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Hi again..i’m pleased with the comments I received and I basically am not feeling insecure of my ff.. I don feel I have to… and I guess someone told me tat I gotta write this ff for my own satisfaction than rather than ur comments but I feel ur views and comments are more precious than my satisfaction.. anyways lets get back to my episode ans pls give me the same sort of comments that I received last time..

So here we go with epi 7

Just then purab and bulbul enter.. abhi ; pragya this guy who has proposed u and has told told u that ue his everything is completely a fraud talk.. pls don’t belive him.. he and his parents sry evil parents killed my parents.(in a crying tone and absolute anger in his eyes and face)
Tanu; and the reason behind making a small boy orphan is coz nikil and his cruel parents knew that abhi’s parents are raising ahead of them in their business which are not acceptable by nikil’s parents.. they always wanted to be at the top in the business and can fall for an extent for owning their power back.. so they urged nikil for killing 2 solid ppl and nikil killed them that too at the age of 8yrs..]

Bulbul; and the most humiliating thing for me is that I have those evil creatures as my parents..(in the virgue of crying)
Nikil; choti,how could u say its ur parents who humiliating u..
Bulbul; don’t call me chotu. Only my brther has the right of calling me chotu and my brother died when u killed uncle and aunty(abhi’s parents)
Nikil was not able to bear his ears coz his own sister tols him that he died.. he pleaded her saying; chotu voh mera galthi nahi thi.tab mum and dad muje badka raha the tho meine kar li.par mum and dad badal choke hain.mein bhi badal chooka hoon.(that wasn’t my mistake bulbul..mum and dad provoked me to do a murder and I did it.but now everything has changed including me,mum and dad)I understood the meaning of life after I joined with pragya,it was her who brought a change in my miserable life. Though she dint know the reason behind my cruel attitude in my childhood she accepted me as her frnd.now I’ve changed. Ask anyone who has been with me from my childhood .
Pragya; so this is the reason u left ur parents and came to us after 10yrs. (turning from nikil to abhi) yes,I dint know that he was a murderer but I’m pretty sure that he changed.. I can assure u my life that he will never betery u bulbul. He had left his parents nd stayed in an orphanage from 10yrs.
Bulbul; wat? But y?y did he leave mum and dad

Nikil; coz I gotto know how mean it was for me to do such a thing..bulbul,meine chod liya unko. But they changed.i met them 2yrs back and they truly realized the meaning of children.
Bulbul dint know if she has to support nikil for realizing his mistake and leaving mum amd dad, but she was sure that she can rely on a nikil and can trust him.
Abhi; if u realized ur mistake then y dint u come and meet ur sister.
Nikil; I tried meeting her so many times but I never knew where u ppl were until u became a rockstar but I felt really ashamed to face u after killing ur parents. I couldn’t show my face to a person who has lost his parents just coz of me.
Pragya; ok now, its all set. But now I shud clear the ,atter of this love. I’ll marry u nilkil.
Abhi; no.. how can u marry him?
Pragya; y cant i?
Abhi; no u cant, I mean tanu is already in love with him.u cant intrude between their love
Abhi; but its 1 side love only na,nikil doesn’t love her.. tanu is somewhat like a sis to nikil.isnt it nikil?

Nikil; no,she is not my sister
Purab; y cant she be ur sister,when u love pragya.see niki,if u love a person whole heartedly then that love gives u the ability to accept evry other person as ur sister,so tanu is ur sis isn’t it?I(winking at pragya and abhi)
Now abhi understood tht this was pragya’s plan to make him realize that he is in love with tanu.
Abhi; ya ya,so I guess raksha bandhan Is nearing,so wat r going to gift to tanu.shes is a grt model so u shud giving her something spl.isnt it?\
Tanu; what the hell?i may accept pragya di’s marriage if she is wanting it. But I cant accept nikil as my brother.
Nikil; exactly,pragya I don’t think so I love u.
Pragya’ wat the hell?how can u say like this nikil.now I’ve decide that um gonna spend my life with u(she pretends to be serious)
Abhi; yeah yeah,u cant just give up now, u gotta marry her(quite srs{acting})
Nikil; no

Purab; y no?
Nikil; no means no
Purab; when u love her then wats ur problem of marrying her
Nikil; I don love her
Purab; then whom do u love
Nikil; tanu(shouting)

Guys this complete conversation goes very fast so it doesn’t basically give time for nikil to think and talk.he just blurted out the truth in that speed and honest talk)
Then nikil realized what he said and he dint know what to say
Pragya ,purab and abhi bursted out laughing.
Bulbul was smiling and tanu was blushing.

Nikil dint know what was going on but after seeing tanu blushing he completely forgot abt everyting and he told; haan tanu, realized very late that I love u, I’ll definiately keep u happy.. will u pls forgive me forall my stupid doings.
Tears were rolling in tanu’s eyes and she hugged nikil,he hugged her back
Purab; arey pls,aapki yeh romance postpone kar lijiye aur muje bathayye ki nikil ki parents kaha hain.(arey,pls postpone ur romance for some other time,now someone pls tell me where r ur parents nikil?)bulbul ko bhi unko dekna tho hain..
Bulbul; I’ll never believe that those evil creatures changed but I can say that I got my dearest brother back to me. So no one is going to talk abt Mr; and Ms;s taneja(bulbul and nikil’s parents)
Nikil; chotu,they truly changed.i could make out their pain for loosing us both in their tears.
Bulbul; c’mon bhai.. don’t tell me that u believed those crocodile tears..veh aapki innocence ki faydha oota rahe the(they were just taking an advantage of ur innocence bhai)
Nikil; nahi chotu
Purab; nikil,leave it.. if they’ve truly changed bulbul will make it out once she meets them.
Bulbul; im never gonna meet them
Purab ; ur going to meet them,,pls atleast for me

Bulbul; ok,but only once
Pragya; there is other love story to be sorted out.\
Purab; yeah urs and abhi’s
Pragya; what

Purab;no(oops) I mean abhi’s marriage and ur marriage.. separate separately
Pragya; no ur highly mistaken.. im talking abt ur adhuri prem kahani purab
Purab; mine?? Whos my lover yaar? I don have any
Pragya ; u do,tumhari aur bulbul ki chakkar(urs and bulbul’s love story)
Purab ; arey shut up
Abhi; yeah,we’ve to give a happy end to their love story now.
Bulbul takes abhi aside and purab takes pragya the other side
Abhi; arey bulbul.. let the matter sort out,y did u bring me here? If ur feeling shy then I cant absolutely reduce it.

Bulbul ; pls bhai,ur not saying it to him,ill propose him once we get there.not now bhai,later
This is where I leave my episode and I promise next episode will absolutely contain mnay abhigya scenes.. so pls comment co im writing it only for u ppl.. ur views and comments play a vital role in continuing my ff.so um absolutely pleasing u for some comments. Comment if u feel its worth it

Credit to: baby

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