We…Forever Together? Part 6

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This part is of the flash back scene and it will be short as im busy with my work here…Any doubts i will clear it!

Mani recalls what happened that night.
Its was actually Romi and Mihika’s engagement party.Everyone was having fun and was dancing.Ishu did not know mani’s true colours that time and invited him.But mani actually had planned something against them together with ashok and shagun. Ashok and shagun were observing the party hiding.
Ishu and mani were having a talk
Ishu:im so happy that mihiku is getting married!
Mani:control urself ishu
Ishu:she is going to be my devrani!!
Ishu:ssshhh mani!Let me reveal my happiness…Mihika’s alliance broke three times and now she found a man for herself!And thats only because of raman
Mani’s face changes hearing raman’s name:raman?
Ishu:yes if not for raman and my marriage, then mihika would not have come to delhi and made friends with romi na?
Mani:yeah yeah…
Ishu:i really miss raman
Mani acting concerned:where is he?
Ishu:went to US for some work
Mani:what?Its romims engagement and he is off?
Ishu:work comes first for raman yaar!
Ishu gets a call from raman.She gets happy and goes to speak to him
Mani makes a sulky face:always raman!Im sorry ishu…I will seperste u two!I want u!

Ishu is talking to raman
Raman:gd morning Madrasan
Ishu:its evening here mr raavan
Raman:oh!Ok then gd evening madarasan
Ishu:gd morning mr raavan
Raman:so how is the party going?
Raman:wht?i asked vipul and mihir to take care?Wait i will call and enquire them
Ishu:arrey!Raman its not that!
Ishu:boring without u…
Raman:sorry ishu
Ishu:im angry with u
Raman:i said sorry na
Ishu:yaar…u always go for meeting!How am i to live without u?
Raman:ishu…I understand!Im sorry…It was unexpected
Ishu:jaldi aao na!
Ishu:ISHRA promise?
Raman laughing:Haanji meri jhansi ki rani!ISHRA promise
Ishu:love u raman!
Raman:love u too…arrey ek second
Raman kisses on the phone and ishu blushes
Raman:give back
Ishu:raman!Everyone is here…
Raman:its ok yaar…
Ishu kisses on the phone as well…
Yhm plays

Mani is drinking and sees Ishita.He gets irritated and sees the other family members busy.He apologises to ishu in his mind and asks waiter for juice.Waiter bring it and he adds something in the juice.
Mani:u r mine for tonight ishu!
He sees mani and shagun showing thumbs uo for him.He smiles and goes to ishu…
Ishu:no mani!I dont want
Mani:uve been doing many things since morning so pls…Have it!
Ishu takes it and drinks it
Mani to himself:Great!
He stealthily looks at ashok and smiles and he smiles back.
Ishu drinks it and sees shagun
Ishu:is it shagun
Mani gets shocked:what?
Ishu:mihika told me she saw ashok
Mani:they r not in town
Ishu:oh u do business with him right?
He waits for ishu to feel giddy and that happens.He takes her to the room and tries to get intimate with her.He stops himself and calls in a girl.He gives her money and asks her to remove her clothes.He stays in the room far form ishu and thinks his plans worked.

Downstairs Heera is looking for ishu
Heera:did u see ishu simmi?
Simmi:yeah she was kissing her phone
Rinki:it must be raman bhaiya
They laugh
Heera:u guys na
Param:heeraji just relax…I saw ishitaji with mani and they were going upstairs.
Heera:oh yah!Mani was telling ishita that he had a surprise for her…
Simmi:oh maybe it is raman bhaiya?
Heera:simmi…its not that!Maybe some friendship secret
Param:ive never seen such a friendship in the world!Its so awesome!
Everyone agree

Heera goes from there and calls vandu
Vandu:must be something
Heera:i lied to them that mani had a surprise for her!Y did he bring her up
They sense something fishy after seeing a girl(the one mani bribed)rushing down the stairs and walking towards the exit
Heera:the only room upstairs is mihika’s makeup room and romi’s room.Only our family is allowed there…
Vandu:everyone is here then…?
They both go up and knocks on the door
Mani opens the door and acts shocked
They see Ishita without clothes and gets shocked. (Just like how ashok tried to rape mihika in yhm during his wedding)
The matter gets spread around both families and they have a clash.Romi and mihika engagement gets broken.Ishita goes to her amma’s house as toshiji chases her out.She cries and soon raman comes to india just to find his beloved wife away form him.From that day till now some good souls in both families are trying to bring the two together just like before.Other, due to ego try to keep them apart as they feel that the other is at fault.They did not see the love ishita and raman had for each other.

Mani comes to reality and laughs at ishita and raman’s state.The three rejoice thinking that raman and ishita can never be together and that their parents and some family members wont allow.

Precap:Raman gets a letter.He opens it and gets shocked.He takes to ishita who gets shocked as well.She argues with Girish for applying a divorce for her and raman without her knowledge.Girish tells that he did it for her happiness and she gets angry at him.

—–In the coming parts, i will reveal how ishita and raman become closer even after they had a marriage which they hated through flashback scenes.

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