a weird love story (kkb) epi- 5


Hi ppl..um here to give u the next episode of my ff… I may not be able to give my next episode byt his weekend.. but I’ll try for u ppl who r desperate for my next episode…
Well let me start with my epi-5 now…
Pragya confused; what,I dint get u bulbul

abhi; bulbul shut up..kuch nahi pragya tum chalo na..(nothing pragya,u just leave na
After that purab,bulbul,pragya and tanu went in a car.. abhi alone had to go in a car..
They reached the restaurant. And the ppl there invited pragya ,tanu and abhi with bouquets..many ppl took autographs and photographs with them as well..it was already night so they all descended towards their respected rooms.. bulbul,purab and tanu had their rooms in the 2nd floor but abhi and pragya alone had their rooms in the 15th floor…

Now it was around 12,o,clock and the light in the abhi’s room faded off.. the chandelier in that large room changed its color from white to red… since chandelier was the only light that dint fade off ,the whole room was lit with blood red color.. this is the first time abhi was sleeping alone without dadi or bubul so he was basically freaking out with tension and he strongly decided to call bulbul into the room coz he knew that he’d die with fright… he called her but his fortune dint favor him this time coz bulbul was in deep sleep.. abhi decided to go out for some better atmosphere without any blood red color and ghosts…

Pragya on the other side was scared but not as much abhi.. she wanted a company coz the room looked as if its gonna drag pragya into its walls( I mean the room was that deserted) pragya tried her best to sleep but she was facing very bad nightmares all around..so she decided to come out of the room and see if any person she knew would come and favor her for a better sleep without any nightmares..
Pragya and abhi tensely came out and snce their rooms were opposite to each other they bumped with each other and pragya caught abhi when he was abt to fall so they had an eyelock(saiyyara played) but this eyelock broke very fast coz pragya was not that strong to hold hima for a long time..
Abhi; thanku ,vaise bhi wat r u dng here at this time? Pragya; that’s fine,actually my room was quite deserted so I just came out to see if there are any human beings present outside..

Abhi; so u were scared if um not wrong..(with a teasing tone)
Pragya; no no nothing like that ,I cam here for some fresh air..
Abhi ; c’mon pragya,its so clear from ur frightened looks that u were scared.. y ru trying to hide it from me..ur my responsibility now so I gotta see to that u don get scared.. don’t worry I’ll sleep in ur bedroom ,I mean on the sofa and u can sleep peacefully ..
Pragys; yeah,thts a gud idea but wat if anyone sees u In my room wat’ll they think..
Abhi; yeh to muje bhi nahi pata( I cant do anything for this ,Idk).. wat will media say?
Prgya; media ko mein samballungi.. par logo ko?
Abhi; ok,ill leave ur room b4 ppl actually get up,, fine?
Pragya ; yeah,ok
Pragya leads him the way into her room and she says; sofa par sone ki zaroorat nahi hain.. sleep on the bed.. I’ll keep some pillows between..
Abhi; r u sure? I mean will u be able to control urself if a very handsome boy sleeps next to u(in a teasing tone)
Pragya; oh hello sir,ur thinking too much of urself,, chup chaap so jayiye..
Abhi; leave that aside and tell me how come a most famous journalist known for her guts and bravery is scared of ghosts?? (laughing out loud)

Pragya; sir,leave that nd tell me wat u were dng there at that time?
Abi; I-I was was dng no-nothing….. (stammering with tensed looks)
Pragya; sir,when u know um known for my guts and bravery so u would have also known that I have the talent of grabbing info from a person looking at his face.. so u were scared as well.. so mr.abhishek prem mehra alias abhi the rock star with a lot of name and fame was scared of ghosts and sleeping alone(laughing more louder than abhi)
Abhi; ok fine,I agree but pls lets do a fair deal.. I’ll not say that u were scared of… n neither shud u say that I was scared of…(forwarding his hand towards pragya)
Pragya ; ok fine ,deal(shaking her hand with him)
They slept and abhi suddenly got up for drinking water and saw that pragya was not next to him.. so he got up and saw for pragya.. he found her in the balcony crying.abhi was really worried seeing pragya crying.so he said ; kya hua(wat happened)r u crying coz I was snoring but I don snore then y r u crying?
Pragya ; nothing u go and sleep..pls leave me alone

Abhi; no first u tell me y ru crying then only I’ll leave u…
Pragya; wats ur problem now? Don’t I have the freedom to cry alone?? Pls leave me alone(she was out of her temper and was shouting)
Abhi; no I cant leave my responsibility like this..u shout or beat whatever u do im not gonna leave until u stop crying..
Pragya just saw him and hugged him.. abhi; wat happened
Pragya; I had a dream that my dad died…(crying more bitterly that she soaked abhi’s shirt with her tears)
Abhi; oh,pls don’t cry.. first call ur father and talk to him,u’ll feel relieved…
Pragya; I called him. His phone is switched off…(still hugging)
Abhi; wait,tell me who is ur dad

Pragya; karanveer arora ,the owner of KV companies..
Abhi; oh wait,I’ll try calling my frnd who works there.abhi calls him and says; arey tumhara boss vaha hain…
Abhi’s frnd; yeah,he is here only.. y??
Abhi; give me ur phone to him..its urgent,tell him his daughter wans to talk to him..
Abhi’s frnd; wat r u saying? He is in some urgent meeting with some foreign officials.i cant go there..
Abhi; just do as I say(shouting)

Abhi’s frnd handed over the phone to him saying it was his daughter. Pragya’s dad instead of scolding him just grabbed the phone with a smile and said; pragya is it u beta?
Abhi puts the phone in loudspeaker…pragya broke her hug and said; papa ur fine na?nothing happened to u na?y did u put ur phone in switched off mode? Papa kuch boliye na?(speaking continuously with a crying tone)
Karanveer; im ok beta.. y ru crying? Is everything fine there?dont cry beta.tell me something…im freaking out with tension here without any response
Pragya ; kuch nah papa.. it was just a night mare
Kv; oh,tum worry math hona(don’t worry) ad their lovely conversation continues for around 2hrs am finally abhi was happy seeing their love but was very sleepy..so he slept there itself holding the phone for pragya.. he fell on pragya after sleeping.. pragya was sitting so slowly abhi’s head dropped in pragya’s lap and pragya also slept there in that small couch in balcony…

Abhi was on pragya’s lap amd pragya was on abhi.. abhi was the first to get up and saw that they slept there itself..he suddenly glanced over pragya’s face and saw her that her hair was falling on her face which was irritating her sleep..soabhi took that hair and put it back..suddenly pragya got up and they shared an eyelock(kaisa yeh ishq hain played) none of them were ready to break it..but they had to break it when the door was knocked and they heard a voice; pragya where r u?come soon ur already late..see the time is 9,o clock..it was purab
Abhi shouted 9aah but his mouth was closed by pragya,she said; sir,aap mere room mein hain..koyi sun legaa(sir,ur in my room..anyone may listen)
Abhi was just looking at her and pragya was also looking at him…purab ; pragya pragya(shouting)
Pragya smiles and says; aah purab aa rahi hoon
Abhi to himself: isko bhi abhi aana tha kya?thodi der baad nahi aa sakthi kya?(y on earth did he come here that too crctly at this time..cant he come after sometime)
Pragya gets ready and opens the door
Purab; wat were doing inside? (coming inside)
Pragya; stop there.. I mean don come inside.. theres a ghost inside(thre was abhi inside an she dint wan anyone to see her wit him not even purab)

Pu; whatttt?? R u mad? Theres no ghost..he comes inside an wen he was abt to take the curtain where abhi was standing..pragya dragged him and hugged him and sighed abhi to leave the room wen pragya diverts him…
Abhi gets angry but leaves the room and says to himself; couldn’t she give some other excuse .. wat was the need to hug him..wait,but y am I getting angry if pragya is with someone.. was that jealousy?am I in luv with her,,

Episode ends here… and I hope u liked abhigya’s scenes today.. pls comment if u feel I deserve them for my epi and ff.. do comment if u dint like it too,,hope ur not bored..

Credit to: baby

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