Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 9)

Hi my drs.. here goes our love episodes of My Darling Om as I told yesterday.. and u ppl were confused who was Atif.. actually he is Camera man of our fav show DBO.. yes he is the who show our Om and Gauri beautifully.. I shared this information in my DBO page in FB.. if u liked that page u would have seen.. so let’s move to next.. Part 9 is here for u..

Om was making statue and busy with that. Meenu and Gauri saw a 3D art and mesmerized with that. Gauri moves to and fro to see it. She moves backwards and little sideways to take a clear vision of that painting.. she saw difference in every move and goes. She is reaching Om walking backwards and keep praises that painting a lot. Om making his statue hears her praising without knowing who it is. She say, Meenu this is really amazing.. I love this 3D art.. I can see difference in every step.. I don’t know who did this painting.. but sure they r really talented.. and I would like to meet and congratulate for this wonderful work.

Om hear this and smile, he turns to see the girl and introduce himself and add spice to her excitement. Om turns and Gauri bumps with him. Om holds her and then realized it was Gauri.. his Gauri. Om’s happiness have no limits. He remembered the first time near pool he hold her in resort. He felt like heaven has fallen in his hands and lost in her eyes. They have an eye lock. Om’s heart beat fast and he can feel his blood flow passing like current throughout his body. Both got lost in their eyes. Meenu observed this and smile. She was surprised to see her new boss in that gallery. She breaks their eye lock by calling Gauri. Love birds landed down by her disturbance and came back to their normal position.

Both were slightly embarrassed and move away. Meenu ask, Omkara sir, U.. here? Om smile and replied, This is my art gallery.. I own this place. Gauri and Meenu surprised and look at each other and ask in chores voice, Ur gallery? R u an Artist?with widened eyes. Om look at them and nods. Gauri ask but u r one of the heirs of Oberoi empire, then y r u doing this? I mean, how come u got interested in this? Om say, I don’t know how I got interested.. but I love doing this work. Business is secondary to me.. I like to get identified as an Artist. Varun joins them. Meenu hug him and introduce him to Om as her boyfriend. Then they go to take a look at paintings. Om and Gauri left alone. There was deep silence between them. Om was just looking at her and adoring her. Gauri bit embarrassed, look away from his eyes and gaze at his art works, but partially looking him.

Om was about to talk something but she gets excuse and leaves. Om feels sad for her avoidance. Varun and Meenu gave orders for 3 paintings and left his gallery. Om left to OM. He entered with bright smile in his face. Janvi Dadi and Annika see him happy and his face have some brightness for the first time in these yrs. Janvi and Dadi gets emotional at seeing Om. Annika call Rumya and Shivay to their room and tell about Om’s happiness. Rudra say, Bhabi u just see happiness in his face now.. I saw his happiness in whole body and all activities since morning.. His happiness have no limits since my Gauri bhabi stepped in his office. Shivika and Saumya ask, Gauri Bhabi? Rudra say, oh yea.. u guys don’t know that me and Gauri bhabi r best frnds.. and for ur kind information.. This cool buddy Rudy is the Cupid for this GO love story and make his cool signature. Saumya ask GO? Where to GO? Rudra makes face and say, U stupid Sumo its G O.. GO.. means Gauri Omkara and laughs. All makes impossible face. He shuts his mouth.

Meanwhile Meenu talking to Gauri. She ask, Gauri.. I’m observing u since morning.. when u saw Omkara sir in conference room u were shocked and stood like u have seen some long lost one. U r avoiding him for no reason.. u just talk officially with him.. whenever he talks jovial u r remaining silent and avoiding him. Moreover u have denied ur job offer from Oberoi Office.. what r u up to? R u hiding something from me. Gauri say, Hey Meenu.. y should I hide some thinking from u.. U r my childhood frnd.. u know each and everything in my life.. my happiness, my sorrow, my up and down, my love (Pause for few secs and tear filled eye) my betrayal.. u just don’t know about this Omkara. She tell how she met him in Wayanad and Om insulting her in his office and say, that is y denied my job offer from oberoi office. Meenu ask, only this? Nothing more than this? Gauri ask, Nothing means..? Meenu look at her eyes for few secs and moved on to next topic.

Shivika and Rumya r happy to see change in Om. They r more.cautious now not to hurt him again by their prank. So they decide to remain silent till he confess his love for Gauri and reveal to them. They decide to help him silently. Next 2-3 days in his office move like same way, that Gauri talk with Om very formally. But Om is happy at least for this. Meenu observed all this and confront Om ouside his office. At first Om was hesitant but he think that was the good chance to know about Gauri’s past, so he requested her to meet him in coffee day. Meenu too give some fake reason to Gauri and go to meet Om in coffee day.

Om was waiting for Meenu outside coffee shop and when she reached they moved into the shop. Om opened door for her and they sit a corner. Just then Varun joined them. They made orders and talk. Meenu just suspiciously stare at him for sometimes and say, Mr. Omkara.. I’m watching u since first day of my joining.. U r behind my friend very often.. but she is avoiding u and u r stalking her. Om widen his eyes in shock and ask, does it look like stalking? Pls don’t mistake me.. I’m behind her to clear our misunderstanding and apologize for my mistake. She still look suspiciously and ask, u just want to clear misunderstanding and apologize to her.. nothing else Mr. Omkara? Om tells, u can call me Om.. And I would like to share something with u as a friend. Actually I met Gauri 6months before in Wayanad.. I didn’t meet her personally, but I think its some miracle to see her without meeting her.. He narrated this like his shayari (like narrated since first episode). Meenu confused with his talks (yes, how can she understand.. only special person like us can understand what he convey through his Shayari) and ask, what do u mean.. u didn’t see her personally? Then how u saw her first? He narrated like a fairy tale in his own way of shayari. She was awestruck by the way he narrated and his feelings for Gauri and wanted to know more. She asked for whole part of his story and he said everything including his love for. He say, actually I was frustrated by her wedding and misunderstood her. That’s y I shouted at her on that day.. and I know she is angry with me for that reason.

After clearing all her doubts Om was tensed for her reaction. She look at Varun and see Om.. she have a big bright smile in her face and had happy tears. She say, Varun I’m soo happy for Gauri.. she got her love for her life.. such a caring, adoring lover she got in her life. Om smile hearing this. Varun side hugs her and say, yes Meenu.. and they both look at Om. Varun say, Om we don’t know how to react for this except being happy. Me Gauri Meenu Sanjay (Sanjay Mehta) r childhood friends. We r all from well settled family and all our parents were friends too. We all did our schooling and college being good friends. But Gauri’s father was trapped by a con woman for his money and now he is married and living with that woman in Delhi. She lost her mother when she was born. She was raised by her maternal uncle. He have two daughters, Radha and Meera. Everything was going well and good till we were in our 2nd yr of our college. Varun and Meenu look at each, then Meenu try to control her tears rolling down. Om look at them confused. Flashback..

Gauri was sad in college cafeteria. Meenu and Varun ask her about it. Gauri replied Sanjay.. and looked down. Varun say, today I’m not going to leave him.. how can he do like this? If she is not interested then y he is forcing her? Come let’s go and decide it today.. he drags Gauri by hands and leave. They reach basketball court and calls out Sanjay. Sanjay saw Gauri. Go and stand in front of her and start talking to Varun. Varun confronts him. Sanjay say, Gauri don’t be silly.. why r u complaining like school kids and bringing him here.. matter is between us.. I said have feelings towards u and yes I proposed u.. U should either accept it or reject it. What is there to think a lot and What is this kiddish act. Gauri look at him and say, I’m not kid to complain.. I have my gut to answer.. but the point is.. if I accept this then I’ll feel guilt to accept my friend as my boyfriend.. else I’ll loose my childhood friendship with u.. more than all this, u know very well Meera jas developed feelings for u.. I’m confused between all this. I can’t make clear decision at this time. I need to think.. I’m asking u to give some space and time to think.. because its not just about u and me.. its about our friendship, our family too will be affected by our hasty decision. So pls give me some time. Sanjay fumes and frustrated with her and says, enough Gauri.. I have already told u that I have no feelings for Meera and if she is ur problem then I’ll handle her.. and if lovers become friends after breakup why can’t friends become lovers.. after all we know each other very well.. he huffs and say, I don’t want to listen to same Ramayan again and again.. just come to me when u have positive answer.. he throws ball and leave that place. They three look on.

Precap: Om feels guilty for hurting Gauri. Om tries to flirt with Gauri.. Shivika and Rumya were shocked to see Om like this. He smile like mad looking at his mobile.

OMG! My drs.. Am I doing good?? I don’t know y I write such creepy precap..??? My Om.. will he flirt?? I have gone mad.. pls give some other idea my drs.. I’ll change story line.. I can’t even imagine that my Om will flirt.. but I found it hilarious while writing ????? pls comment ur views and ideas drs.. Take care and love u all my dr friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

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