We…Forever Together? Part 5

Raman and ishita talk for a while
Ishu:raman its getting late
Raman:its ok u r my wife
Ishu:no raman lets go
Raman:i wish v could stay like this forever
Ishu:yes…no disturbance just u and me together.
Raman:ishu can v not go
Ishu:no…Lets go
They go down

Amma wakes up and comes towards ishu’s room
Amma:ishu havent eat yet…
She opens the door and finds mihika sleeping and ishita covering herself with blanket.She goes to wake her up and only finds pillows there.
Amma:where is ishu?Mihika wake up!!!
She wakes mihika up
Mihika:kya hua periyamma?
Amma:ishu is missing!
Mihika:she shuld be here somewhere…
Amma shouts for everyone at home
Amma:ishu is nowhere
Vandu:maybe she left home
Viswa:shut up!
Bala:who knows?Vandu maybe correct…
Heera:well thats reasonable!
Girish:if she had left house with raman than…
They here mrs bhalla shouting outside
Mihika:yes!Akka escaped!
Vandu and mihika do hi-fi
They all go out to see

Mrs bhalla:Oi!U daughter threatened my son!She kidnapped my son!
Madhu:shut up!U son kidnapped my daughter!
Both families argue….
Simmi romi mihika vandu bala and heera get happy that they both left
Romi:thank god they left!If not…
Mihika:im so happy
Simmi:we got to throw a party!
Mihika:the beach resort will be fine
Heera:yeah…i agree
Mr bhalla:oi romi!Being a bhalla parivaar son come here!
Romi:its ok!Im happy here…
The argument gets worse….
Raman and ishita come down smiling and see the families arguing
Amma:ur son kidnapped my ishu!
Ishu:no one kidnapped me amma!
Everyone see them holding hands
Vandu:ohho…Y cant they just leave?
Girish comes and grabs raman’s collar and fights with him.Param fights with girish…
Amma scolds ishita for going with raman
Ishu shouts:So what?!He is my husband and today is our anniversary so v can be together!
Appa:v told u to forget this man!
Toshiji:stop ur drama!Raman did ishita try to kidnap u?
Raman gets angry:seriously?!Whats wrong with u people?!
Ishu and raman argue with their parents
Romi:wah!Meri bhabhi!She is so brave
Mihika:woh meri akka hai!
Girish:wait for tomorrow raman!U will see my true face…
Param:y tomorrow?show us now!
Girish:wait for it!
The iyers leave and the bhallas just look on.Raman goes in angrily with romi and simmi
Amma tries to tell something to ishu but she leaves for her room as well

Girish and heera are in the room
Heera:what r u going to do tmr?
Girish:u dont need to know
Heera:im her bhabhi ok?
Girish:im her brother ok?
Heera:if do something stupid then…Girish
Girish covers the blanket and sleep
Heera:murugan!Pls nothing shuld happen to ishu and raman

Ishita is sleeping peacefully after meeting raman and spending time with him.Same raman is happy as well.
Raman:hope everything gets well in our life!
Ishu:pls murugan!Nothing shuld happen!
Mihika:me vandu akka bala jiju heera simmi and romi thought that u and raman jiju left home
Mihika:v were very happy akka
Ishu:mihika…How can v just leave like that
Mihika:yaar…Yeh hai aap dono ka problem
Mihika:emotional jodi!
Ishu:mihiku…Its not like that.V know the mistake is not on our side.
Mihika:its ok!now u have to sleep…Gd night
She hugs her and hoes to sleep

Mani is in ashok’s house with ashok and shagun
Shagun:thank god mani!Tum…Yaar ur just awesome!
Ashok:yes!V tried to ruin that raman for 6 years and after ishita came it was a total of 7 years
Shagun:and u did it in about 7 mins!
Ashok:u r really awesome yaar!
Mani:it happened cos u both were with me
Ashok:thx mani
Mani:its ok ashok!I can do anythibg for ishu…
Mani recalls what happened that night

—There is no precap cause it is suspense…The next part will be a flashback on on what actually happened in ishita’s life…

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