A weird feeling called love OS

Guyss again sameera here after seeing ur appreciation towards my first os even death can’t separate I thought to write second is hope u all like it plzz comment either positive or negative
Note :eggs tomatoes n sleepers all R accepted ???
Here we go :????
A girl is shown standing somewhere n I wish I never met that so that I can’t go through this
I got to know in 5 standard that he likes me but I never told this to anyone
Flashback shows
A cute girl comes to school n her frnd says it’s a news for I got to know that kunj likes u twinkle
What he likes me replies twinkle yeah I got to know today itself said chinki smiling
I cannot believe he likes me k think It is just affection said twinkle n goes to her class
She went inside n sat on her bench a cute boy says “Hi twinkle how R U ” I am fine kunj replies twinkle
Days passes n they became good friends
One day kunj was standing outside a shop n eating ice cream twinkle see him n Pat’s on his he’d from behind n hide
Kunj turns n thinks who Pat on his head ” I did it twinkle comes out laughing ” ohh twinkle u Pat on my head said kunj smiling ??
Next day they met at their school n kunj tells this to everyone n they all laughs
Days passes in 10 standard kunj finally proposes twinkle n she left out without answering
2 days went n twinkle comes to school n says yes for his proposal
They became bf gf they do lunch together plays together n everything
For about 3 days twinkle doesn’t come to school
Twinkle comes next day n kunj shows fake anger toward her what happens kunj said while showing puppy face do u know how much I missed u replied kunj I will come daily said twinkle while pulling her ears promise replied kunj
After so many days kunj started ignoring twinkle n she doesn’t even know the reason behind his this behaviour they come to school daily sees each other but doesn’t talk kunj ignores her
She cries all the nights thinking why kunj is doing this
This was the last day of school kunj comes to twinkle n says bye
She started missing him but when she remembers how kunj ignored her she cries n doesn’t meet kunj
Kunj calls her so many times but she doesn’t pick his call flash back ends ….
I was very happy to stay with kunj I don’t know the reason why he ignored me when I needed him the most I miss him each n every day but I didn’t want to pick his calls I fear that I he ditch me again then how can I live I love him so much but doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake
I had gone through so much pain just for the WEIRD FEELING CALLED LOVE
A man is shown Pat on twinkle shoulder she
turns n sees kunj n gets teard eyed n says you
I know I ignored u so much it’s since two years u didn’t talk to me or meet me I haven’t seen ur face in this 2 yrs I didn’t know what happens to me that time I ignored u I wish I can go back n rectify my mistake when someone is with us we didn’t value them n when that someone stays away from us we misses them I missed u twinkle I missed u so much plzz forgive me said kunj while sitting on his knees plzz forgive me I request u n promise that I will not leave u again
Sure na u will not leave me again or ignore me said twinkle having tears in her eyes yes I lives u so much said kunj
She too sat on her knees n says I missed u so much they hug n cries I will not leave u again they promise each other ???

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    It was nice…u have excellently shown the feelings of both….

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved of keep up the good work its very nice and cute twinj 🙂

  3. Angita

    Nice but next time while writing sleepers and egg tomatoes are welcome you should add saying that chocolates roses and fresh vegetables and cooked yummy yummy egg is also welcomed pleaseeee

  4. Kruti

    Nice one sameera

  5. Superbbbbbbb

  6. Sayeeda

    Amazing ….loved it ….so good os ..
    Plzzz aur os post kro ….

  7. cute n supper cute
    from my side icecreams n ladoos for u
    such a cutyyy wala os
    no chances of tomatoes, eggs (as it is they are very expensive these days in India :p just joking)
    loved it waiting for next

  8. Fabulous Sameera

  9. It’s cute

  10. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sam yaar it was 2 good…lovely os
    Keep writing like this

  11. Fan

    Short n cute os..keep writing os like this..

  12. SidMin

    Short and sweet loved it

  13. Shatakshi

    Sam it was too good yaar
    Loved it?❤❤❤

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  15. oosmmm sameera yr wow nyc1

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