We…Forever Together? Part 3

Ishita comes home with Heera
Vishwa:Ishu beta come sit here
Ishu avoids and tries to move buy Vandu stops her:Ishu pls go na…
Ishu goes and sits beside him.Madhu also comes there
Ishita gets irritated:what now?
Madhu:forgive us beta!
Ishita looks at her
Vishwa:v know that u r not happy being away form ur Husband
Madhu:v decided to make Ms Ishita Mrs Ishita again
Ishu gets happy and hugs her:Amma…
Vishwa:haan beta…The boy name is Mani!Ur mani!
Ishita gets shocked:what?
Madhu:I know u love him!U separated from ur sasural for him right?V decided to get u married to him
Vishwa:u will be happy kanna!
Ishu gets up:i was happy that u both decided to bring back my happiness but no!U guys never change!I never loved mani!I don’t know what happened that night after the party!I was at the party and I woke up at my house here!In my bedroom!U told me what happened!My in laws told me what happened and my Mother in law was not ready to see my face!
Ishu cries:my Husband was not around and u…my two family broke our relationship!I was not allowed to talk to my own Husband!Chee…Amma!Appa!I respect h both!I still have little respect and don’t make me forget it!I can never imagine mani in my life where I already have a place for ur Son in law!
She leaves angrily
Vandu:I thought that u both are going to untie Ishu and him but never expected that mani to come in between!Cheeee…
She leaves
Amma cries:I did it for her good Vishwa…
Heera comes there:sorry Amma!I should not talk like this but couldn’t stop myself!
Heera:it was Ishita’s life and she should have decided it!
Girish:Heera!go in!
Heera angrily:she is not happy…Unless she is with…
Madhu:Go in!

Raman comes home
Mrs bhalla blessss him:Raman go and freshen up!Today is a big day!
Toshi:u will get go know
She gives him a purple kurta and asks him to wear it
He goes to his room and thinks what his Mother is talking about.He sees the cupboard drawer opened and goes to close it.A bracelet falls and he picks up.
Raman picks it up and sits on the floor crying.
Romi comes and sits beside him:Kya Hua Bhai?
Raman hugs Romi:I cannot forget her Romi!I want my Wife back!
Romi:She is my life!I want my girl back!
Romi consoles him and Rinki comes there
Rinki:Kya hua?
Romi:he remembers bhabhi
Rinki:Bhai…Go tell mumma!
Raman cries
Romi:this is the same problem with everyone on the society!Most of them are separated form their spouse or their engagement gets broken!
Rinki:shut up!Now do something!
Rinki:mumma called the ladki wale to home for engagement
Raman looks up:y?
Rinki:for u!
Raman slaps Romi
Rinki scold him:r u mad?He cannot forget bhabhi and u said this
Romi:for fun!
Raman:I’m going go say this to mumma
Romi stops him:Tell that in front them!The ladki wale!
Raman:yes!Mom deserves that!
He picks up his kurta and goes to change
Rinki:not that!Its from the ladki wale!
Raman looks at it disgustedly and throw it
He gets and idea and goes to the cupboard.He takes out a new kurta and goes
He looks at Romi and Rinki:form ur bhabhi
They smile

Ishita is in her room crying.She opens her cupboard and takes out a box.She sees her manglsutra there and cries
Ishu:I miss u!I Want u back!Pls come back to me!Pls!
Vandu comes there and calls her
Ishu looks at her and cries
Vandu hugs her:don’t cry Ishu!
Ishu:how can I?Its my wedding anniversary and I’m away form my Husband!
Vandu makes Ishita sit on the bed but Ishu lied on her lap
Ishu:I love him Akka!I cannot live without him!I want him back!y can’t Amma and Appa understand?
Mani comes there:Ishu?
Ishita gets up and gets angry seeing mani
Mani:I heard that u don’t want to get married to me!
Ishu goes to mani and slaps him
Vandu gets shocked
Ishu:get out from here!Out!
Mani smiles:U need time!
He goes and Ishita cries

The bhallas are talking with the sharmas
Raman comes there and Toshiji gets shocked seeing him in a different kurta
Mr Sharma:Kya haj ji?V bought a new kurta for him but he didn’t wear
Raman:it didn’t fit me
They have a talk
Toshiji:Raman’s first marriage was a failure!I hope this one will be better
Raman gets angry
They ask Raman and shalni to stand together.
Ishita comes out and sees the things happening at bhalla house
Mrs bhalla does tikka to shalni and comes to Raman
Toshiji:my Son should always be happy
She goes to apply tikka Raman but damn throws the plate away
Everyone gets shocked including Ishita
Raman shouts:I’m not happy mumma!
Romi Simmi and Rinki shake hands secretly
Param and Mihir get happy
Raman turns to the sharmas:I’m not happy with this marriage!I still love my first Wife!Pls leave!
They leave angrily and Toshiji slaps Raman
Mr bhalla:Toshi!?
Raman:I still love her!
Toshi turns angrily and sees Ishita at the door
She fumes and drags Raman there:look!Look at her ‘innocent’ face!U still believe and love her?
Ishita looks at Raman
Raman looks at she:haan!I sill love her!I still love my Ishita!
The iyers come out
Toshiji scolds Ishita and Madhu scold her. Both family have fight.Simmi and Vandu argue and Param and Bala argue
Raman shouts:Stop it!Enough!Look!This is last!I still love my Ishita!And if anyone comes in between us I won’t stay calm…Nobody in this has the rights to insult my Wife!
Toshiji:u shut up!
Raman:maa…Ishita will come to this house!
Toshiji:a girl like her should not!
Raman:ok!I will prove her wrong and will bring her back
Vishwa:no need!My Daughter will stay with me!She will not live with u!
Raman looks at him
Madhu:go in Ishita
Ishu looks at Raman
Madhu pulls Ishita in while Ishita keeps looking at Raman (sad yeh hai mohabatein plays…)
The bhallas go in as well and Raman goes down to the carpark

Ishita goes in and shouts at her Mother
Ishu:enough is enough!
Madhu:shut up!U see how that lady is talking about u
Ishu:so what?!She is my Mother in law!She has all the rights
Vishwa:r u mad?She is talking ill about u!
Ishu:but my Husband is not!He still loves me and he admitted it in front of all of u!And I still love him!No one can come in the place of Raman on my heart!Not even mani or any other
Madhu slaps Ishita:I don’t want u to live in that family
Ishita:who aided for it in the first place?!
They all look on
Ishu:did I down to u and ask u to get me married to that Punjabi Raman bhalla?Did I ask u to get me married?No!U forced me to marry him!U forced me to be a Punjabi bahu!
Vishwa:sorry!It was our mistake!
Ishu:What does it got to do now of its your mistake?V both did like the marriage at first!But then v started to care for each other!Then v lived each other!
Girsh:enugh Ishu!Forget Raman!
Ishu:if u ask u to forget Heera…will u?Or if heera’s Brother asks her to forget u…will u accept
Grish gets shocked by her words
Ishu:it’s u…And these two…My parents!Are the cause of my state now!
Ishu goes to her room angrily and before slamming the door she shout back:I still love Raman and Raman only!
She slams the door leaving everyone shocked
Vandu Bala Mihika and Heera go and the 3 iyers just stay there

Precap:Mani tells Raman that it was his plan to separate him and Ishita so that he can marry Ishita.Raman grabs his collar.Mani smiles and says that he is a gentleman and didn’t touch Ishita.

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