Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 8)

Hello my drs.. Thank u for such a wonderful response for last week and I’m sorry that I said I’ll write in week days too.. but I can’t keep my words 🙁 🙁 I’m struck with work and my days became hectic nowadays. Pls forgive me for that first. Let’s move to Part 8
Om was enjoying that moment when he was sitting opposite to Gauri in conference room. She was tensed but his thoughts was back in Wayanad resort where he first saw her and those golden memories haunt him uncontrollably. He was in cloud nine to see the same Gauri who he met before six months. Je can’t take his eyes off her. After presentation, Meenakshi, Designing manager, introduced herself and her team. Om congratulates and welcome her to his office. He himself take his new team to show tour his office and introduced to his designing department. Om made sure that Gauri is in his eyesight in office. He ordered HR to give cabin for Gauri opposite to his cabin. He specially made some changes in her new cabin.

Gauri and Meenakshi enter their new cabin and awestruck by the interior. It was like heaven to them, fully decorated with classy and grandeur way of Omkara’s taste. There was a quiet big Buddha statue decorated with pleasant dim lighting in center end of the room. Right and left there was two spacious working table facing each other. There was a projector too. All these were really big for them compared to their office. Gauri was mesmerized by the paintings hanging on the wall. Of course how can’t she be, after all its our artist Omkara’s work. Meenakshi said, Did u see this Gauri.. how classy our cabin is.. this is what called Oberoi’s. But we r lucky to work here at least for short time. Gauri has no words to say and just nods. Om ask, did u like ur cabin? Is everything fine?from behind. They turn and see him. Meenu reply to his question with full excitement but Om’s concentration was on Gauri and he want her to talk. Once Meenu finished her talk, Om turned to Gauri and ask her. She nods and say, its really good and I feel great to work here.. Thank u sir. This word irked him. He ask them to continue and left. He was lost in thoughts in his cabin, he came to conclusion that she is angry with him for his behavior. He say, I must clear this misunderstanding and call Karan. Karan say, there is no clear information about that wedding sir. But Mehtas left to London after their wedding was cancelled.. so we can’t get more information about it. Om say, fine but keep following this and disconnects.

Rudra come to office and reach his cabin, before entering he saw new cabin opposite to Om’s cabin and wonder how did this come suddenly? He ask one of their employees and she tell, Sir today new staffs from Gaurav Industries have joined our office.. This cabin is for designing manager and senior designer from that company.. Also Omkara sir himself took special care in setting up this cabin. Rudra wonder and thinks, What happened to this lambe bal wale prani.. and enters Om’s cabin. He saw Om smiling at wall and he come and stand in front him. Om suddenly tries to act Normal and look at his file. Rudra stares him for sometimes and call, O.. what’s the matter? U look very happy toady.. This kind of smile is seen once in a blue moon days.. but nowadays I see very often. Om tires to be normal but he can’t stop blushing and go out of his cabin to escape from Rudra. Rudra found reason behind Om’s happiness and follows him. Before that he went and saw new cabin designed by Om. He too was awestruck by the decorations. He wonders y he did such expensive interiors for designing manager? When his eyes gazed at a table and read Gauri Sharma he got his answers for questions. He say, now I understood.. Y this lambe bal wale prani arranged cabin opposite to his, so much expensive interiors for his love.. I have to share this with bhaiya and he calls Shivay.
Meanwhile Gauri and Meenu are busy making their designs and discussing their ideas with their team. Om joins them. Gauri was bit irritated and ignore him. But Om went and stood near her. Gauri move away from him pretending to get something from her colleague. Om irked by this. He ask Meenu about their first project. She explains him and ask Gauri to give detailed description of their design. Gauri explain him and her team. Everyone liked it and Om impressed. He ask her to go ahead with same plan. Gauri nods and remain silent for rest of the discussion by being busy with her work. Om observed her and think, why is she not being normal with me except work time? Om invite them to have lunch with him in their cafeteria. Everyone agrees.

Shivay was happy to hear about Om’s change. He feels relived and happy for Om. He tell Rudra, let’s discuss in evening and disconnects call. Rudra says, now its time to meet Bhabi ji and makes his cool Rudy signature and goes. He go to her cabin. Gauri working and saw him and starts talk, Hello Rudra.. how r u? Y did u run away that day when u saw me near bazaar (when Rudra follow her seeing her in Mumbai city traffic signal for first time) I was calling u but u run like something.. what happened to u that day? Rudra shocked and confused again because she talk with him like a long time friend. He thinks, how she know me? We didn’t meet in resort also.. then how she know about me? I’ll ask her and clear it today. He go and sit opposite to her and ask, U know me? How u know my name? Did O tell u? She replied, No no.. Om and me r not so close like that.. we just met two to three times.. When he came to my engagement someone (actually Mr. Mehta) introduced him as Omkara Singh Oberoi and who doesn’t know about Oberois.. Also I saw u in resort with Om but had no chance to talk. Rudra and Gauri have good time talking with each other and became good friends. Meenu joined them and they 3 become good friends. At lunch time Rudra invites them for lunch, Meenu said Omkara sir have invited all new staffs for lunch with him. Rudra thinks, what is this new habit of O, from did he start giving treats for new staffs? Gauri ask him to join them and then he got what was Om’s intention.

At cafeteria, Everyone gathered for their lunch. Om waiting for Gauri and eagerly looking at the door. He saw Gauri arriving with her friend and Rudra. He made some arrangements to make her sit near him but Gauri choose next table and sit there. Om becomes sad. Rudra saw this and makes some plan. He called, O.. come here.. all of u turn this side and move that table near this let us all seat together today. They moved their tables and arranged chairs. Om found it as good chance run and sit opposite to Gauri like a kid. Now OmRu and Gauri Meenu r sitting opposite to each other, along with all new staffs. Gauri feel irritated and doesn’t see Om, she eat and talk with others avoiding Om. But Om was happy just to see her in front of him. After lunch Om left office. Their day in office ends.

In evening, Meenu say, Gauri.. we r going for an art exhibition now. Varun wants to buys some paintings and statues for our new apartment. Gauri nods. They reach Om’s art exhibition. Gauri is awestruck by the Buddha statue at his gallery’s entrance and lost in that beauty. Meenu takes her inside. Gauri’s eyes widened and widened by seeing each and every painting in that gallery. She felt her eyes r not enough to see just one painting and praises about all paintings with Meenu. She too felt same.

Precap: Gauri bumps with Om and they have an eye lock. Om and Meenu have talk at cafe coffee day. Meenu tell about Gauri’s sad side. Om feels guilty for hurting her feelings.

Its time to celebrate guys.. In DBO also Gauri and Omkara’s love story to get started and Atif himself said there is no more misunderstanding drama and in my FF also their love story starting from today.. I’m in cloud nine and let’s enjoy this guys.. Pls comment ur views about this FF drs.. Take care and love u all my drs 🙂 🙂

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    BTW, did atif sir tweet about DBO? Can u please explain?

    1. Verna

      I’m trying my best Minnu.. But I don’t know how to handle my time.. I’m helpless in this 🙁 sure I’ll try to write on week days too.. Because I myself very eager to know more about this..

      Atif commented on a pic of upcoming scene.. that pic was Om hugging Chulbul. Gauri revealed she is Chulbul and Om furious about it. For that Atif commented “its time for Omkara and Gauri.. no more misunderstanding”

      I posted this in my Fb page of DBO.. pls check in this page if u have fb account.. I wrote with #Attention_Please hash tag and posted yesterday


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  7. Superb. Rudra’s what happened to this lambe Baal vala prani was hilarious. Only he can call him O in front of staff members

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