We…Forever Together? (Part 9)


Everyone is tensed at bhalla house…
Simmi:i didnt know that u changed side
Param:well im on the side of truth!
Raman:where did mumma go?
Toshiji:im here…
They see her coming
Raman:where did u go maa?
Toshiji:went to meet ishita!
She says why she went there.
Raman:u still love her so y cant u bring her back?!
Toshiji:raman…I would have brought her back!Even now!But ur saas!She is a madarasi!She wont leave her…
Param:even if she does girish wont
Raman thinks on…
Raman:i will go and meet her
Toshiji:raman…sorry puttar…
Raman:maa…i will go meet her u relax
He goes and romi is watching all this
Romi:kya parivaar hai?Seriously?Mummy loves bhabhi so much and…mihika is right!Ego is the problem for punjabis.And in this case…madrasis also!
Simmi:true yaar especially iyer aunty and that girish

Ishita is leaving her clinic.She is on the phone.
Ishu:ok doctor!I will come and meet u tmr…Ok thx…
She opens her car door and somebody holds her hand
Shagun:hello ishita!How r u?
Ishu:fine!what about u Sha—Gun!
Shagun:see how i am!Happy as ever
Shagun:so invite me to ur marriage ok?
Ishu:definitely!If not me then raman will!
Shagun:i meant ur marriage with mani
Ishu:that will only happen in ur dreams shagun!I will not go anywhere leaving raman!
Shagun:remember raman’s first love is me
Ishu:but u left him for that ashok khanna
Shagun:true but raman loved me!I know that v both didnt get married but…Just remember that raman loved me first in his life
Ishu:stop repeating the same thing all over again shagun!U both didnt get married!I know raman loved u!But now im raman’s wife and he loves me only!
Shagun:r u trying to say that…Ah!Just leave it!Dont forget to invite me ishita bha…sry ishita iyer!
She leaves leaving ishita fuming…

Mani comes to meet amma
Mani:enna aachu amma?Y u call me?
Mani:whats wrong with ishu?
Amma tells what girish did and how ishita screamed at them
Mani:u want me to talk to her?
Amma:no mani…Appa and i were thinking to let her go back to bhalla house
Mani gets shocked:what?!
Amma:mani!Im really sorry…Ishita loves raman a lot…V r afraid something will happen to her if she does not get back with him!
Girish:so means what?V decided to send hee back to bhalla house
Heera comes there:is that u girish?
Vandu:omg!I cant believe it!
Girish gives out a fake laughter:she is my sister…
Girish gets angry and grabs his collar:param and bala told me that u did this with ashok and shagun!
Amma gets shocked:what?!
Girish tells the family what actually happened
Girish:ishita and raman were telling the truth all this while!
Mani defends himself but gets kicked out by girish
Girish:dont ever come back here!
He slams the door…
Amma:now v have to wait for ishu and apologise to her
They wait for a long time and ishita comes home late…By that time everyone was asleep

Its the next morning an she wakes up
Ishu:im late for the appointment man!
Amma:kanna…Come and have breakfast…
She refuses:no I’ve got to rush!
She goes with having food
Amma:whats wrong with her?She is behaving weird!I have to tell sorry to her asap!
She rushes ti the carpark and raman just comes there after jogging
She sees raman but is in a rush
Raman:where r u off to this early?
Ishu:appointment!Wish me luck
Raman:oi madarasan?!Kya hua?U r the best doctor in delhi!
Ishu:i know but wish me!
He wishes her all the best and she hugs him
Ishu:i love u raman!
Raman:luv u too…
She leaves and he stares at her car
Raman:whats wrong with her?
He sees mani leaving…
Raman:i think ishu didnt see him cos she is so happy
He sees mani tensed and thinks what’s going on

He goes to his house and sees girish and param fighting
Raman:this people na?
Raman:guys what happen?
Param:raman!Ishitaji left without eating and this guy didnt stop her
Girish:who said i dint stop her?She left!
Param:she is our house bahu!
Girish:she is my sister!
Param:shut up!
Girish:yaar…She will come home tme and take care of ur house bahu
Raman gets stunned by his words
Raman:what did u say?!
Girish:we know the truth raman!
Raman hugs girish
Param:what abt me?
Raman:come on yaar!
They have a grp hug
Girish:im getting late for court!Bye!
He leaves and param goes after him saying that he wants to meet his friend at a restaurant

Raman goes to his room and gets ready to go to office
Raman:madarasan dont have brains!Not having food and going to clinic!
Simmi comes there:kya hua
Raman:ur bhabhi!
Simmi:y what abt her?
Raman:nvr eat breakfast and went to clinic
Simmi:it must be some important appointment!
Raman:whatever!Im going to see her….
Simmi:at least u have breakfast
Romi:come on bhai!Then u have the strength to fight with ur beautiful wife!
Simmi laughs
Raman:ok come
They have breakfast and raman is angry
Toshiji:kya hua puttar
Romi:bhabhi didnt have food and went to clinic and he is angry
Mr bhalla:raman dont worry!She will come back home soon and v will take care!
Raman:u know that its not good for her to skip her breakfast
Raman:simmi?Do u remember how she fainted during a fast last year?
Romi:bhai that is fast!This is breakfast yaar!
Raman:shut up!Just shut up!
Romi laughs
Raman:jao puttar!Get ready for ur engagement!
Raman:now that everything is solved…Its ur engagement!
He gets a call
Raman:ok send me the photos!Ok!
He leaves the table.He ends call and turns back:and v r leaving for mumbai in 2 days!
Everyone get shocked:what?!
Raman:param and girish will be back!Ask them…And v r going to stay there permanently!
He leaves
Mr bhalla:what is he talking about?
Toshiji:idk!Im going to meet madhu and ask her y she did not make ishita sit and eat
She goes angrily and simmi follows her:masti!Masti!
Romi and mr bhalla look at them
Romi:mummy dont know if bhabhi ate in this 1 week or not
Mr bhalla:and caring for her now
They laugh

Raman is scolding ishita and is getting into his car when her car comes in
Raman:aagaye jhansi ki rani!
He goes to her angrily:whats wrong with u yaar?!
She looks up at him happily:what?
Raman:y didnt u have breakfast?
Ishu:how do u know?
Raman:girish told me!
Ishu:Anna told u?
Raman:everything is solved and i was happy but now no
Raman:u nvr eat!
Ishu:u shuld be happy for that!
Raman:how can i idiot?
Raman:shut up yaar!
Ishu:raman im preganant!
Ishu:im pregnant!I went for my appointment…Not going for someone’s appointment!
Raman just stares at her
Ishu shakes raman:raman!What?!
Raman:u r pregnant?
Ishu:yes…2 happiness in a day!
Raman hugs ishita and kisses her…
Raman:i love u ishita!
Ishu:i love u too raman!
The rejoice and go to tell the happy news to everyone

Precap:Raman tells everyone that they are moving to Mumbai and mihir and rinki will follow them as well.Mrs bhalla asks why and Raman remains silent.

Credit to: Aashika

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