a weird love story (kkb) epi- 3


Hi guys and gals…I’m quite happy that I received some comments… I’ll continue this ff for those who wanted it…

And I guess many ppl are confused regarding the relation of abhi and bulbul… there’s a slight change in their relation…after thinking abt it for a while I think I’ve to apologize to all coz its virtually impossible for abhi to become bulbul’s jeeju…so just imagine that dadi doesn’t have an other daughter which means that bulbul is not dadi’s grand daughter but she’s abhi’s family friend’s daughter..she broke all her relations with her parents who stay in Switzerland due to some difficult circumstances which will be revealed later…abhi too hates bulbul’s parents for something they’ve done which will be told to u ppl later…so from that incident bulbul is staying abhi and his family…abhi treats her just like a sis and does everything that she wants…he shares everything with her.. Now okay ppl???
This is epi 3,it continues with abhi and bulbul talking abt their day,abhi says her everything which happened in the mrng regarding that pragya,arjit ,puarb and abhi’s scene…he says her all his feelings towards pragya and purab…
After hearing all this bulbul said”bhai,aapko pragya ma’am se pyaar tho nahi ho gaya??(bhai,r u in love with pragya ma’am ??)

Abhi; no no,theres nothing like that…I was just impressed in the way she continued her interview…and pyaar utni aasani se na thodi hothi hain…uske liye vakth letha hain(love is not something which happens with a person so easily…it takes time)
Bulbul was somehow not convinced with answer,she thought she shud know the relation between pragya nd purab,…she thought of asking her tmrw and slept there itself with her bff brother and abhi also slept…here on the other side purab was thinking abt abhi ,is abhi a crct person for pragya???
Prgya and purab also slept…
Next day…
Abhi wakes up and wakes bulbul and tells her that he’s gonna call prgya…bulbul started teasing him but abi diverted the topic and went to get ready…on the other side pragy wakes up and gets ready…she says purab that she is gonna go to affice all by herself…purab also agrees and they all went to have their breakfast together…
@dining table during breakfast
Alia; di muje aapse kuch puchna hain(sis,ive to ask u something)
Pra ; ha bolo,don’t hesitate…I’ll give anything I could give..
Alia; voh di muje ek lamborghini car chahiya(sis,actually I want a Lamborghini car)
Purab ; alia,do u even know wat ur asking..that car is too expensive and ur jst a learner in driving..wat if u spoil the car
Pragya; purab,u very well know,,I’ll give my alia everything I could afford to and I’m sure she will not ask me something which I can’t give..ok alia ur car will be with u within 2-3 days(turning towards alia from purab)

Alia hugs pragya and says tanku so much di…I luv u so much..
Pragya hugging her back; I love u too baby…ok ok chalo go to ur office…its 10;o clock…u’ll become late if u stay here for somemore time…
Alia smiles and leaves…
Purab; pragya ur pampering her too much…just see if she looses control over herself thinking her her sis would do anything for her
Pra; purab,bachi hain vo…mein uski har qwaish oure karne ke liye tho ithna bada job kar rahi hain..fir kya(purab,she’s still a kid…I’m doing such a big job only for fulfilling all her wishes,,then wat??)
Purab; whatever,tanu told me that she has a modeling to do in kolkata..she is going day after tmrw..tell ur pa to book tickets for her..
Pra; ok ok,bye its time for me to leave
Purab to himself; she always stands towards the justice…she is so truthful,intelligent and kind but y does she become so emotional towards her sis…y does she try her best to do everything for her sis…I just wish alia doesn’t take this as an advantage and become very naughty and uncontrollable.;..
In purab’s office..
One man enters the office and purab hugs him

Purab; hey buddy,how ru,its been ages since we met…hows ur work going on?tanu,alia and pragya will be happy to hear that ur back to Mumbai…
That man; ha ik,pragya kaha hain?(where is pragya)
Purab; yeah yeah,pragya is in hr office only…vaise bhi tumhara crush katam hui(did ur crush get over)
That man; hey prgya ke upar mera crush utna jaldi katam nahi hone wale atleast not till it changes into love…(my crush on pragya is not gonna get over atleast not till it changes into love)
guys that guy is none other than nikil…he has a secret crush on pragya but he loves tanu but he dint realize his love for tanu yet…he jst likes pragya for her kindness but he thinks he loves her which is not true…nikil,purab,pragya,tanu and alia are a gang from childhood…nikil is not that close to them but he is also a good frnd of them…he is a nice person but turns negative sometimes guys…tanu loves nikil and she realized his love for him but nener told it to purab…pragya knows that tanu loves nikil nd thinks that nikil also loves tanu but they’re scared/nervous for confessing their feelings to each other…guys hope u understood
nikil; teek hain purab ..i’ll meet u later…
purab; going to pragya?? Oho and he starts singing pyaar ka songs
nikil stops him and goes from there in search of pragya’s office…then on the way he found tanu’s modeling agency so he thought of meeting her and then going to pragya
tanu comes and hugs nikil as soon as she sees him..he also likes her company and the time runs out..and then he totally forgets abt pragya in the meanwhile..
@prgya’s office

Bulbul; di,if u don mind kya mein aapse ek savaal kar sakthi hoon..its quite personal(may I ask u a question if u don mind..its quite personal)
Pragya; of course..ur like my sis bulbul and I don mind if my sis asks me personal questions
Bulbul; di,kya aap purab se pyaar karthe hain..??(do u love purab)voh actually media aur log aapke relation ke bare main bahuth sare rumours pass kar rahe hain tho maim jaanna chahthi thi.)
Prgya was not shocked at all coz may ppl has already asked this question to her but she never replies coz she knows they will not leave if she says them they’re only frnds..so she said; hmmm…ik ull also not believe me but hope u trust me..he is only my frnd my bestest frnd..he is my soul but only as a frnd..he is very nice and he loves me as a frnd..i do love him but only as a frnd…and yeh media kuch bhi kahe muje use koyi farak nahi padtha..(I don’t care if media says anything..)
Bulbul was quite impressed with their frndship and she already had a good frndship with purab so she liked im more and she was happy that pragya is also free(I mean without any soul mate)
Bulbul tols everything abt purab and prgya’s relation to abhi and abhi surprisingly was very happy…
Abhi calls pragya and she lifts the phone and says hello..kaun hai?(whos this?)
Abhi says mein tumhari fan hoon…( im ur fan)
Pragy; oh tk,par aapko mere no, kaha se mila(ok,but how did u get my ph.no.?)
Abhi; tumne hi to diya tha( u were the one who gave me)
Pragya; meine voh kab hua(me ,when did that happen)
Abhi; ok yeh chupa chupi bahuth ua..im abhi(ok lets end this hide and seek and im abhi)
Pragya; oh sir aap,im really glad to know ki aapne muje phone kiya(oh sir its u,im really glad to know that u called me)

Abhi; ah actually I called to ask ur appointment..will u be able to come to kolkata for interviewing me and im sure ull find a lot of celebs thre to interview so will u come there..??
Pragya; sir,it’ll be my plessure to give u my appointment ,,of course sir,ill come there…
Abhi ; ok then ill message u the details and tysm for coming,bye
Pragya ; bye(smiles and thinks abt him for a while)
Same happens to happen with abhi…

Episode ends here…and thanks a lot for all those comments ppl..and I promise next episode will have many abhigya scenes..im sry for a boring episode but next episode will be quite intresting..so guys pls comment and I swear ill end it if u don’t like my ff coz ur views matter to me..

Credit to: baby

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