a weird love story (kkb) epi- 6


Hi ppl.. y did I receive so less comments.. I think u dint like this ff,I’ll write my next episode only if u ppl like it…ok,thrn I’m wrting this ff only for u ppl.. but if u urselfs don like it.. then im helpless.. I’ll write this episode an depending on ur likes an dislikes ,I’ll continue it..i received a comment from kaif and salma ,actually nothing happened between them(abhi and pragya)… its just a friendly move ,both were scared that’s all.. so they slept in the same room.. that’s all…I guess u got my point..
Ok this is my episode 6…

Abhi gets angry but leaves the room and says to himself; couldn’t she give some other excuse .. wat was the need to hug him..wait,but y am I getting angry if pragya is with someone.. was that jealousy?am I in luv with her,,,no no hoe could I be in love with her.. atleast not so soon.. first I’ve to settle bulbul’s marriage then only I shud think abt myself..then he gets ready..
Bulbul and purab on the other side started liking each other.. bulbul realized her feelings an dthinks of proposing him once they get back to Mumbai…purab likes her but he thinks he can’t propose her until he says pragya abt it..
Pragya gets ready with a dazzling black frock.. it’s a short frock(like the once tanu wears) but she looks really pretty in that!!!!!!!!!!!
Pragya comes out of the room and sees nikil over there..

Nikil; hey pragya,u look really pretty.. kiske liye ithna sundar tayar hokar aayi ho ah?(for whom did u wear this?whom r u gonna impress)
Pragya; tere liye nikil,(for u)
Nikil; what?(with certain excitement)
Pragya; just joking yaar,vaise bhi u dint even think of meeting me once u came back to Mumbai from states..ur so busy thinking ways to propose ur gf?
Nikil; ya ya…to propose my gf only.. wanna be my gf?
Pragya; very bad joke.. ok come lets go.. tanu would have been waiting for u I mean for us..
Nikil and pragya leave.. abhi comes out..
Bulbul; hey bhai,u look too handsome today..thinking of proposing pragya di?
Abhi; don u think ur talking too much nowadays,at least after meeting ur hone wali pathi(fiancée))
Bulbul; mere hone wali pathi?voh kaun hain?(my fiancée? Who is that?)
Abhi; don try being too innocent.. ive been with u since ur childhood.. I very well know that ur in love with purab>>when r u gonna propose him and when r u gonna gonna make him unlucky,I mean when r u gonna marry im?

Bulbul; I dint think abt it… but I’m very sure ur gonna fall in love with pragya di b4 that(she says these and runs)
Abhi;im not gonna run after you coz ik u’ll come back to me again..
Bulbul runs and comes near nikil.. she sees him and asks hm; wat r u doing here.. just get lost from here,if abhi bhai sees u ,idk wat is he gonna do to u and I swear I’ll also not stop him from killing u
Nikil’ ; choti,its been a long since I’ve seen u..how r u?how is dadi and abhi?
Bulbul; shut up..u’ve no rights to call me choti..u r not my bro anymore..i just hate u(and she leaves)
After 2 hrs.. concert time.. pragya comes near abhi with a mike(she is gonna ask him some questions abt the concert?)
Abhi sees her and gets stunned.. he opens his mouth and doesn’t even attempt to blink coz he doent wanna miss this beauty for a second when he closes his eyes.. prgaya comes near him and asks; how r u feeling abt the concert?

Abhi’; too hot
Pragya; whattt? sir,I dint get u.. who is hot or wats hot?
Abhi ; tum(u) I mean the hall is hot.. and im happy that im performing a concert with u,I mean all of u..
Pragya dint know what he was blabbering and y’s he blabbering but she had to cover up and she asked him many questions and after the interview,abhi told pragya; hey,ur looking too pretty.. who is the reason behind ur beauty?

Pragya; there is no spl reason and all,,, and meet mr.nikil.. she shows nikil to him and abhi jst gets too angry..b4 he says something bulbul takes him aside and says; bhai,don’t say anything here,, he is pragya ma’am’s frnd.i don wan him to create any scene over here so pls don’t talk anything which affects pragya ma’am’s works,,
Abhi nods and leaves.. bulbul thinks of saying everything to purab… purab comes there at that moment and she says him something abt nikil..purab starts boiling now and he says; im not gonna leave him,I’ll kill him right now.
Bulbul’; pls purab I don wan pragya di to get upset thinking abt all these..purab also nods and leaves..
Nikil thinks that he has to propose pragya today itself.. after sometime all the mikes were around abhi.. then nikil comes to the stage and says ; hello hi,I’m nikil ..i’m the producer of this concert and I guess many ppl wanted to know who is my life partner.. I’m going to propose my love today b4 everyone..

Crowd cheers up for nikil also coz he also is a successful producer and business man… he points out pragya but tanu is standing right next to pragya so everyone thinks its tanu.. he says she is ,my love. She is the person who was wit me from my childhood. Idk whther she likes me or not but I’,m ok with any answer she gives me so she is my evething and she is ms;.
Tanu here on the othr side gets so excited thinking its her but once she hears she is ms.pragya arora.. everyone were shocked including tanu,pragya nd abhi.. bulbul and purab were burning on the other side.. then nikil continues by saying; ok ms;pragya ,will u accept my love?
Pragya dint know wat to answer..tanu covers her face and leaves the place silently.. purab notices tanu and goes behind her for convincing her.. bulbul comes to the stage and stops abhi from beating nikil..she says; lets here wat pragya di says.. if she also likes him then we cant do anything bhai..

Abhi’s eyes were burning with tears,fear if pragya will accept.. and his eyes became red with anger..bulbul was holding abhi’s arm so tight that he was not able to leave it..
pragya; nikil,r u mad?i never loved u.. ur just my frnd…but now I don’t think so that relation will also last.. she cries and leaves ,nikil goes behind her saying ; pragya,u cant say tha00t.. I love u ,,I truly love u.. abhi went behind him with happiness that pragya rejected his proposal and with anger that nikil who is a big fraud is going behin her..
Pragya gets inside a room and nikil also gets inside it and close the door.. pragya gets scared and abhi bangs the door.. he becomes really scared thinking ant pragay’s situation
Bulbul; bhai,break the door b4 nikil takes any wrong step…
Nikil; pragya,listen I luv u
Pragya; get out ,I never expected u would do something like this.. I hate u..did u even know that tanu loves u

Nikil’; pragya,r u ,mad?tanu does not love me… she loves someone else,, she always says that. Anyways though she loves me ,i don love hr.. I love only u pragya and I cant loose u for her..
B4 abhi could break the door.. tanu comes there and breaks the door with a rod,, she was in terrible tears and her eyes were also burning with anger like abhi.. abhi and tanu both got in.. abhi holds nikil’s collar and says; how dare u? u and ur parents already killed my parents and ruined 2 lives.. now how many lives do u wanna exploit?? Yr u going behind innocent ppl.. if pragya and tanu gets to know abt ur real avatar then they’ll never think of loving u
Tanu ; ik abt him.. I just gotta know abt him.. purab told me.. she comes near nikil and says; kyo kiya tha tumne yeh sab(y did u do all this).. I never thought u’ll do such a thing.. I loved u whole heartedly but ur a dokebaaz(cheater). I care abt my pragya di’s life more than anything.. I don wan her to marry a murderer..
Nikil; whattt? u love me?

Tanu; no I don love u.. I loved u in my past.. now I hate u.. how could u kill 2 parents and u made a small boy’s life miserable.. its coz of u that abhi does not have parents.. u became a murdered at the age of 8yrs.. who knows,u may even kill pragya di if u think she is more popular than u
Nikil; tanu,I changed now,im not that nikil who used to kill ppl for making my parents popular in business..


This is where I leave my episode today and I’ll definitely stop my ff if u feel it doesn’t make any sense.. and abhigya will unite soon nd I’ll end my ff soon but I’ll update my next update only if u ppl like ot.. its ur choice ppl.. I’ll not write my next episode if u don’t like it..

Credit to: baby

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