a weird love story (kkb) epi- 4


Hi ppl…I thought u ppl liked my ff.. but I think I was wrong…I really received very less comments…so guys I understood that u ppl dint like my ff…but I’m updating this ff for those who really liked it..pls comment if u feel ur commenting is worth it for my ff…tysm for those who said my ff wasn’t boring..
So this is episode-4
Abhi was happy to know that pragya is coming to Kolkata just coz he called her..usually pragya does’nt come anywhere without knowing the details of that person,place and other details related to that contract but she agreed as soon as he asked her…bubul was also shocked to know that pragya agreed to come to Kolkata as soon as he asked her…so that day ended..
Pragya; tanu kaha hain purab,abhi tak aayi nahi??(where is tanu?y dint she come yet?)she told me she would come early today..

Purab; idk,ill call her
Purab called tanu and said; hey tanu ,where r u?
Tanu ; I’m with nikil,he said he’ll drop me home today so um waiting for him to drop me..
Purab; oh ok,come safe…its already late and tc…
Tanu; ok bhai,u guys sleep…I’ll come
Purab; ok ,bye and e cuts the phone and says to prgya; she is with nikil..
Pragya; when did nikil come??
Purab; he came today mrng..he told me that he would go n meet u but I think he didn’t come to u..
Pragya; oh,that guy dint even call me,,,I’m gonna kill him once he come…ik he loves tanu but that stupid dint bother to call his frnd(she was saying all this with an angry tone)
Purab; wat? R u mad pragya? Who told u he loves tanu..i thnk ur out of ur senses..i think ur too tired,,d u even know wat ur blabbering?

Pragya; relax purab.. ik wat um talking..i think tanu hasn’t told u anything,,she is in love with nikil..i think she is confessing her love now..
Purab was shocked with wat he heard…he dint know whether he should break her sis’s heart saying he already loves pragya..he dint wan his sister’s heart to break..he neither wanted nikil to forgt his love and love his sis..he dint wanna say his worry to prgya also coz nikil wanted him not to say abt his crush to pragya..he stopped wat he was doing and he just left the room..
Pragya dint know y he was so sad,she thought maybe coz purab wanted to think if nikil was crct for tanu so she left him alone…
{note; purab likes nikil…he knows he will take care of tanu nicely but only when he loves tanu…so he was in dilemma and suresh is pragya’s PA}
Pragya calls someone an says; suresh,I want 4 tickets booked for Kolkata..
Suresh; yes ma’am…flight tickets only na ma’am?

Pragya; yes yes..i want all the arrangements done by tmrw…me and bulbul from our channel are going to cover up the concert of abhi sir..the other 2 tickets for purab and tanu…
Pragya informs purab abt all this trip and purab was ready to come…purab informed nikil abt this and nikil also decided to go there coz this would be a good chance for him to propose pragya…
Now after 2 days this is the day they have to leave to Kolkata…
In the airport…
Bulbul; pragya ma’am,hum vaha kaha rahange..( ma’am whre are we gonna stay there)
Pragya; westin mein..(in westin)
Bulbul; oh abhi bhai bhi vahi rahne wale hain..(oh,abhi bhai is also gonna stay thre)
Pragya and abhi sat next to each other..
Abhi; hi pragya
Pragya; hello( with a tensed expression)

Abhi ; I think ur not pleased with me sitting next to u..i’ll sit with bulbul(getting up from that sit)
Pragya; sir ,um scared
Abhi; wat,um not gonna eat u
Pragya; actually,I hate flights..
Abhi; so ur scared of a flight journey..
Pragya; actually sir,purab will always sit next to me to hold me tight b4 its dangerous landing..
Abhi with an angry expression; um there with u na,nothing will happen to u
Pragya sees him and they have an eyelock(alla waariyan plays)
Abhi; I mean…tum mere bhulane se aayi thin a so ur my responsibility in this complete trip(u came here just coz I called u so ur my responsibitlity.)
Pragya; ha ok..( she was so happy to hear that she was his responsibility)
Abhi and pragya talk abt their studies and their families..(abhi and pragya were enjoying each other’s company and purab was seeing all these and he thought of knowing complete details of abhi to know if he was crct person for pragya.)

Bulbul who was sitting next to purab asked him; purab tum un dono ko aisa kyo dek rahe ho? Tumhari bff ko thode der kisi aur ke saath nahidek sakthi kyaa?(purab why r u seeing them like that? Can’t u see ur bff with some other person aah?
Puarab; aisa nahi hain..muje pragya ki fikar ho rahi hain(nothing like that,im just worried abt pragya),,she is scared of flights and its journeys..i usually hold her when the flight is landing but now I’m not sitting next to her..
Bulbul; u don worry..my bhai will take care of her…he is a nice person

Purab; kyaa? Abhi the rock star is ur bro?
Bulbul ; yeah ,he is not my own bro but he is like my cousin..
Purab; ok ,could u pls tell me everything abt him without any lies?dont tell him that I asked u something like this
Bulbul; oh hello,mein mere bff bro ke saath kuch chupathi(I’ll not hide anything from my bff bro)…and I’m not gonna tell u anything abt him without his permission
Purab; won’t u do it even if it is for the good of ur pragya di?
Bulbul; pragya di ke liye mein kuch bhi kar lungi( I’ll do anything for my pragya ma’am)..abhi bhai is a very good person..he loves his dadi and me a lot..he’ll do anything for me and our dadi..he doesn’t have any girl friends but I think he likes pragya di.he is truthful,intelligent and handsome of course..(she keeps using all the positive phrases in English for praising abhi)
Purab tired; meine tuje tumhare bhai ke bare mein kuch kehne ke liye kaha tha ,aisaa kahaniya bholne ke liye kaha tha(I told u to say something abt ur abhi bahi..but ur started saying stories abt him..)now shut up the flight is gonna land..(he turns his face towards pragya to see if she is fine)

Pragya there was dieing with tension,she dint know wat to do..
The flight was landing..she just dragged abhi’s hand and covered her face in his chest.. it looked as though she was hugging him very tight..abhi hugged her back and he felt as if the flight was hijacked by heaven…the flight was landing and pragya caught abhi so tight that abhi could feel her breath…finally flight landed but pragya and abhi were not ready to leave each other..purab came running to pragya followed by bulbul..
Bulbul saw that scene and was dancing with joy..abhi and pragya were closing their eyes so they dint notice that all the ppl were watching them with a smile..just then aperson in the flight was muttering to the other person; dekha kitna romantic scene na..they r looking so cute together..
Another person; they’re looking as if they r made for each other..hey he is abhi na?
First person; ha ha ,lagtha hain unko girl frnd mil gayi…(I think he got a gf)
Abhi and pragya heard these so they opened their eyes and realized that they were being watched by the whole flight,,
Purab ; pragya muje laga tum bahuth dari hui hogi par ab dekkar tho lag raha hain(pragya I thougth u would be too scared but now I think we disturbed u from enjoying a romantic moment) we disturbed u..(with a teasing tone)
Pragya composing herself; arey tu chup kar..tera zubaan kuch zyada hi chal raha hain(hey,u shut up,ur talking too much)
Bulbul; par ma’am usne tho sach hi tho kaha tha,kyo bhai?( but ma’am purab was right na ma’am,crct bhai??)
Abhi; bulbul now u’ll get nicely from me…

Both abhi and pragya got up and pragya to abhi; sry sir,I lost control on myself..i was too scared
Abhi; no that’s okay( with a smile)
Bulbul; di u don’t worry..he will not feel bad,he would have experienced heaven by now
Pragya confused; what,I dint get u bulbul

abhi; bulbul shut up..kuch nahi pragya tum chalo na..
This is where I leave the episode..hope ur not so bored..next episode will be quite interesting..well guys,pls comment if u feel ur reading is worth it for my ff…ur comments will give me thoughts and strength to write so hope u comment..bye for now guys..

Credit to: baby

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