaha ekdom shanti…i think bht din phle 1mnt i think ek epsdc analyss hui thi helly k upar…uski baad koi nhi aaya..n sob logg sirf apne fav writr k baare me kh rhi thi..n kisi aur writr ko bsh nhi kiya tha…itne shanti them.aur beech me 2m aa gaye…

    2. Nats behna…..

      Use pagal mat bolo

      She never insulted me or.anu…

      Her way of writing seems that way…. But she didn’t like the analysis that’s it…


      Everyone has the right to criticize or appreciate….

      But I will not.tolerate personal comments…

      LOVE YOU TOO BABY!!!! ??

      1. Sorry Anjali..I was damn angry..

        Sorry dear..I was plz don’t tell anything about anjali’s ff…

        sorry secret… if I hurt u..sorry..,??????

  7. I believe Anu and Anjali r two excellent writers of tu…their r they weird? Fans write analysis..which motivates writers..and u call them stupid….u r writing analysis and calling their ffs weird..I’m shocked to see your taste…u don’t like 3 of the best ffs of telly updates…anyways..your one can say anything on it..but if u can’t motivate or appreciate someone then don’t at least demotivate them or criticise them…that’s a request ..

  8. Anu and Anjali..u r amazing people..fighting for each other….Miss secret..just see them…and then judge your analysis…..u have no guts to tell I your identity…so no use of talking to u…

  9. Everyone may not be able to comment daily….that does not make a sense that they are not liking their ffs..

    let’s take some examples..???I NVR commented on Anu’s ff..but I read them..and In Tu its my one of most favourite ffs… I always eagerly wait for anu’ s ff..specially FBS..

    I comment rare on sree’s ff..But I read all of her ffs..starting from limitless love to acceptance…it does not mean that I don’t like her ff..I started my ff reading journey after reading her and Saba di’s ff..

    Then???everyone has work or school or they may not be able to comment on every ff they read..


    Sorry..If I hurt u..but tell all these abt best ever ffs..??

  10. *rarely
    **but don’t tell

  11. Am sorry once again..if I hurt anyone..I was angry cz c is calling 3 best ffs of tu as weird…..

    That’s y…am sorry..if I hurt anyone..sorry..??????

  12. OH DEAR. I don’t know what to say. I think her intentions weren’t wrong but she did a mistake by not conveying whatever she wanted to in an understanding way.

    Thanks Eva and Jwala and Natasha and Rupa and Anju di. You all are love ❤❤

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