a weird love story (kkb) intro and epi-1


Hi guys …im new here and I’ve decided to start a new ff…let me know if u’ll like it…and guys ur comments would give me a chance to continue…negative comments are allowed too…

Pragya is a gr8 news reporter ,journalist….she’s very famous and fond of her family and fans..she’s a grt listener of songs especially abhi’s songs… ppl say she’s hot and she loves her best frnd purab{only as a frnd}
Alia arora is pragya’s sister…she loves her sister and her father…she is a fashion designer
Karanveer arora-pragya’s and alia’s father… he’s a business man{not so rich} he loves his elder daughter more than the younger one but no partiality at all…
Purab khanna-an orphan guy who owns a company(a small one)…he loves his best frnd pragya(as a frnd) and can do anything for her and her family coz they were the ones who supported him and gave him a better life after the death of his parents…he loves his sister too.
Tanushree khanna –she is purab’s sister and she is a model….she loves pragya and and her brother purab and can do anything for them…. She’s a nice girl in my ff not a cruel one like what she is in true kkb…she is good frnd of alia too…
Abhishek prem mehra—(abhi therock star) he is a rockstar and constitutes the same character as in the true version of kkb series…he loves his dadi and can do anything for his saali bulbul…he shares everything wit her saali and he treats her like a sister..
Bulbul taneja – she is a nice ,pretty girl who lives with her dadi and loves her jeeju abhi and she treats him like a brother and shares everything with him…..bulbul is a news reporter ho works under pragya and she likes pragya a lot….

And guys I’ll clear ur confusion regarding the relation of abhi and bulbul,,,dadi’s son’s son is abhi and dadi’s daughter’s daughter is bulbul and their parents died during an accident…
Guys ik the intro is too long but I wanna give u a better description on the characters…the new characters will be introduced as it goes on…

And now ill give a u small start of my first episode….
The first episode starts with a cute boy getting up from his nap and going into a room….he starts ith tanu ooto ,kitne der soyegi…tumhe shoot ke liye jaana bhi toh hain..he is purab..
T; aah bhai tode der sone dho na..pehle alia ko oota dena baad meh mein ootungi…
Pu: tum ne kabi mera baath suna?nahi na,mein pragya ko bhulaunga tho tu turanth oot jayegi..
Ta: nahi bhai ,mein oot rahi hoon na(waking up from the bed and walking towards the washroom)
Pu:that’s like my good sis,,, pragya pragya (chillathe hue)
A cute girl with a journalist costume coming towards purab says ha bathaoo ,aise chilla kyo rahi ho?..purab says arey muje aaj jaldi pahunchna hain…isliye jaldi aayo…the other girl nods and goes with him in a car….she is obviously our pragya and then after around 2 mins silence,purab breaks it with a question-pragya aaj kisko tang karne ale ho??(guys as I told u she interviews grt grt celebs and she herself is a celeb)
Pr; arjit singh the grt actor ko…
Pu; kya ,voh bahuth dangerous hain na …kaisaa mange karegi uusko..bahuth bura suna hain meine uske bare mein..tu vaha nahi jaa rahi hain…(with a angry face and caring tone)
Pr; arey purab iss industry mein aise passing clouds hothe rahthe hain ….mein samballungi nah…ok tc..and I gotta get down…ill come in my car in the evening…pick karne ki zaroorath nahi hain…
Pragya gets down and goes towards a house for interview…
In arjit’s house-

Arjit’s PA-sir,aapko interview karne keliye ek ladki aayo thi sir,,shud I send her in sir??
Arjit; ladki hain na…bhej lo {with a naughty smile}
Pragya ; hello sir
Arjit; oh tho voh tum ho,meine kuch zyaada hi suna tha tere bare mein…
Just then abhi enters arjit’s house and abhi hates arjit coz he ‘s characterless but he had to come there for an official work…
Pragya; sir,muje aapko interview karna hain…
Arjit; arey bahar mein jaaye interview ..tum mre saath aaj raath bahr aayoge tho mein tuje dinbar interviews dethe rahungaa…
Abhi couldn’t see him misbehaving a girk but before he goes there he notices pragya smiling so he thinks she’s also characterless so just stops there
Pr; sir,voh ham baadh mein dekenge{with a smile as if she agreed) and she takes his interview
Abhi was quite impessed with her way fo taking interview but was shocked to know that sucha talented girl was charactrless as well…
After the interview pragya packs her camera up and before she leaves arjit stops her and drags her toards him and then pragya gives a tight slap to him..arjit and abhi were quite shockes coz the never thought she would react in a such a way but abhi was happy that she had a good character but he dint know y he was smiling…

Pr; aapko kya laga mr.arjit ,mein itna characterkless hoon ..mein meraa interview lene ke liya kiya tha voh…
Abhi was really glad that she was so intelligent but when he realized that arjit was misbehaving with her he thought of fighting but b4 he could fight he saw a person entering and giving arjit nicely ..he was none other than puarb… abhi became sad when he came to know that pra already had a bf,(well he thought so)but dint know the reason behind his sadness….
Guys let me know if u liked this ,I’d continue depending on ur likes and dislikes and I’ll translate hindi into English from next episode…
Pls comment…for me to know whether I shud know to continue or not..bye for now guys…

Credit to: baby

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  1. Nice yaar pls continue …. I want to know your real name pls tell me..

  2. I lyk ur ff but Can u update d speech thingy in English??….I don’t know much of Hindi., that’s y 😀

  3. Sry to say yar.. I will upset because u wrote full in hindi I know little bit please update in English this episode update another time in English yar…

    1. Yes shree,I’ll translate from that next episode…I’m very sry for the inconvenience…

    2. ya its a humble request of me too.

  4. Silpa k sivadasan

    Nice one
    Bt bulbul abhi ki saali kaisi hogayi wo toh uski bua (father’s sis) ki beti hai na…?
    Saali means wife’s sis right..?

    I m confused

    Story is nice plz do continue very gud one

    1. Same here. I was confused too as juju means sister a husband . I wonder if abhi is married. But anyways story line is awesome

    2. i agree you shilpa i m totally confused

  5. Pls translate english…nice intro

  6. very nice post it daily

  7. Yeah superb yaar .. PlzzzzzzZz continue with ur story it’s awesome…

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  9. Nice continue yar

  10. Superb………

  11. I dont know much hindhi.can u upload in.eng.

  12. very nice but plz update in english

  13. Update in Hindi pls

  14. It’s k yar… don’t be sad… the episode was good and I like all the character because I’m this ff all are be with pragya…

  15. Nice epi yaar but pls update in eng as most of us know lil bit hindi

  16. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode.

  17. Nice one better in English.

  18. awesome deat baby

  19. baby is it u the same u left such a cute comment over my ff, ohhhb this story is damn fantastic plz i need next update…… Jaldi! 😀

  20. i like the introduction of your ff but to be frank i didn’t enjoy it because of the hindi i don’t know anything when it comes to hindi
    please try and translate it in english whenever you uses hindi
    i’m all the way from Ghana

  21. Divya chandru

    Cute , plz update in English yaar, episode is awesome with different subject

  22. vry gdd

  23. Superbbb epi…nice start bt plz translate in hindi….post it dailiy…..

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  27. Awesome yaar.. I know Hindi little bit so plz update in English???

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